LATE CAPITALISM THREAD 2: petty bourgeois edition

Last thread was "fun". I'd say it's worth another round.
Post and discuss examples of late capitalism.

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I'll start with something that is killing hope for me: the bastardization of scientific progress, in particular in the medical field.

Most published research findings are simply false:

“Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness. As one participant put it, “poor methods get results”.

"I can't tell you exactly what percentage of the trials are flawed, but I think the problem is far bigger than you imagine, and getting worse…it is so easy to manipulate data, conceal it or fabricate it…there is almost a code of silence not to speak about it."

More than 70% of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist's experiments, and more than half have failed to reproduce their own experiments. 40 percent of scientists admit that fraud always or often contributes to irreproducible findings.

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behead all NIMBYs

But it's science..

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Mercenary science at the service of the dollar is not science, it's theology.

Does this count?

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But science is real whether or not you believe in it. That's the good thing about it.

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You know I had the displeasure of debating with a lot of Holla Forumsyps lately. I am honestly having difficulties in understanding wheter you are serious or not.

I'm serious about my science. How would we be having this conversation right now if not for capitalism science?

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what the shit is that? Why would I want … why?

So you can taste human progress: THANK YOU SCIENCe

Let me make sure i got this straight. You don't want to order pizza from your shoes?

Homosexuality, Transexuality, lgbt and the unwillingness of anyone to discuss or contest their postions and ideas.
Seriously, It's hard for me to understand why even in a relativley idpol free space such as this, contesting pseudo science is considered "reactionary" or Nazbol.
You can be the reincarnation of lenin, but contesting this shit will get you banned.
At the same time unironic cntrolled opposition such as trots or even leftcoms and even nazis who argue in good faith are accepted.
Even fucking egotist, which I never understood why they are here in the first place or have anything to do with the left since their entire ideology revolves around a satire of other ideologies, are accepted.
Making an argument against homosexuality tho…

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Clicked sage instead of spoiler.
It's not like anyone is browsing a chan at work tho

I mean, if the show fits.
You're the one who posted tranny porn. Sad.

Nice argument, should I post anime next time?
Give me an explanation on why only reactionaries or faggots can be against homosexuality?

nah i dont really care i just think its interesting how you guys always have files full of pictures of the thing you supposedly hate it's not like someone made you go look for that stuff

Comrade Xi would not tolerate that golf course existing.

I took out of Google just to post the average tranny. I always find funny how homosexual such as yourself do not make arguments instead of pointing out irrelevant shit

were you dropped on your head as a child? what the fuck is an 'argument against homosexuality'?
letting everyone know your aesthetic tastes is all well and good but its your business of literally no relation to anyone else, certainly not political economy.
In fact since you're the one with trannies saved on your hard drive i'd hazard a guess that you just fucking love seeking out this nightmare fuel precisely because it fuels the outrage, indignation and visceral disgust you get off on as if it was of any significance. grow up tbqh

This thread took a weird turn

You are a good guy

That the homosexual lifestyle is the life style of the bourgeois, that uranian liberation is strongly connected with liberalism and "the liberation of the flesh" is sympthom of bourgeois decadence, that homosexual liberation is pushed by people like soros who also brought down the socialist states through these movments, that transexuality is just an excuse for the big pharma to sell them pills, that all the gender theories that caused the acceptance of these illness were pushed by the same controlled opposition that criticized the USSR.
There are many arguments that no one is willing to listen.
Nor is Freudian analysis, but it's well accepted on here
I have "baby boss" and the whole discography of the who in the download folder too, doesn't mean I enjoy them.
I bet you have some fascist or rick an morty memes in your folder, are do you enjoy or agree with those things?

Always good to see the soul of ☭TANKIE☭s still running strong .

