Get a job

stop being jealous of rich people and functioning adults just make something of your life instead of want a revolution of workers I bet none of you have a job

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Give us the means of production, then I'll get right on it

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OP was a fag as usual today.

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arnt you ment to get it in a revloution or are you to lazy

its not slavery if you make a operating system like bill gates and sell it and get rich innovation is impossable in a communist society

Soviets reached space first dipshit

its because they captured some german scientists like usa and have no reguard for human life hence the meany deaths

lmao epic thread XD

Right wingers are always projecting their greed and jealousy to leftist when leftist just sincerely want to help people.

Stop taking my surplus value and mooching off the labor of proles you entitled snowflake

Get out of here walmutt.

use sage you absolute mouthbreathers

It's super easy to dismiss people you disagree with when you just assume they're all a collection of traits you don't like : ^ )

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Forgot my sage

also if you're so great, what are you doing trolling here instead of doing something productive yourself?

Underrated post

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Surplus value extraction is slavery, rather than selling oneself all the time, one is forced to sell himself for potions of a time. A man is no less a slave simply because he is allowed some "vacation time" when he isn't working.

Who gives a shit about the enemy? They still would've reached space first even without them. You make it seem like they were random innocent bystanders.

OP = Fag

This. Don't forget to check my dubs on your way out.

step aside, look how pros do it

fugg, i am cancer now

Stop fetichizing work.

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how about you learn how to spell before you tell anyone to read anything

Already work in a trade. In socialism everyone will work or receive nothing.

If I get dubs I will put to rest the ghosts of failed dubs.