How to Recruit and Indoctrinate People

Tell me how I would recruit and indoctrinate people into a political organization. Ideological particularities won't matter here.

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With parties, irrationalism and aesthetic

by lounging in an armchair and telling everyone who comes at you with questions to read a book

sup Holla Forums

I have a 5 step plan to radicalize people
1. learn what they are passionate about
2. start showing them news about how capitalism is fucking up their passion source
3. befriend them
4. slowly ease them into communism as we hang out until they start agreeing with me on some points
5. keep this friendship until they start sporting a hammer and sickle

How long does this usually take?

you need charisma. And since you're here that's probably what is missing.

I guess Left Communism or Non-Platformist Anarchism is the Answer then.

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depends on the person. my last convert was a extremely christian kid that wasnt interested in politics. He was planning on becoming a missionary, he is a genuinely kind dude. We started hanging out, I showed him about Joel Olsteen, TV Christians, Church Money Laundring etc. ad I told him this isnt the way Jesus intended. After a few weeks tops he was calling himself a Christian-Communist and now is sporting that cross and sickle.

It’s best we don’t try, and spread our beliefs, after all we don’t want the masses learning about communism, and finding our once we establish communism our government will have complete control over them. I suggest starting off with “socialism lite”, but reinforce how bad the free market is, and hint at how everything would be better if nobody had any private property, and instead the state owned it.

what is vanguardism?

I imagine a Vanguard Party requires a charismatic leader to rule start it.

You'd better be joking. You really think you can't have enough empathy to connect with someone on the struggles they're undergoing in their lives? It's not that hard.

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Good idea, we can even take advantage of the recent student walkouts to further our agenda of disarmament of the right wing population.

name one vanguard that didn't have a charismatic helmsman.

It's hard to get people to empathize in the first world with violent revolutionary thought. They empathize more easily with social democracy and keynesian policies.

thats what Im saying

Cult Leaders with their Charisma can indoctrinate people to be their slaves and believe in anything.

true. but without the hierarchal organization of the vanguard party large measures such as countrywide industrialization and agricultural collectivization cannot move forward.

I usually call for common sense things like helping the poor, fixing the environment and I talk a lot about world peace. I also brazenly make it clear that I'm a Communist, but I will some times shill Anarchism if I think people will be more drawn to it. I got my music teacher to share a few posts by a couple of Communist pages on FB and I'm trying to introduce an SJW chick I know to Anarchism (although she also liked a Castro quote I shared).

You shouldn't have to "indoctrinate" anybody if your ideas make sense. This is the problem with much of the left today.

The notion of what makes "sense" is also in a strange state that indoctrination is necessary for every ideology.

So? Start there! I myself was a SocDem when I came to this board, but ultimately it was comrades pointing out the contradictions of capitalism that turned me into a socialist.

You shouldn't advocate for violent revolution, simply try to see where the shoe pinches first. Point out how we spend our entire days making money for someone else, and how corporations exist not to fulfill human needs but purely to make profit.

Naturally you'll need nuance and charisma. I have faith in you, comrade.

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Why indoctrinate when you could just kidnap and brainwash them?

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A good way to form a decent cult is to start with a lot of friends. If you don't have them yet, develop charisma - go into entertainment.

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Though even if I do get a lot of friends, it is much more difficult making them recognize me to be the "leader". Unless I just take advantage of making the dumbest and loneliest people as friends.

Go after the isolated and lonely. They are the easiest targets.

Why the break up user?

I was a Thomas Paine Consitutionalist boardering on anarcho-mutualist before I came on this board and then the sister board. I don't see how advocating for violent revolution is bad. As long as you communicate your reasons and grievances you will come off as reasonable. It's not like your slaver will willingly let you go without a fight.

On a slightly different topic, does anyone have posts/evidence of Holla Forums admitting to trying to subvert or slide other boards? I had some archive pages bookmarked before on my old computer, now all I have to go on is the booru.

when I tell anti-communists to read a book, they either don't read it because (a) they are stubborn in their views (b) they are lazy (c) they aren't educated enough to read something even as simple as the principles of communism

I don't have anything about it saved since I'm not too big on imageboard autism, but you can start by researching the infamous 2012-2013 redpill raids conducted by 4/pol/ on cuckchan. /q/ had plenty of qq threads about that.

What about former communists?

Dear God.
At least learn what communism is before trying to false flag.

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It helps to be fit, attractive, and articulate. Which nobody here is, so good luck with that.

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Pretty much. The biggest problem with the left is a serious deficit of cool and attractive people. Y'all are putting too many fags and losers front and center and you can bet your bottom dollar high school kids look at pink-hair lisping soy-fed fruitcakes and think "well fuck that, I'd rather touch a vagina in my lifetime."

Socialism is self evidently good, this is why we need to put ZERO effort into "indoctrinating" people. A child of three years old already instinctively knows socialism is good.

Only capitalists need to indoctrinate, you evil son of bitch.

Not sure you're on the mark there my man, people generally are used to free enterprise because that's the basic human condition. Your next level is coercion, then cooperation, and maybe socialism somewhere down the line as an abstraction. A three-year-old doesn't understand socialism, hell, most people here and on the street and anywhere have no damn idea what y'all are talking about.

Kids understand sharing, as well as trading.

A) This is a capitalist propaganda
B) If this were true, no one would pursue socialism

I didn't even say that, but coercion is an element in any economic or political system, it's unavoidable. You're always going to need some form of conflict resolution and somewhere down the line it's going to require force as a means of enFORCEment because people don't always mutually agree about what's best.

Think about it this way: you have a worker-owned factory and they can't produce enough goods of a high enough quality to trade with others voluntarily to the degree necessary for the maintenance of the factory and the purchase of raw materials for production. Production grinds to a halt, and the workers are left holding onto an unproductive factory - who's responsible? How do you get out of this mess? Will everyone necessarily agree about where to lay blame?

Look, it's not realistic to imagine that there's always going to be a solution to this sort of thing under the best of circumstances, and communal ownership just complicates things tenfold. If you're a land owner, you'll know that even mediating disputes with neighbors is difficult because people can be obstinate. That's just the way it is.

what u know about answers

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Can a person improve their charisma to be attractive to many or is this equivalent to winning the lottery in probability?

everything can be done with practice

You can improve your appearance and your charisma if you want, it just takes a sustained effort. Appearance is easy: work out, wear clothes that fit decently, don't put crazy shit in your ears, nose, or hair, and don't cover yourself in tattoos. Just like like a regular guy with decent hygiene.

Improving your charisma is more difficult but there are steps you can take. I'd say the #1 thing you can do is learn when to just shut up and when to say things. Be conservative with your words and don't flood peoples' consciousness with extraneous information. You can do voice work to improve your timber and cadence if you want, but that's probably overkill. Just present yourself like a normal person so people don't immediately dismiss you as "oh look at that blue hair/epic kekite/fedorafag/whatever."


Teach yoga.