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how can you speak of a homosexual 'lifestyle'? I doubt there is any quality which unites the way all homosexuals live anymore than there is one quality which unites the way all heterosexuals live. Moreover in a bourgeois society all 'lifestyles' are tinted with bourgeois decadence, that is the nature of class society whereby the ruling ideas (and by that, 'lifestyles') are that of the ruling class.
yes, undoubtedly identity politics and non-class based 'liberation' movements are in a large majority of cases fundamentally liberal in nature. However i don't see the connection with homosexuality in the slightest. The proletarian movement scorns feminism and 'womens' liberation' as liberal without rejecting women as liberal or bourgeois. There is no reason to do so with homosexuals.
this is too vague.
soros also eats breakfast every morning, ought it be the duty of every proletarian to abstain from such deviancy then? I'm gonna need some sources on homosexual liberation being the cause of the downfall of the eastern bloc btw.
Once again here opposition to sexual-idpol does not mean opposition to sexualities. we can oppose white nationalism without wanting hating white people, we can oppose black nationalism without hating black people. When we perceive that an idpol movement is acting in bourgeois class interests and is of bourgeois class character this means opposition to that movement and its activities insofar as they oppose the class interests of the proletariat.
undoubtedly it is an excuse but i doubt it is 'just' an excuse. I'm going to need some strong evidence in favour of the view that transexuality in fact doesn't exist and is manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry. We might as well say hunger is just an excuse for big agriculture to sell food.
i'm going to need some evidence here as well. I'd also want to point out how ridiculous the idea that a theory is wrong if it came from anti-soviet sources is. Must we now oppose all scientific theories which originate in the west and from critics of the ussr as 'bourgeois science'?

Freudian analysis is almost always off-topic and in the /leftytrash/ thread where (you) too belong, moreover there are concrete theoretical bodies of work tying together freudian analysis of society and marxism into a coherent view of bourgeois society, particularly in the realm of ideology. You finding gays icky is not comparable to freudianism fam.
i don't actually :^) but feel free to post more of your irrational justifications for why gays are bad because they make you feel bad

what's wrong with a golf course?

They no longer can legally bar Groucho from joining.

Aw, man. Someone already made this? I had this very same idea some weeks ago and was gonna start a kickstarter for it!

Every "lifestyle" is bourgeois, you cretin. The majority of homosexuals on Earth don't have a "homosexual lifestyle".

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I don't think you know what that word means, user
breddy sure transexuality predates modern medicine too, and even modern medical treatment for it has been around slightly longer than the "gender theory" crap you're complaining about iirc. While the general increase of public acceptance of trannies might cause a small handful of random idpol weirdos to try to use it for snowflake points, those types rarely actually seek any sort of permanent medical treatment and just get stupid haircuts while calling themselves "genderqueer" for a few months until they get bored of it.
You got a problem with Zizek, bub?


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I'd take a nazi in good faith over a spooked nazbol cuck whos only argument agasint gays is "they're icky"

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Please consider offing yourself.

golf is unironically bourgeois

It's kinda cold where I live right now, so thank you for the heat source provided by that very hot take.

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is it bad if I'm a little disappointed that such a large portion of leftists online are severely mentally ill and also ugly
theres nothing wrong with those things, but the prevalence of unhealthy and ugly, out of shape leftists is sure to send a bad image to anyone on the fence

"Social" conservatives are the cancer of this board
Purge when?

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What? Homosexuality not being a mental illness is based on the generally accepted criterion for what a mental illness is. The vast majority of opposition to it is rooted in feefees or heterodox psychology. The political motives were in adding it to the DSM to begin with, not its removal; most psychiatrists did not believe it was a mental illness by that point. Trannies being mentally ill is also not in conflict with their lifestyles, Tumblr postmodernism has nothing to do with clinical psychiatry.
And no, pictures of ugly people are not an argument.

If it's any consolation Holla Forumsyps are also incredibly unhealthy and ugly if not imageboard users in general. I'd call it good praxis though if the severely ugly/unhealthy lefty/pol/yps would just refrain from posting any pictures of themselves until they learn how to fashion or basic hygiene.

