How do you cope with fact that we'll most likely never witness a major communist revolution in our lifetime?

How do you cope with fact that we'll most likely never witness a major communist revolution in our lifetime?

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What is R0java?

With climate change becoming worse and worse every day, with America slowly dying and China becoming stronger, with the rise of fascism and anti-fascism and with the younger generations becoming more and more radical i think we still have a chance

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Why would an indian revolution be communist ?


Indian social norms are very strict; almost as classcucked as the Japanese. However, Russia happened to be a feudal backwater prior to the revolution, and look at how that turned out.

a stalinist theocracy?

Kerela is defacto controlled by the CPI and CPI-M, and the Naxal revolution is still ongoing, and the Tamil are getting the settler colony treatment.

Which became a spacefaring superpower with zero unemployment and better living standards for everyone? Sounds like a good deal to me.

Also, "Theocracy" is used pretty loosely here. We Americans vest a similar sort of faith in our Constitution, our "liberties", and for nearly half of the population, our current president.

R0java is neither major, nor communist, nor a revolution.
t. Voltaire

Rojava is worth supporting for other reasons, not cause we delude ourselves into believing they're carrying out a communist revolution.

It's nothing that's major. It's not an international movement and is more or less centred around autonomy for oppressed groups within Syria. You could argue that they are attempting socialism but In the grand scheme of things, even if it is successful (which I'm of the belief that it won't be) it's not enough to sway the tide unless
1. It overthrows Turkey
2. Communists in Iran conduct a revolution and mesh with the R0javans.
At this point, it's as monumental as the Zapatistas in Mexico. It's there, but it doesn't have much of an overall impact on the international theatre aside from killing the Daesh, and fending off Turkey.

I just masturbate and fail to produce anything of value because I'm afraid of exploitation.

Nice try FBI.

But isn't China becoming stronger because they're becoming less commie?

This guy gets it.

I cope with it by knowing Marx will come soon to take the faithful to commie heaven. Marxism is real, believe.


surely something to wait for

So are you saying they're communist or capitalist?

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t. early 20th century western communist

Now youre getting silly COINTELPRO

I just realize that my country doesn't have the conditions it takes for revolution and focus on reforming it instead by supporting my local communist party and by spreading my views through direct action. Try it. It will help I swear.

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The question is, are you willing to fight for something your willing to die for

Lenin said the same thing
And yet…

Try to make your life more comfortable in the circumstances youve been dropped into and have no real chance of changing.
so, play the game. dont change your beliefs, just try and find a situation where you can make enough money to be comfortable and do what you like without having to kill yourself working.
play the game with the goal of maximizing your personal happiness and leisure, instead of playing it with the goal of "winning"/"success"/other words for enthusiastically slaving for the machine or accumulating power.

Are we in great number right now? We're just in front of a computer posting in imageboards! We never witness a major communist revolution because we don't plan shit, we never act, we are waiting for someone to start something but we don't wanna be the one.

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There's still a reasonable chance in the next few decades, with the advent of AI, that post-scarcity anarchism will occur.
Communism is just a means to achieve this position. Why bother going through the middle man when technological progress allows you to get to the end product sooner?

They're definitely, communist.

They allowed a regulated private sector but they still have a communist political sphere.

You just made my heart warm.
-You just warmth my heart? How I say that?-

Go Elon Musk route and build a time maschine and kill gorbatchev.

Wtf i love Russian capitalism and imperialism now.

simply epic

You could probably handle being exploited. In the west capitalists know to not exploit too much, otherwise the masses show their dislike.

You are afraid because the message you are given is that you are disposable, unwanted, replaceable, seen as an instrument to realize capital accumulation. A cog in the machine.

The swindle of undercutting workers itself is not as bad as the collective effect of majority of population being swindled. And the unliving monster of capitalism and its guiding force of accumulation. Bordiga says it in his quote on the hell of the capitalism being the firm, not the firm having a boss.

wtf i love school field trips
user dont stray too far in the forest

Can you write, too, or are you so reactionary that you think we should regress back to communicating with pictograms?
Please answer. This question really ails me, as every day that passes the right seems to be further on that path, currently only barely being able of communicating with any other means than lousy infographs, memes, and buzz-words — while the message is self is more often than not just animalistic and spooked "feels before reals".

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anprim gang

By organizing. If you organize, even if you lose, you are sewing the seeds of victory in the next generations.




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