Former French President Sarkozy arrested for working with Gaddafi

Literally /ourguy/

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Why the fuck would Gadaffi do that? Didn't Sarkozy attack him in 2011?

I'm interested to see what evidence they have. Right now it looks like the same hysteria overtaking America and Britain, being used to silence political opponents.

Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

Seriously? How old are you people? Gaddafi had great relations with Italy and France after he dismantled Libya's mass destruction nuclear and chemical weapons programs. He literally went to Italy to preach Islam to italian beauties. He personally liked and was chill with Obama. It was only when the Arab Spring came to Libya that the West turned against him.

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Not exactly surprising. Gaddafi was similar to Assad in that he was an Arab nationalist turned neo-liberal nepotist.

Fuck off liberal.
The lion of tripoli was based as fuck

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Blair is a sweetheart. Unironically.

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Sarkozy is a scumbag though.

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This board is beyond worthless.

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What, where did Gaddafi implentent neoliberal policies? AFAIK his welfare state never got dismantled.

Nobody is saying that Gaddafi is a socialist but that doesn't mean he was a neoliberal or something. He was objectively the best choice for the Libyan people.

It never was dismantled and he kept his policy of oil nationalization–which was precisely the problem for the imperialists! On another note, I think a problem with his reign is that his economic model did not evolve, it sort of stagnated along the lines of Venezuelan-style petro-state.

I say that not as one of these pro-imperialist shills/leftpol dweebs but as someone who is an unironic admirer of how Gaddafi built Libya into a country with Africa's highest living standards.

That's actually a well-known paradox for underdeveloped countries which are rich in resources: There is no incentive to diversify the economy. And Gaddafi wasn't a Marxist-Leninist, who usually put high emphasis on economical diversification.

The heart-wrenching cry of the anally-wounded tankïe. Sad!

In the early '90s, though it only really started off in 2003 when Shukri Ghanem was appointed Prime Minister and subsequently oversaw a massive wave of privatizations. See:

You realize that even if what you say is true that the reason that he was attacked was because he wasn’t changing shit fast enough for the West’s liking

They wanted all that juicy water and oil that he was sitting on. Not to mention the hundreds of billions of assets they froze and the hundreds of tons of Libyan gold that went missing

I love the people that post photos as they are some sort of argument. Yes, Libya had relations with other countries, we know.
Also Gaddafi is the only anarchists in history that won a revolution. 12 year old white 1st world anarkids shit on him? Color me unsurprised.

If you are referring to my post and assume it is against Gaddafi then you're totally wrong. I 100% supported Gaddafi's actions in establishing friendly relations with the West and promoting Islam since it's a good anti-Zionist influence. The point of my post was to inform that there was indeed a short period of cooperation between the West and Gaddafi's Libya before the Arab Spring and the West betrayed Gaddafi just like it had previously done with Saddam.

Sarkozy promised to stop fucking with him so Gaddafi financed his campaign. However… you know the perfidious Gaul can't honour any promises. Ended up killing Gaddafi because a little wasn't enough, he wanted all of his gold.

Gaddafi was a dictator and Sarkozy is a neolib.

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Also two lessons for leftypol.

The first is 'no investigation no right to speak'.

The second is don't accept the premises of western news stories. Sarkozy is scum but not for accepting bribes from 3rd world leaders. They're stringing him up for accepting any influence from their enemies.

Sarkozy is the best french contemporary example of treason, opportunism and imperialism, he's like a french neo-con.

Funny thing is the backstabbing aspect of the character is going as far as the beginning of his political career.
He got mayor by promoting himself to the eyes of prominent citizens while officialy campaigning for someone else and he's famous for dumping his political mentor in favor his rival in the early 90's.