Quit being spooked, nerd

that was a pretty fair consolation
not to be centrist lmao, but it seems like online communities of political "extremes" are full of malnourished, pale from lack of sunlight, out of shape ass people
reminder that anyone able-bodied who wants to smash fash, better be in shape

this newfag "converted" Holla Forumsack shitposting really needs to get ended, it's spamming up the board

posts like should just be copy pasted into a summery for a standard issue reply before bumplock and ban

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How do we counteract the petty booj douchebags that cling to what they believe as “provable science” when the majority of it is capitalist bullshit?

Good to see communists showing their actual colors for once.

The will of the state in the US is imperialism and wasting tax dollars on bombs instead of shit like education or infrastructure. You submit to that all the time. There is no difference between domination of "government" or a private company.

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Wasn't social.conservative filtered?

That's interesting, do you know where I can read about it?


By sending them to papers like those. It won't be easy however. The cult of the "experts" is nothing more than th enew priesthood. We often say so speaking of mainstream economists, but unfortunately it's true for all sciences.

The expert psychologist is used to convince us our mental issues can be commidified, the expert physicians is used to convince us our physical issues can be commodified, the expert criminologist is used to convince us our social issues can be commodified, the expert biologist is used to convince us our physiology can be commodified, the expert sociologist is used to convince us our beliefs can be commodified.

And of course if you manage to turn something into a commodity, capital has already won. It's the oldest trick in the book: reduce a complex problem to one you already solved in the past. If something can be bought and sold, the market will "take care of it", any protest against the practise, no matter its nature, can now be generalized to a critique of the very fabric of capitalist society, which is of course something capital can aim the state against.

You find the idea of patenting people's DNA without their knowledge or consent and then selling it disgusting? Why it's a commodity, a voluntary transaction, do you have something against exchange? Against society?

(This is something actually happening, by the way. Don't use those "find your ancestry" sites, this is where they make the bulk of their money)

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Socially conzervatibe
actually reactionary

that was a good day

No one is stopping you from disassociating with any of these people in socialism or communism. Hell, I personally think that a large portion of the "transsexual" population are just a product of capitalist alienation and identity crisis and that gender doesn't even exist, just sex, but I'm not calling for executions or gulags. I do see these people as a product of society though, so I might advise these people to get help and/or continue to state my own opinions on it.

Does that mean attractive or well dressed comrades have a duty to post more?

This board… I’d say their both worse but it isn’t even true. Nazis were and Magatards are brutally anti-leftist, even burger right-wingers aren’t reactionary enough for them. The Nazis killed more leftists and trade unionists than probably anyone else in addition to the millions of “subhumans” they genocides

Comparing a Nazi to a socially c.onservative who admires the USSR or a deluded reactionary prole who admires communist experiments is no contest. I’d take the latter two anytime

*even burger right-wingers and Magatards

That image makes me want to puke

Lenin decriminalized homosexuality dumbass

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Not a duty but "normal" looking lefties should try to be more visible. Mexie is the best internet leftist for precisely this reason. Sure she's high on idpol, but by putting her decent looking face in every single one of her thumbnails, basically saying "hello I'm a leftist and I don't look like a cross dressing Suicide Girl," she's doing more for leftism than anyone on this board. Call me a crypto-reactionary, but I'm right.

tbh, they did remove a golf course near where I live but in so doing they took down a ton of mature trees.

If you shadows write my content, I'll push twitter shitt


Not that guy, but while he did, Lenin only did so due to already existing pressure and it was more just letting the old laws expire. Lenin in life was quite "actually reactionary" when it came to the issue of relationships.

Word filter didn't cross my mind when I typed that, honestly forgot about it. You know what I meant.

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That kind of shit is far too common here. America is a lost cause. Just let it die.

No one ever stops to think that maybe this is still just early capitalism

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What the fuck.

L-look at you leftists, trying to justify your failed ideology with emotional appeals. W-we are rational, I swear!

Science was born of philosophy, and at some point it's certain branches claimed people came into this world with souls of various metals, that humans ascended from birds or that pregnancies wandered around the whole body of a pregnant woman.

Church of scientology v.2 when?

The absolute state of ☭TANKIE☭s.

