Daily News Thread 3/21

Austin Bombings Suspect Blows Himself Up As SWAT Team Closes In

The police confirmed in a press conference on Wednesday, the suspect in the Austin bombings case died when he detonated a bomb inside his own vehicle.

Austin Suspect ID'd as Mark Anthony Conditt


Kidnapped Dapchi schoolgirls freed in Nigeria

The majority of the 110 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by militants in the town of Dapchi last month have been returned, the government says.

Surgeon David Nott: Hack led to Syria air strike

A British surgeon who helped Syrian doctors online has told the Telegraph he fears his computer was hacked, leading to an air strike on a hospital.

Israel Finally Owns Responsibility For Syrian Nuclear Facility Bombing, After a Decade

After almost a decade-long silence, Israel has acknowledged that its air force was responsible for blowing up the Syrian nuclear reactor called Al Kibar in the area of Deir Ezzor in September 2007.

NHS pay: Unions agree deal for 1.3 million staff

More than one million NHS staff, including nurses, porters and paramedics, are being offered increases of at least 6.5% over three years - with some getting as much as 29%.

Zimbabwe Grants Some Prisoners Amnesty as Jails Overcrowded

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa ordered an amnesty for prisoners including women who’re not serving life sentences and juveniles, potentially easing overcrowding in the southern African nation’s jails.

Senate Scuttles Yemen Measure as Saudi Prince Meets With Trump

The Senate scuttled a resolution opposed by the Trump administration that called on the U.S. military to stop aiding US-Saudi bombing in Yemen, acting the same day President Donald Trump and top lawmakers met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Saudi Arms Buyers Won a $3.5 Billion Discount From the Pentagon

President Donald Trump says the Saudis are a “big purchaser” of American arms. A $3.5 billion discount they won from the Pentagon last year in buying an anti-missile system for $15 billion shows they’re also adept at tapping into the Pentagon’s generosity.

Trump EPA Plans New Restrictions on Science Used in Rule Making

The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to restrict the scientific studies it uses to develop and justify regulations, making it harder to rely on research when its underlying data are shielded from view.

A Holocaust denier and former Nazi Party leader just became the Republican nominee for Congress in Chicago

Arthur Jones, a prolific Holocaust denier and former American Nazi Party leader, officially clinched the Republican Party nomination in Illinois' 3rd Congressional district in the suburbs of Chicago, CNN reported.

Justine Damond shooting: US policeman charged with murder

US prosecutors have laid a murder charge against a policeman who shot and killed an unarmed Australian woman.

Teacher who called military 'lowest of low' is fired

A Southern California teacher and councilman who sparked national outcry after saying that American troops are "the lowest of our low" was fired Tuesday evening.

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15 Years After the Invasion of Iraq, Here Are the Dems Who Just Voted for Endless War in Yemen

Just one day after the 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, 10 Democrats voted to indefinitely stall a bill that would have withdrawn U.S. support from the US-Saudi war on Yemen.

Wolf Richter: Then Why Is Anyone STILL on Facebook?

If you've created an account, you can never escape Facebook. But you can at least stop making things worse for yourself.

A Left Critique of Russiagate


leftpol would agree with the firing



From the article.

He also has a "Ron Paul for President" post - though I haven't bothered reading it.

yup, definitely a libertarian.

Me either. Guy was your standard rightist, & most likely browsed & posted on Holla Forums.

Skripals poisoning is terrorist attack on Russian citizens – Moscow
“The British authorities don’t share any data they received following the probe [on the Skripal case] and don’t answer any questions concerning Yulia Skripal,” Director of Department for Nonproliferation & Arms Control Vladimir Ermakov said at a meeting with representatives from foreign embassies in Russia. He said that Russia insists on being given “all evidence regarding a terrorist attack against Russian citizens at the territory of Great Britain.”

Putin’s World Cup is like Hitler’s 1936 Olympics – Boris Johnson (VIDEO)


WhatsApp co-founder calls on users to #DeleteFacebook
#DeleteFacebook trending as users fume over Cambridge Analytica data harvesting scandal.

They all wanna be Ted so bad and they'll never touch him

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big fucking yikes at that blog. he had to be about 17/18 when posting that stuff. no surprise if he's a Holla Forumsyp.

what are the chances england pulls out of the world cup?

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I bet you think getting soldiers on our side is bad praxis somehow.

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Reeks of polyp, but I don’t want to jump to conclusions

Building on yesterdays DO NOT CONGRATULATE news.

Trump is furious and the White House is stunned over a damaging leak about his call with Putin


To be honest, Trump's WH wouldn't be leaking like a broken toilet if he didn't run the place like a shithole.

