GOP to Run Former Nazi Party Leader Into Chicago's Mid Terms

Republican candidate Arthur Jones, a Holocaust denier, will be the GOP's nominee in a suburban Chicago congressional district after he ran in Tuesday's primary unopposed.

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This is surprising even from them

He snuck into the race by filling his paperwork right before the deadline. That way the state party had no time to find a primary challenger to keep him out of the general election.
It’s a seat that is normally uncontested by Republicans because it’s safe district for Democrats. That’s why the primary field was empty in the first place.


Another one? Christ.

I reread the OP's title and now i'm chuckling

If you read your own article you would see that the state party is not happy about the situation and has previously blocked him from the ballot. They are hardly 'running him' if the party has disavowed his candidacy and endorsed his opponent.

That's a really clumsy way to say it. This isn't a local race for an office in Chicago's local goverment. It's for a federal congressional district which is centered in Chicago's western suburbs.

This is kind of odd considering how philosemetic American conservatism and the American political climate at large generally is


You are reading too much into this. This guy registered for a race that no one else was running in so he won by default.

Doesnt it just reek of artificial scandal to shift the vote to the shysty jew candidate?

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All of you kikes are going DIRECTLY into the gas chambers. You better be scared, you subhuman apes.

the democrat as usual will win heavy, probably more so than usual

I'm terrified of internet tough guys.
I miss baboon boy.

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That doesn't only happen in the GOP

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Buddy no one isn’t this thread is gonna defend the Dems

We're not scared

Could be a jew, the most famous "le I hate Illinois nazis XDD" was one.

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wtf I love nazi's now

The chances of this man getting elected are about 0.005%

He looks pretty Irish to me

The whole jewish race thing is a meme. ashkenazis (however tf you spell it) are white, that's why conspiratrd nuts often have to superimpose david stars on jewish people, there isn't a genetic trait present in jews that makes them different from non jews.

This all sounds pretty reasonable but I just want to point out that jews are not white and in fact are cloud demons descended from leprechauns and shapshifters come down to planet Earth to fill our newspapers with lies and ruin capitalism. They're ultimate plan of course is to institute socialism which is a system where everyone has to chop off their dicks and convert to judaism. We only know this because Hitler was given a vision of this grim future by the old norse gods who actually it turns out were also shapeshifting aliens but the good kind not the bad kind and don't believe anything you read about genetics.

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Watch out! He's comin' for ya!

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The GOP are fucking morons.

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They are YAHWEH's chosen people user. Why else would G^D chose them and tell them to write it in their book?

I for one say we put our trust in The Jews. The Jewish book clearly state that the supreme creator of the universe chose them as the superior form of human, and if someone were to write that about themselves while it was patently untrue that would make them some kind of deceitful lying Nazi or something.

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And jews


White Jewish supremacists.

Learn to differentiate noses, it could save your life shekels

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edgy, nice insults fellow master race. This relates to the thread so much

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What happen?

He died of mind aids

maybe he ran out of IPs

the first pic doesn't make any sense because ginsburg is a liberal and nepotistic jews in the US are almost exclusively zionist neocons
jew leftists have always taken the piss out of hebrew culture and ideology

Ireland here, no he doesn't