Nordic Utopias

what is the non-turd worldist explanation for this
Here is the UN's annual World Happiness report

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Social democracy supplies workers with a degree of economic security which results in greater happiness relative to most other countries. Naturally these measures aren't sustainable.

Well, happiness is a vague term. You can live in Finland, happiest place in the world according to this report, and still be depressed because of cold weather, eternal darkness in winter, lack of any social skills of Finns, and so on. It's worth noticing that Nordic Model exists only in, well, nordic countries. There are characterized by strong labor movement (which is crucial), small population and high GDP (Denmark with population of 5,8 milion people has GDP of about 300 bilion dollars, so the country is rich). Social democracy gives people a lot of happiness due to financial securities, welfare, relative equality and so on.

I call bullshit. Scandinavian countries have the highest suicide rates in Europe.

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Not really.
Finland's suicide rate is quite high, that's true, but rest of the country don't really follow the rule

"Happiness" being vague and ill-defined.

I'd say the same for unhappiness in places like Singapore though.

Happiness is reactionary.


I live in Finland and i'm pissed off or unhappy almost daily.

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What's the Finnish drink of choice?

Tears of joy apparently

Vodka, Finland was part of the Russian Empire for over 100 years.

tfw no suomi suicidal gf

The same, but mostly because of what lies beyond that graph.
People have it too nice here, or more precisely too okay-ish, to even dare to think about the inherent flaws of capitalism or even to come to consider alternatives.
Spooks abound. While union membership is high, participatory activity is low and radicalism is practically speaking nonexistent. Reformist sentiment in abundance, but no comprehension of what might be beyond capitalism.

My experiences are behind my personal distaste towards socdems, Finnish socdems. They just sit in the carousel with three other major parties, two center-right and one green, all four just swapping places among themselves and undoing each-others reforms every election. With a swarm of lesser parties buzzing about as they please, as usual.
Social programs, while doing much good, have passivized the populace. Only small protests occur when they're under threat of being cut, but no significant counter-movement ever forms. Nor any discussion about the true causes behind recurring economic hiccups and how to remedy them. Remedies the symptoms, but no cure to the disease.

I fear this nation has stagnated so deeply, that the people might even accept fascism as an final solution when facing economic hardships, as long as there'd be welfare. Organization is simply too brittle for conflict and the men too meek and trusting, the law and order too sacred. And that pisses me off without end.
It feels strange to wish hardships for your own countrymen and your kin, but a rough wake-up call –a proverbial punch to the face– is what's desperately needed before it is too late.

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Sounds like America only with high Union membership and worthwhile social programs. Hang on to those while you got them.

Are you the same Ryuko poster from the late stage capitalism thread ?

So with all the opportunities to overthrow capitalism in the nordic states, how come the people don't do anything?

While I disagree with the too common opinion that more suffering equals more revolutionary potential, you do need to have enough discontentment that people are willing to risk their lives and wellbeing to try to overthrow the powers that be. In Nordic countries, people are still treated well enough that the concept of putting your life on the line to try something new isn't all that appealing.

Pure bullcrap.

well it certainly isn't the weather

Sure, it is just that parameters for this study just don`t represent the reality of what defines happiness in any particular population.

I honestly have no idea how to promote communism being from Iceland where the situation is pretty much exactly like describes. Although we did come close to nationalizing all the major natural-resource industries last year though.
I don't think anybody here would give their life for an ideology as people have it just too comfy here and we have pretty much no guns so a revolution is out of the question - is reformism the only option then?

In short; during the golden age of labour movements, our capitalists put up a much smaller fight. Denmark and Sweden had some pretty radical socdems in power (Thorvald Stauning and Olof Palme)

Yes. My language and choice of reaction pic really does give it away, doesn't it? I'm not one to avatar-fag, it is not my intention, but her expressions are a time too often a perfect fit for what I'm trying to convey.

At least you have Robbie Rotten and actually hammered down on the banks after '08.
It's not much, but something to treasure still.

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Isnt the PM anti NATO and at least an old style socdem?

this meme have to die. Last time I checked people did not evolved protection against being hit to the head with hard, blunt object.