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in hindsight, putting a big DO NOT sign in front of a child is probably a bad idea, especially in all caps.

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Lawsuits Force Alleged Trump Affairs, Sexual Misconduct Claims Back Into Public Eye


I'll be honest, Trump getting the Clinton treatment wasn't on my list of potential scandals. However, unlike Slick Willy, Trump will have to admit to having sexual relations in order to defend himself.

Also, Daniel's has been tearing up twitter.

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He’s an Ancap

Damn Stormy can hold her own. Also, why aren't his supporters hoping this is true? It'll just add to his "hurr alpha male" image.

I love seeing Trumpcucks asshurt.

I still can't tell if Trump is incompetent or evil

For some reason I get a really warm feeling seeing the banal preps of my school years turning into contemptible domestic terrorists. I always thought it would be me.

Fuck off

Stop being a faggot

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fucking based

Almost 60 children suffer poisoning in Moscow Region, angry locals blame waste depot gas leak

Dozens of children required medical attention over poisoning in Volokolamsk, Moscow Region. Protests began in the city as locals claim emissions from the local waste depot have damaged their health.

it's not much of a race if they already won and you're still stuck trying to figure out how to get your lasers to shoot stuff out of the sky

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That last tweet sums up why Trump keeps fucking up. He actually believes the 4D Chess meme.

There wouldn't be an "arms race" at all if Russia didn't believe the President was a weak ass shit.

For all of his bluster, Trump's a spineless rube and the world knows it.

those are some checkworthy digits

The Right manage to turn 1984 on its head again.

Funny how once the blacks of Rhodesia finally got their phantasy of self governance, their nation turned into an even greater shithole.

Will Holla Forumsyps ever learn?

me so peaceful I smash you're skull

Because they're aware that almost his entire base is made up geriatric boomer fucks and senile Christians, like every other Republican candidate, not 2edgy reddit fascists.

This is potentially more likely to ruin him than the Russia nonsense.

Congress Set To Unveil $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill



However, it's rumored that this spending bill is going to be the LAST major act of Congress for this year. The GOP are so scared shitless over midterms that they aren't going to anything until after November.

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I can't wait for this

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Fucking lol

I wonder how they'll spin doing absolutely nothing on shit like infrastructure and the continual "corrections" into a good thing.

They're hoping the Tax Cut will carry them to victory.

Considering how poorly it fared during the Pennsylvania election, it's a naive hope.

Not to mention that the actual voter won't even experience tangible benefits from the cut

That's what happened in Pennsylvania. Voters were unimpressed with the Tax Cut talk, so the GOP had to dive straight into the IDPOL.

EXCLUSIVE: Fired FBI official authorized criminal probe of Sessions, sources say


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Is this a board for boomers who voted for Hillary?

Navy boi here. Most people here are just in for money and college, just throwing that out there

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In general, Holla Forums doesn't give much of a shit about the investigation w/r/t the election's actual results. Many of us don't think it matters, and Trump would've won anyway; if he hadn't, someone like him would have been elected the next run, and in either case they're both equally horrible and reflective of the same destructive process.

I think most of us are interested in the russia investigation insofar as it reveals some radical changes occurring in global politics and gives us a chance to laugh at porky.

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Sad to say, but we're in the minority. I've been in the Navy for almost a year and have met with all major branches, and when politics is brought up most people are either Lolbertarians, Liberals or Proto-Fascists

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Why not both?

In the US at least the Navy is by far the most reactionary branch of the military. Probably has to do with the fact that they do very little other than move shit around these days.

Who would have guessed

They are literally Porky's enforcers. Of course they are reactionary. Air Force too. The Army is where proles go to be cannon fodder.

Why do faggots always throw a snit whenever the Russia investigation is brought up? Even if they do find Russian connections, it's not like Hillary is going to have a sudden comeback. The content of those e-mails aren't going away and neither is her pathetic performance. Virtually any candidate could've knocked Trump's lights out, but Hillary lost to him. Even her popular vote victory is subpar when compared to what she was running against.

She'll go down in history as the woman who lost to an idiot.

