Bayer's takeover of Monsanto

What are the implications of this?

The European Commission has given its blessing to the €54 billion deal, despite opposition from farmers and environmental groups. The acquisition will create the world's largest integrated pesticides and seeds company.

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Monopoly is a part of the natural progression of capitalism.

And pharmaceuticals. Makes you wonder what they're GMOing into the corn huh.

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Seed section on The Pirate Bay when?

Someone should go around throwing seeds from other breeds of the same crops in their fields I know that's unfeasible and fuck up the homogeneity of their corn and wheat.


I sincerely hope for a nuclear holocaust at this point. Space comrades or reboot are better scenarios.

It isn't impractical, it happens all the time. You just need to know where to look.

sterile seed don't even bother trying.
modern corn is so fucking modified it cant even spread its seed and cobs rot when they fall on the ground.

Sleepwalking to our own destruction

Wouldn't the crops all be fenced off?
Or have security on place? I guess that could be overcome though.

I meant for the next crop after the current one gets pulled there would be a bunch of other breeds from the seeds dropped.
They might spray the ground after they pull the crop to stop that happening.
I'd sort of expect that might be commonplace. I remember reading about some guy getting sued because his crops had picked up pollen from one of monsanto's crops and they cross bred and he didn't have rights to the patent.

Didn't they fuse some years ago ? i remember hearing something similar

Friendly reminder that you could have chosen Lysenko but instead opted for Monsanto.

Sweetcorn typically isn't GMO.

Nah use other copanies copyrighted GMOs so they can get sued.

Use drones to get past fences.

Lysenko apologia should be a bannable offense, get fucked.


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It wont work, monsanto crop engineered dominant.