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Interesting point, comrade. Hadn’t considered that before.

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Lgbt people have existed before any economic/societal structure and are not bourgeoisie.

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Are dead malls and ghost towns not the epitome of late stage capitalism?

I'm addicted to this series btw

This guy does a good job too

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Porky Isaac Larian is crowd funding to save Toys R US from bankruptcy. Here are the rewards from the GoFundMe

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That's a fucking joke, right?

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The webpage is dead, but you can find people selling that shit elsewhere.


tfw benevolent capitalism

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Amerifats and their home ownership obsession will be studied by future socialist societies as a classic example of the contradictions inherent to capitalism. Mark my words.

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first two are NYT, last two are by me and are more LSC general than petit bourg

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thought this was an exaggeration but googled it and lol it's real

kill me, bring the nukes, I'm ready

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I meant in a discussion,
also you cut out my statement, if he cant argue against homos with anything more than "eww" hes a waste of space.

That isn't the biggest rub. Isaac Larian runs a 2 billion dollar toy manufacturing company yet wants others to pay for him buying Toys R US.

I could not believe it myself, but then we were already selling blood and organs, I guess selling genetic code is just the next step in the commodification of the human being.

Call me when we start patenting brain patterns so that companies can imprint the "right" mindset on their employees

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I’ve seen that doll everywhere lately. What is it?

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The problem with this is that there must be a tacit distinction between socialist beauty and capitalist/liberal decadence. Capitalism has mutated and corrupted the conception of femininity, which in turn was mutated and corrupted by traditionalism before that.
What consists of metaphysical interpretations of femininity at this point in capitalism are repulsive, absolutely loathsome. It glorifies the worst sentiments that human heart can have and manifest within its body and outwards onto society; decadence, conceit, chauvinism, anti-egalitarianism, individualism: a corruption so deep that it cannot accept any higher life principle other than the emancipation of the self: the ideology of liberalism.
However, liberal women aren’t all there is to the corruption of femininity, the rightist conception of femininity may be even worse. Tradition, submission, docility, I can’t think of anything more un-Marxist.
In order to reform such a conception by bringing it under a Marxist influence, we have to follow tacitly understood rules.
Of course, there exist many other rules for men, however this is for another time.

I liked were you were going, but this is retarded. The concept of proletariat today isn't the same at the time of mao ecc.

Burgerland is going to go full neofeudalism, pretty sure some of the tech companies were proposing on site dormitories to put their workers in so they wouldn't have to waste time commuting and could always be on hand to fix stuff/work overtime

The last attribute is required for socialist construction.
Do you even palingenesis?

…that doesn't even resemble him. I never would have guess who that was based on the toy alone. I would probably guess Stephen Colbert.

is this real

She's a liberal tory mp.

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the real amount donated is around 40k

the 200 million is bs to inflate the number a little


which shitlib show is this`?

It's literally just to keep out blacks, you don't need any kind of in dept research to know this. These people also know that schools are just modelling agencies, none of them doing anything better than the others

"White flight" is a liberal meme and has very little to do with America home ownership obsession. There are lots of homes inside of cities.

Dude I've seen a FB post of a worker doing borderline acrobatics with heavy machinery moving drill bits or fluid pipes to the right places at maximum efficiency, and the response it got was "there's someone earning minimum wage."

Honestly all cultures are helplessly poisoned by Capitalism at this point.
Building a new united, post-capitalist human culture is the only way to cleanse this sickness.

This is insanely stupid. People should get free house even if it reduced land value. And this is coming from a burger who wants to own land in the future.

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Yeah well unfortunately until the US stops subsidizing home ownership that is not going to happen.

In my personal opione land ownership should be based off of ownership by usage. Where if you live in a house you own that land. If you use land eg (farming) you own that land. If you don’t use the land you do not own the land.

Spaceballs was a warning, not a manual

If I absolutely hate my job should I quit? I've been there for two weeks and I am absolutely miserable. All I do when I get home is sit on the computer for an hour after taking my shower and then go to sleep where I don't want to wake up and when I do wake up I just lie in bed dreading going to work.