This is very true tbh, the Navy isn't as much about shooting sandniggers and Gommies as much as it is working on engines on ships and aircraft, computer work, repairing machinery, cooking, being a fireman etc. I think because of that you don't see a lot of the proto-fascists. The main problem is a lot of people here are fine with the status quo, there's very much this Centrist-Liberal mindset. I have met quite a lot of isolationist in the Navy tho, ironic as it is considering we're usually the tip of the spear for imperialism

I guess when you get up to the Master Chiefs and higher up Officers, yeah they do tend to be more reactionary and more "hooyah Navy, America, remember Pearl Harbor and 9/11." The average Enlisted member is here for economic reasons and "travel" (imperialism). I'm not gonna lie, even though I've always wanted to be a sailor and do enjoy being a sailor for completely apolitical reasons, it really is hard to live with myself. My opinions clearly conflict with each other, it's hard to think I slightly helped with some shitty things. Not everything we do is Imperialist though, we do some humanitarian aid like when the earthquake happened in New Zealand my ship helped out with taking care of the locals, and when a Tsumani fucked over Indonesia we helped them out too. Though there might have been alterior motives for helping them out but that's out of my paygrade to know.

The military is kind of a trap if you have a conscience. They give you so many monetary benefits and free shit you end up relying on it, so you don't want to leave when your contract is up. At the same time tho, when I know deep down what I've done probably costed someone innocent their life its hard to sleep at night. Fuck

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Because my parents are Clintionites who talk about Russiagate 24/7 and it’s nice to discuss politics without discussing this liberal conspiracy theory.

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I read Crippled America back in 2015 and he explicitly said the whole border doesn't need a wall and that fencing would work in some areas. I'm not gonna go take a picture right now but that's what he said. Maybe his retarded fans thought otherwise and didn't read his book and think a literal Great Wall of China will be erected, idk

Most people who aren't NEETs or hobos prop up the system to some degree or another so don't be too hard on yourself.


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Fuck, I watch one channel where the host demos guns. He's not even conservative.

Do we need more proof that Jim Profit was right at this point?

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God damned shitposting flag staying on even after I've fucking shut down my pc! FUCK

Damn, I'd forgotten about 'ol Jimmy. Sigh, all the character's whom I've come to meet and wish farewell to, throughout the years I've frequented this board.

youtube.com/channel/UC6izU_61Rra5vCqlyQDI2_A He's back on youtube at least, I also think actually does still post here, just anonymously. Which is probably for the best, since the BO would probably ban an anti moderator force such as him immediately if he actually posted under the Trip Jim Profit.

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right, it's not like youtube is owned by a corporation and could always delete videos they deemed inappropriate (meaning things advertisers don't want to be associated with or that give the company bad publicity) this entire time for any reason they could make up. we really should have rushed to "right wingers" defense to stop this thing we can't stop.

This mentality will make it impossible to deal with the working class at large, who are mostly pretty right wing.

and you can still find videos with about gun demonstrations, bump stocks, and assembly, of a AR-15 no less. so what ever they're doing seems to be tacking a while. unless they're just hitting the most popular channels.

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They have notified people in advance. It's going to start happening en masse in April supposedly.

so what exactly is your problem, fellow leftist? is it that people weren't complaining about right wingers getting banded or people aren't complaining about this thing that just happened

Which channel?

One is clearly a precursor to the other so both. Literally a first they came situation with a major information platform, and you're here saying "buh buh but it's different because it's them not us"

>Literally a first they came situation with a major information platform

no it isn't because there is no escalation. they could delete socialist at anytime they wanted regardless of anything, but they don't because they have no need to. it's a private service that constantly follows their mission: maximum exposure while avoiding negative publicity. it's the same principle behind all the corporations trying to distance themselves from the NRA. but let's say it not. what is the recourse exactly?

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This confirms that it was some consertashit-right-winger right? Suicide when getting caught is their thing.

Youtube's restrictions have been escalating for years, and this is yet another example. Nonsensical counterpoint.
Bullshit. Youtube is looking for any excuse to remove small creators, people who disagree with them, or anyone else who doesn't fit their vision of yotube as netflix.

Which part do you disagree with? That refusal to interact with right-wingers will stop you from interacting with right-wingers or that most workers are right-wing?


about what? they have no values except for making money, gathering data, and operating within acceptable levels of controversy. Besides that socialism is generally a anti-capitalist and thus anti-corporate system. Which begs the question as to why youtube would host content that endorses a philosophy that calls for it's eventual destruction. it's almost as if the only things that matters is how many people are looking and how many people are upset.

a point I basically said, already.

and again what are we supposed to be doing but aren't?

It isn't even really correct that most workers are right wing, insomuch as it is most white male workers are right wing by a tiny margin. Unless you mean that the workers are affiliated with liberalism, in which case you are correct.

It is disturbing to see websites starting to crack down on gun subs. As socialists we should advertise ourselves as being pro-gun rights.


Liberalism is right wing, yes.

