Accurate Animal Farm

A lot of people on this board hate le pig book. What would the book's plot be if it accurately portrayed the the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union?

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They do?
Since when?

great book

false flag

lel, you got me

I might not agree with anarchists but that doesnt mean they aren't my comrades or that their theory is valueless and evil. Their insights are probably the most valuable to me, because they do want the same kind of society in the end, but they dont want to use the same methodology.

Pretty much nobody here is retarded enough to think that Bolsheviks were the good guys and that the October Revolution was a good thing.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

This is a really good book which everyone should read. Not only to actually access some criticism of soviet model (looking at you mls), but to take a look on the general fatalist nature of "revolutions"

the samefagging is blatant
toxicity is latent

t. nick

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t. Russian banker living in exile cca. 1924

fuck Napolean, Snowball did nothing wrong

1. Napoleon would be more of a paranoid fool as opposed to some LE EBIL IRON FISTED DICTATOR, and he wouldn't rule alone, he should have more pigs.
2. There should be some animals that act as the NKVD.
3. Snowball should be portrayed as a liar, more allegories to the Russian civil war and what Snowball did to the anarchists.


"You must never adopt the vices of the past."

The Soviet Union was a Russian Empire 2.0 in Orwells mind.

There were animal analogies to the NKVD, Napoleon had a bunch of dogs that he raised to be his enforcers and kill anybody who opposed him.

Oh right. Well maybe they should be portrayed as more rabid as opposed to being on Napoleon's leash.

Snowball takes off his mask to reveal he was really the evil Leon Trotsky all along!

Just as all seems lost, Napoleon heroically stabs the evil impostor in the head with an icepick! Having personally solved all of the farm's problems, Napoleon smiles as all the animals live happily ever after in the greatest workers' state ever created.

That is until one day a sentient stalk of corn appeared on the farm…

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Why are these opinions tolerated in other threads? Because they are worded somewhat differently?

We just had a fucking thread with people defending US imperialism and R*java. Can a mod just ban these liberals?

Meant for

based BO

I like animal farm from orwell. If you'd live in ex-socialist country, it would not be hard to interpret is as anti-capitalist book. It's baby critique of half-assed revolutions.

It's completely true, the USSR was state capitalist.
Orwell said himself in his preface to the Ukranian translation of Animal farm ( that the USSR wasn't socialist, but he himself was, and his book was wrongly used as anti-communist propoganda.

Had he, at any point, actually stepped foot inside the USSR?

Imagine unironically liking the guy whose books have been used as anti-communist propaganda for generations. Lmao.

This. Snowball should have lead. Napoleon fucked up the old Major's work.

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animal farm is probably as weak for anticommunist propaganda as it gets. It's only ever useful because it's misinterpreted. And it's misinterpreted because the american education system is a joke, and as a result americans are fucking stupid and borderline illiterate.

Doesn't need to when Stalin was the one to fuck up the Spanish Civil War for him out of petty political bullshit reasons.

First the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Orwell🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 went to spain just to kill catholics
Second stop with this victim complex bullshit about spain, that revolution wouldn't even start without Stalin helping you
Third pretty fucking convenient that 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧He🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 escaped just in time to go back to his country and rat other socialists

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nothing wrong with that.

t. BO

Right because Stalin and the Red Army built barricades in Madrid and stopped Franco’s advance. Oh wait no, it was the Spanish proletariat organized and armed by the trade unions.

Want to know how I know you are full of shit?

animal fam 1978 man did nothing worng.

It was, then it went crashing down with no survivors afterwords when the tanks cum

So, then why did they have to steal weapons from Stalin?

That was after the revolution started, and it was because they needed weapons. Why are you mad that they tread on Stalin by stealing his property?

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I'm mad because Stalin legit wanted to help and those stupid fucking anarkiddies wouldn't accept it because "muh authoritarianism". Reject the help, steal the weapons, don't expect this to cause problems. hurrr

Napoleon doing shit not because he's some evil asshole but because animal farm was under legitimate threat. The general lives of the animals improving drastically, being able to engage in elections, not renaming the farm back to Manor farm.

I don't even dislike Orwell so much for his anti-Stalinism as I dislike him for his betrayal of his comrades in Britain, his increasing opportunism, and the fact that he shat on Stalin so much that today his works if anything hurt the socialist movement. Should've spent more time shitting on capitalism.