I work at a mall doing "housekeeping" where my colleagues are great but we're understaffed because the job sucks and the management is in another state so are stupid yet demanding. The mall manager is also demanding. There is no recycling. There is only mess and baboons who throw stuff everywhere. I do the same thing every single day and there may as well be no change.

The mall itself is terrible and I hate it. The music is always on (I can keep one earbud in for my own stuff but the mall music is overwhelming) and the lights are always on along with the advertisements. All the time. Every single minute unless the power goes down. I hate the mall.

It's so mind-destroying too. It's really affecting me so much to where I constantly forget things, I barely eat, and I'm getting pimples like never before. It's grating.

I want to quit, but I feel a duty to my colleagues and if I left they'd be even more understaffed.

Issues like homo/transsexualism, abortion, etc. are, regardless of the personal stance one takes on them, symptoms of a sick society wherein meaning and purpose in a person's life has been denied to them which results in a frantic desire for them that is all too easily co-opted by predatory institutions like the lobbying and medical industries.

Is there any other jobs that you can get? You should start looking for other jobs.

Keep doing it until you find another job, ultimately working is better than lying at home sleeping your life away, and its easier to find a job while already in a job

Also start actively using your free time, if you're going home and doing what you did while you were unemployed you will of course feel worse than you did while you weren't working as you are adding stress onto already existing boredom

I'm assuming you're getting paid fuck all so there's no point saving money past maybe a month or 2 worth of security if you've rent to pay or whatever, after you've got a small sum set aside for emergencies (assuming you need it) spend the money on stuff that you actually want, but not stuff like videogames, spend it on socializing, a fun experience etc.

That helped me a lot when I was stuck in a call center, getting off work after a horrible day I would ordinarily go back to my flat and just waste time on the computer until I needed to go to sleep but I realized I had so little extra money at the end of the month that it was better for me emotionally to splurge it in a "meaningful" way instead of spending £10 here £20 there on games ad junk food

*that made me feel slightly better for one or two days but ultimately didn't do much and left me with no money, whereas getting ratarsed with friends or doing something cool was a much larger boost

I think homosexuality is absolved by history as a normal deviation to ‘orthodox’ human behavior, and homosexuals are very usually fine people

I cannot say the same about trans people though

Ernst Röhm was arguably nazbol and gay

I might also add that the politicization of these useless issues is also designed to shunt political will into them and away from the capitalist institutions that profit from them.

Join the military, pick a proper combat role, learn to fight, ride out your one and only term in the E4 mafia, get out, government job. You aren't doing anything for your friends by making it easier for your employer to pillage them.

No. Capitalism is an eroding force, not a corrupting one. Communism is the natural state towards which most people will gravitate. Nobody sings to how fucking great it is to make profits for your boss, or how they look forward towards Monday.

lmao what a total bullshit

I have a job application at a place just up the road and just waiting to hear back from them which will hopefully be soon.

I'm getting paid decently but I absolutely hate it and it's not worth my mental health. I'd rather stay at home and do fuck all or at least have the motivation to do something which I do not have when I'm working. I'm on third shift too so it sucks even more. I'm not bored at all at home as I always find something to do or read. I don't even really need to work thanks to my family but I feel some stupid duty to do so even though the job is fucking stupid.

I'm not joining the military. What the hell? I'm not an Imperialist shithead.

I love how nonchalant the thing was.This is top tier spectacle.

Found this in a fortune-teller cookie in a chinese restaurant. The italian side says "women and God rule the world".

Fuck if anglo-nations are the most capitalist cucked. And fuck if Weber was right. I hate catolicism but the world has shifted so much right that it became the left lole.

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When are we going to throw JK Rowling into a meat grinder like Mortal Kombat?

They literally did it………….
They sell air to us now…………….
Nothing is sacred…………………..

i'm not even burger, why would they do this, they didn't just watch me watching this?

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Yep, the yanks pilfered God Save [monarch].

That was actually fake but that retard endorsing it should be thrown off the nearest cliff