Escalation doesn't require telos, redditposter. The youtube team makes a show of hiring people with the "correct" liberal ideology, and just because they do that cynically doesn't mean that the people won't act according to those beliefs. Intent doesn't flow top-down that way.
Primarily it's because these content creators are small enough to be beneath youtube's notice currently. And given that outrage-driven policy is itself proliferating there is escalation there as well.
1. I don't know what you specifically have or haven't done.
2. Portraying the removal of Others from a platform as a victory when the justification could (and often has been) used to do the same to us is a strategic error.
3. There has been (and continues to be among anti-gun "leftists") a tendency of the left portraying the curtailing of discourse as a victory.
This is a fucking problem for our own internal culture and information systems at the very least. Even if there's no chance to effect change on platforms like youtube this framing of events is misleading bullshit that encourages corporate apologia.


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I'm gonna take the middle ground here.
I think it's primarily your thing - YouTube's (well, Google's) ultimate profit model goal involves increased centralization, and turning it more-and-more into a TV-clone. Censoring *controversial* stuff still fulfills an immediate goal, as well, though. But in the long run it's part of "cleaning up" YouTube.


When I started on YT in early '06, it was a community site for people who liked making videos. Along this line, there were heavily customizable profile pages, usergroups with forums, listed video response features, comments sections you could actually browse through, and actually more (and more accurate) search features. You could post a video, and it would be sure that someone would see it - and likely someone would stop by and comment. And there was drama, sure, but back then it was contained through competent moderation. I mean this was a time where an average "mean" comment would be something like "x called he wants his y back." I fucking shit you not, and you could tell the trolls from everybody else. There was even a hand-picked feature section based on merits, community favorites (parsed on star ratings rather than view counts) and moderator tastes.

After Google bought it, it all started to change. The feature section was dismantled for a 'feed' - paid content. The major labels, studios, etc. started to get more influence over what was seen and recommended - they had already had channels on there, but they had to actually compete with everyone else initially. Certain channels were boosted forth and merchandised. The usergroups were dismantled, the customization was dismantled, the responses were dismantled, and the comments section was eventually transformed into a complete neglected mess impossible to navigate.

By this point, things had soured with the community. Since rules about corporate content were enforced less under Google, and they were marketing the fuck out of YouTube (to a lot of people who probably wouldn't have been interested otherwise), it was harder to find decent indie content and there was a decisive influx of 'consumer' types. At the time we called them the 'lowest common denominator' - but in retrospect, it was much, much worse.

Over this middle period, YouTube gradually changed the rest of its site into a drab, gray Facebook clone. And more and more "YouTube partners" (the guys who are promoted and paid for video watches). One really hilarious case of this was when a guy in Russia called Tesak was the top YouTube partner over there - they were literally paying an open Neo-Nazi to post videos of him using an army of children to sexually assault homosexuals he accused of pedophilia. It took a group of people from fucking 4Chan to make Google stop doing it.

And that was in like 2012. The reason that YouTube is the retarded clusterfuck it is today is because Google made it toxic to any cohesive community - they wanted it to be TV that you can stick post-it notes on. And they continue to march towards that noble goal.

The youtube team makes a show of hiring people with the "correct" liberal ideology,

so? That doesn't refute anything I've said it's in there interest to be a inoffensive and the right kind of controversial.

what functional difference does it make if the rank and file are earnest or not? the results are the same and it's in service of the same thing.

and? it being more popular wouldn't change what it was. What it would do is propel it into the killing field of ("advertisers don't like this and maybe we don't like being seen as endorsing this") and any consequences of that, be they demonetization (which I think has already happened for some people but that'a hearsay) or outright deletion won't be because of some precedent it will be because of that exact circumstances of that situation. i.e. if those videos got popular enough to be affect the bottom line they'd be deleted regardless of what other content was deleted before for whatever reason.

escalation in how often it occurs?

but that would happen weather or not anyone celebrates

I don't think any actual socialist is going to love google or youtube, unless you're referring to regular people who already identify strongly with brands, products, and corporations. I won't deny it good PR for youtube but it's not needed in the end.

I have to sleep so I summarize my general point as succinctly as possible:

Socialist are at odds with the political and economic order of the entire world. without a platform that is too decentralized to destroy, people are going to silence us and failing that corrupt the message. no matter what and regardless of what we did or didn't do.

This is the idpol censors "free speech applies to the state, not business" argument. Stop being an ancap.

Man I remember the whole "taking the You out of YouTube" campaign thing. The problem is almost always capitalism. Good thing something like YTMND is worthless…I guess?

The working class are right now right-wing. Granted this is only possible because there is no left right now.

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