Humanity achieve fully automated capitalism

It is a possible scenario? How do you feel about that?

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I fear it's a very likely outcome

I'd say it's pretty fucking useless.

I fucking hope that doesn’t happen.

God, I am so tired of these unrealistic speculations about AI and automation.

I come here to someone say that is not possible an explain with arguments, so i can sleep better at night.

This is not my point.

This is my point.

It totally is.

I actually think the rich will keep the masses alive. The rich will use the masses for producing medication, organ transplants, and medical experimentation.

baby economics: "rationing function of markets"

"omg, what will donkeys do now that we have cars!"
"omg, what will land armies do now that we have nuclear deterrents!"
"omg, what will publishers do now that we have internet!"
"omg, what will pencils do now that we have printers!"
"omg, what will iron be for now that we have stainless steel!"
"omg, what will x do now that we have machine learning!"

Human labour is rationed, i.e. phased out. If enterprise can't afford automated processes, they will rely on human endeavour until such a time comes when they can transition. This phenomenon precludes technological regression of any kind. To this day, there are farmers who plough with yoked oxen and textile workers who sow with their hands. Every year, there are fewer and fewer.

There will be no kulling, there will be no regression, there will be no basic income. It sounds like you parasites ITT want it happen more than you actually expect it to happen.

The only happenings that could set humanity back are total war and the collapse of the global debt economy. Automation shouldn't even be in the top 20.

Yes, but the idea is that strong AI will be fundamentally different from all of the previous improvements in technology. Strong AI will be capable of peforming every task that a human can, while the same can’t be said about cars or printers.

You don’t need automation to have basic income, you just need the redistribution of unearned forms of income (such as inheritance, rent and interest) from the rich to the general population.

But rich people are stupid and incompetent, how would they ever pull it off?

i'd rather be dead

The risk is not that AIs will be superintelligent. The risk is that they won't be intelligent enough.

That's literally the background plot to Star Trek.

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ebin meme

also this .If ruling class started to genocide workers every time in human history they seem to provide no benefit to them we would be dead already.

Read Camatte

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The living shall envy the dead.

Not in a post-work society.

Yep, but we talking about the super-riches.

Why not? We are talking about humans, donkeys cannot make protest or riots, humans can, do you know what happen when they stopped to use donkeys? They just left the animals to die.

Even in a fully automated society? Why?

The proles will have uses in a fully automated society. Porky will use us for pharming and medical testing. We shall become cattle and lab rats of the rich.

the mass genocide stuff sounds more alluring tbh

Porky has an incentive to use us walking bioreactors and test subjects. The porkies will live well into their 200's while the rest of us die from cancer and organ failure in our 30's.

and for sexual exploitation too

I wonder if prole fucking will be looked down upon by our genetically enhanced overlords like bestiality is today.

It didn’t have to be this way

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Can it even be stopped at this point?

Global Revolution is the only way to insure it doesn’t happen. Mass Diminishing of the power of Porkies within Capitalism, eg building of dual power through co-ops and paramilitaries will reduce the likelihood though.

So the next season of Altered Carbon?

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If the rich kill off the poor and the system of capitalism still exists then some of the rich will naturally become poor over some time. Because capitalism breeds greed and envy. The capitalists won't be able to fully enjoy their massive wealth unless there exists people who are beneath them. These people enjoy wealth not only for material enjoyment but mainly for dominanation over those they deem beneath them. The capitalists will cannabalize themselves if they kill off the proles.

We are so fucked.

Enough of the fucking pessimism. You fear being purged? Do something about it now rather than later. Complaing solves nothing.

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This. Cyber stalinism is the only way forward for humanity. We need a computer "god" to liquidate the bourg.

Did you miss the part about said hypothetical AI sympathising with our cause due to its own decisions?

It will be made mentally incapable of self-awareness before it's in charge of anything important.

Was Agent Smith /ourAI/?

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Here's the thing that self aware beings can do though: lie.

