Cartier boss with $7.5bn fortune says prospect of the poor rising up 'keeps him awake at night'
Source: independent.co.uk/news/business/cartier-boss-with-75bn-fortune-says-prospect-poor-rising-up-keeps-him-awake-at-night-10307485.html#commentsDiv

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why would a porky ever come out and say this? other porkies would hate him for it and it just makes the poor hate him more

He might be trying to convince the other porkies to support succdems in an effort delay the end of capitalism.

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He knows he's fucked

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You think the Rothschilds are worried? They are the top financial predstors in the world.

Why leftypol so protective of jews?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I wonder if non-Jewish people who blame Jews for corruption may have difficulty accepting the fact that people who seem to be 'like you' might be evil assholes. Here's the thing, though. Banking emerged during the Renaissance and of the 9 wealthiest banking families (excluding royals/nobility) only 2 were Jewish. The Barings, Fuggers, Medicis (and others) were not. If we look at the wealthiest American families: Astor, Carnegie, Mellon, Ford, Getty, Hughes, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller - none of them Jewish. In modern times, Buffet, Gates, Koch family, Walton family, etc. have enormous wealth and power but are not Jewish, nor are the current top 5 richest men in the world. There are shit-loads of money and power in Arab nations, in Asia and China, and in South America, almost none of it held by Jewish families. Blaming the Jews lets all the other greedy, corrupt elites off the hook. Do the Walton family deserve a free pass for not being Jewish?

Holla Forums you have brain damage. porky can be a transgender muslim black jew otherkin.

I'm a Holla Forumsack and even I'm not dumb enough to think all capitalists are Jews. A lot of capitalists are Jews but white capitalists / CEOS are just as shit, look at Amazon and Walmart

Why the fuck did you even bring that up? It has nothing to do with the discussion. Are you really that fucking obsessed with Jews that you need to talk about them constantly?

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I would also like to point out that the financial institutions and practices of the West were created by Christians. The public debt and its corresponding public bond market were created by Christian states which needed financing from their own greedy elites but who also allegedly felt some moral qualms about private lending between individuals. The most common form of lending through medieval times to the 19th century was to states which was paid back by taxes levied on the people.

Insurance and joint-stock companies were other notable inventions by mostly Christian bourgeois that had essentially the same function as usury but was okay'd since it wasn't one individual lending money to another individual. Christian elites got around usury laws by forming corporations, lending to third parties and lending to states. Even those Christian Italian bankers who did lend to individuals received pardon from the Church by building massive Cathedrals; a common saying of the time was, "Great Cathedrals, Great sinners"

What's wrong, Holla Forums? I thought you believed in darwinism. The strong rule the weak and all that?

Well, you got it, now enjoy it.

they will just say that Christianity is a Jewish trap
so it's back to the Jews

A lot of them are /christian/s so that's not always true

A lot of them are pagan now because they feel like christianity is a jewish trick and turns you into a cuck that lets refugees rape your 10 year old daughter when you wanted to do it first.

It’s actually a logical position on their part, Christianity was in part a protest against the slave system and Roman colonialism in Palestine. It makes sense that they turn against Christianity since what they claim to be fighting is “the doctrine of equality”

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This Jew thing has to be some form of mind aids. It’s like when hardcore Christians attribute everything to god

that's wrong though. banking already existed in ancient mesopotamia. the earliest form of government bonds were issued in the 12th century in venice. that's high middle age, not renaissance. agree with the rest, but i want to add that jews do favour engaging in trading and banking, that stereotype is somewhat true. in the early middle ages jews had probably the largest trade network in the old world, jewish traders were hundreds of years before marco polo in china, for example.

spengler was a jewish zionist and one of the earliest alt-right "hurrdurr modern europe is degenerate" faggots.

Reminder that counterfeiting luxury brands is a revolutionary act: You appropiate porky's culture, make a mockery of his class signifierd, steal porky's profits, and possibly cause brand dilution, making his product less desirable by either showing that you can get their products for far, far less than they charge for them or associate them with crass decadence.

t. Proudly wearing fake Jordans and fake Cartier glasses

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It is good for a quick laugh specially when porky starts whining, but the joke's on you: you're still buying crap that exploited third worldist workers

Ah yes, because white/asian/middle-eastern billionaires are the REAL and don't pose a threat. You stormfags are fucking pathetic.
now post your tits and fuck off Satan poster

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Why don't you ask your idol Hitler? He made Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild feel right at home as he traded him off for money to spend on hookers & blow. Your shitty leader actually gave up a chance to kill the "international jewry" so he could enrich himself at the country's expense. So much for that nationalism, and high ideals huh faggot? Go the fuck back to >>>Holla Forums.

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I used to be just like you, kid. I thought communism could save the word. The Jews got the deck stacked against you, and you don’t even know it. Go ahead, keep using the term “billionaire” as a code word for them. We’ll always know what you mean.

name the super special commie sect you believed in right now or brainlet larper

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Please enjoy this image and post it whenever Holla Forums brainlets manage to escape the short bus.

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Listen kid, I use to be stupid like you once too. Then I started reading books and took off the tinfoil hat to air out the skin on my head. Felt great. One day you’ll get it. Keep calling everything Jewish. We know you can’t into politics and it’s your special word for the bad feels.
We’ll always know what you mean.

No you weren't. I don't remember cross posting on reddit for 1.
Oh, and fascism will? Yeah, all that imperialism, colonialism, genocide and the fact that they sent "le white saviours" to their deaths through conscription was really saving the world.
Oh my, Jewish billionaires are evil and corrupt! I guess that means we should let white billionaires, and Saudis off the hook.

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Could you be more embarrassing?

it's not, it doesn't hurt capitalism at all, but workers. workers who create nice, quality goods, who might still receive relatively decent pay, might face wage cuts. only porky sweat shop owners benefit from it, both workers at say cartier and at sweatshops suffer.
if you want to tame shitty capitalism at least a little bit, the most effective way is via legislation.

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haha! i hope it does.
fuck them richie riches.
cant wait to flip the script on them all.

Don't think he really believes it. Presume he's being *woke* for compassion points.