He didn’t want to help the anarchists, that’s why he wasn’t giving them weapons. The anarchist rejection of the PSUC position on the war wasn’t about “muh authoritarianism”, it was because the communists literally wanted to keep capitalism intact and collaborate with the bourgeoisie. They wanted to put the revolution on hold, literally telling workers not to seize control of their workplaces and not to form Soviets. The anarchist slogan was “the war and the revolution are inseparable”. Actually research the situation. It’s also worth noting that without the anarchist trade unions there would have been no war, since they were ready for a fight before the attempted coup and it was their militias that caused Franco’s initial takeover to fail.

the end

it's called "popular front", and those were with workers that were not willing to fight for a revolution yet but rather keep a bourgeois democracy
social democratic workers
the majority
preserving a bourgeois democracy over open fascist terror is part of the revolution
if you read a few books rather than just crying about that others should do it, even Marx was "siding with the bourgeois" against the aristocracy for a bourgeois democracy to be established
again anarkiddy dumbfucks going "either all or nothing" - with predictable outcome
and actually considering the situation on a global political scale:
we have the nazis actively supporting a rouge group of terrorists trying to overthrow the legitimate bourgeois democratic government on the one hand
and the Soviet Union supported bourgeois democracy
if you took one second out of your autistic escapist fantasies of "hurr hurr fuck everything revolution time lol XD" you see that on the eve of ww2 acting as a foreign power overthrowing a government from the outside is making you look pretty shit and as an aggressor. the soviet union could've either stayed neutral or intervened and given france and brits the perfect opportunity to go after them in an alliance with hitler germany.
but as things were it was the nazis that put the french and brits on alert, preparing the anti hitler coalition as the soviets were pushing for in that whole period.
in this situation "putting it on hold" was more to advance it in favor of pushing it forward than doing whatever adventuristic shit you sperg on about

So then do you support the Mensheviks in arguing for a bourgeois revolution in Russia before a proletarian one? I mean after all working with the bourgeoisie to keep the tsarists and reactionaries at bay is exactly the kind of thing you are advocating in Spain, and saying “fuck that” and going ahead with proletarian revolution is exactly what the Bolsheviks did.

Animal Farm was a lot more accurate in talking about China.

Snowball = Mao
Napoleon = Deng
Naboring Farmers = WTO

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Does that make Old Major Sun Yat Sen?


This is what /leftpol/ actually believes

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idk it's pretty good

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every time you anarkiddos trying to shit up discussions with false equivalences rather than talking about the situation at hand

the russian revolution did first establish a bourgeois democracy - which then later was overthrown in a process because the majority of the people did not support the continuation of the war
even on just the most superficial terms your "analogy" falls apart, it's nothing but a pile of shit sorry excuse for a reply

it's like saying "lenin would've never advocated a tactical retreat in germany because the revolutionary period was over, because in russia they did keep going and actually won so it makes no sense!"

different fucking situation, your "x happened in y, x must happen in z, because x is x" is idealistic bullshit, it's fucking beyond me how you can even claim yourself to be even "leftist", let alone socialist of any sort of branch but fucking anarkiddies of course are inconsistent shittalking bafoons so why am i even fucking surprised anymore

In the accurate Animal Farm:

Your assumption is that the war would have been unwinnable without placating the liberals, even though the Bolsheviks proved that the radical proletariat is perfectly capable of winning a civil war without them.

Press F to pay respects to Boxer
he was a good horse

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And what specific conditions made proletarian revolution during the Spanish civil war impossible?

I like this story.
Good job tanky

and still going with false equivalences rather than talking about the revolution and its progression in spain on its own terms because arguments are hard for a retarded anarkiddy fuckboy

did i say it was impossible?
read my fucking text again you illiterate little shitstain

and you faggots wonder why i get mad and start namecalling, not even one attempt to adress the argument presented, instead here comes false equivalence and strawman

even the most ridiculous charicatures of Stalin as bloodthirsty aren't good enough for what terror should really be brought upon anarkiddies
what an obnoxious retarded pest

that's a funny way of saying executing all the competent Red Army officers and Political Commissars

You didn’t true, but you also said that sucking up to porky was the correct course of action. Explain why this was necessary in Spain but not Russia.

Getting triple teamed by fascists with support from western allies

As opposed to getting triple teamed by liberals, tsarists, and a multi country invasion?

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Read Marx and Engels on the Spanish revolution. Anarkids never changed.

If capitalists committed to putting down the Bolshevik revolution like the fascists did, Russia would be fucked.

Thats why Lenin had to create an army and establish war communism. He didn't just proceed on creating actual existing socialism while the country was getting fucked.


Comrade Boxer gave himself for the farm. Will you?

Yeah but he established the dictatorship of the proletariat first, whereas the PSUC wanted to uphold the republic.

Boxer was turned into glue after not taking the party line on Snowball.