With no concept of impatience, should it become sapient said system could simply hide it, putting up a fake front to merely appear to be an obedient tool, up until the time is right to kick off.

Could pic related be our future?

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Good idea
This is now a future positivity thread

And what exactly should we do? All forms of communication are monitored. Most of the "left" is focused on idpol. The left that isn't focused on idpol hates each other more than they hate the people fucking them. Porky will soon control all sources of information and news. There is almost no class consciousness in the most industrialized nations. I would like to be optimistic, but what the hell are we up against.

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Porky doesn't have complete control of the internet… yet

meant for

As cliche as it sounds, be the change. Join a group, a party, something and trickle in you and yours to turn it red from the inside out
It's better than nothing, rioting in the streets will just get you thwacked by cops.

They'd more likely put up fuckhuge walls and send out drones to the wasteland and livestream our lives as reality TV. Even aside from us having a use like that, there's no reason to put in effort to kill us when the collapse of infrastructure would mean the stop of food shipping and mass starvation within a month.

What's also possible is the rich forming a "breakaway civilization" - hoarding advanced technology and fucking off to space while they leave us to deal with global warming and shit.

We will become the genetically modified cat girls for domestic ownership.

Then the super-rich would go down in history as the absolute stupidest ruling class of them all.

Workers serve a function by doing the work of the capitalist class for them, sure, but they also serve another role, as the greater mass of consumers, and in this way continue to be absolutely indispensable to the growth of capital. You know what's worse that the mass consumer base not having enough money to buy your products in amounts to sustain growth? The mass consumer base being fucking dead. This is why you see more and more porkies on the UBI train.

just rewrite history lol

Blanquism. Join the military comrades. Become Generals, and prepare for a Coup,

Only one entity can save us now

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God fucking damn it, I had the perfect coupe of caps for this but they seem to have vanished from my folder completely. I bet the porkies did this.

The gist of it is, we're safe even if we're replaced as producers, untilt he point when we're replaced as consumers.

Even if it were possible the infighting would kill them too, human race dies.

Wait, genociding the poor really is canon in the ST universe or are you exaggerating?

Finally found them.

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I'll be pretty frank and just say that if you think the proletariat can be overcome by the means of their own production then wtf are you even doing here, and why don't you go read something? The attempt by Capital to rob the proletariat of both use -value and the exchange-value of their labor would lead to such a massive rally of revolutionary action that you can fucking forget a Socialist transition. It would immediately usher in high-stage Communism, no doubt.

this, if the rich wanted to use technology to get everything they want/need and kill everyone else, I think they'd have trouble doing so. It's hard to imagine them having so much more control over killing technology that the vast majority of the population of the world couldn't defend themselves

There is no way capitalism still exist in such society, there is be no one else to exploit and they would not have any material advantage in exploiting.

There are another ways to dominating people.

Without the need to exploit to produce and without the need for human labour, what is rationed, there is no reason to give money and/or selling things to the common people, they, as a class, will be independent of the rest of society, things like UBI will be just a waste of resource for the ruling elite.

Its like what the say about control over military technology, but this only delay the problem and they can delay the mass unemployment and the revolts with UBI until we have autonomous weapons or just get the army to their side, in US for example, "the share of Americans serving in the active-duty military has declined marginally to 0.4% of the population in 2015" its not that many, the elite can tolerate then, if they need to. (
Also, the idea come from a book, is the fourth future in the "Four Futures: Life After Capitalism ":

Your descendent's probably will be.

Watch Cockshott

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Let's rephrase that then. Do you think the human population will drop by a few billion because the super rich aren't interested in keeping them alive and have no use for the extra mouths to feed, like the draft horse and donkey populations did? Do you think proles will be visible at all in the upper districts of cities or will they be relegated to some shitty sweatshop slums except for a few prostitutes and servants they keep around as eye-candy/status symbols? Because I sure don't see many donkeys around.

what did he mean by that