Leftism Forever Destroyed

How will you ever Reconver???
Lookks Like we ghot you now
Try and Prove this Infograp wrong:
Hint: YOU CANT LOL!!!!11

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This by unironically


it'd be funny if it weren't such an accurate impersonation

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If you don't want people to think you hate white people then you should stop associating with those that do. Communism doesn't have much to do with rainbow haired ultra liberal SJWs yet we keep getting lumped together. We need to drop those sacks of shit altogether and not associate so white people stop getting turned off to it - the SJW crowd is ultimately useless politically anyway.

.>People Think that OP's Post is Unironic

To be fair, its only slightly less autistic than the info-graphics made by far right brainlets . its genuinely hard to tell the difference sometimes.

I pity this board if strawmen are what you need to boost morale

class knows no nation, no gender roles, no races. exploitation is exploitation

If white people are going to be marginalised in every country they inhabit, socialism is indifferent. Whiteness is an imperialist social construct at worst or a cosmetic curiosity at best. This is what follows from the tabula rasa myths to which leftists are prone.

I'm trying my best but I literally cannot understand a thing of what you are trying to say and I'm getting a headache trying to decipher it.

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socialism is indifferent to anuddah shoah and replacement level immigration

I don't think it's unironic. It's parodying the kind of shit those people say and so I felt it was appropriate to talk about the topic.

but you have gutted the standard rightist arguments of all nuance, reductio ad absurdum

Socialist organisations worldwide advancing deeply triggering and problematic policies for self-serving reasons. Mostly True!
Hegemonic institutions and traditional cultural norms degraded and debased by Gramscian long marchers. Mostly True!
Jews being a tribe of nation wrecking wanderers, then and now. Mostly True!
All experiments in controlling private economic activity and property rights by avowed socialists led to terror, authoritarianism and scarcity. Mostly True!

Sure, rightists do it too, especially over Marxism, but that's no excuse for degrading the level of conversation even further.

the word filter here is even pettier than before

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they don't realise that capitalism, what socialism is trying to get rid of is fundamentally in of itself a jewish system

Socialism is a workers movement. White people are workers. Therefore the people that make up the movement and thus the movement does care.


No, white people are people. Workers refers to a specific kind of condition in relation to capital: the proletarian. Not all (white) people are proletarians.

White grievances are something to be ridiculed evidently.

Consider it a sample of the population.
I'm sure we could flood you with screencaps of the same level of "discussion".

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And I could flood you with archives of Holla Forums's erstwhile "revolutionary" activities on 8ch and elsewhere. For what benefit?

You aren't justifying yourself. You're offering a tu quoque defence on an imageboard where anyone can be anyone. Sad.

if it looks like, sounds like and talks like….

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walks like*

Whiteness is immaterial. Not even white identitarians can agree on what constitutes whiteness. It's based on feels.

Class relations however, are quite material. We shouldn't dismiss "white concerns", but analyze them with the lens of class, as with all identitarian issues.

Mass immigration is caused by imperialistic wars and imperialist exploitation of economic periphery. This is the angle from which we must tackle it.

whoops forgot to take off shitposting flag lol

To show this isn't "one guy is Holla Forums" argument. When the majority of people who show up here act like this, you shouldn't be surprised.

Not even.
That they are hypocrites is self-evident.
That they care about nuance is not.

such "nuance".
Maybe one day Holla Forums will even surpass the "humans vs orcs" dichotomy.

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Whiteness is contextual. Its definition is sensitive to context.

It can take the form of colorism in creole countries. Arabs contrast white complexion with "red", "yellow" and "blue". In the former British Empire, it means European in contrast to new world colonial coloureds. In Europe itself, it was always less meaningful because its fails to contrastive. Multiculturalism has changed this as of late however just as the theory of contextual whiteness would expect it to.

What's implicit to all these impressions is Caucasian racial admixture (North Eurasian deep ancestry). Think of it as platonic whiteness. In a cluster analysis of genetic variance, it's one of the big three races alongside Black African and Asian.

Critical race theory argues that whiteness is a type of racialisation. A conception of whiteness is essential for the control and exploitation of certain racialised others. A system where racialised against a standard of whiteness is called a white supremacy.

(these are the "deconstruct your whiteness and check your white privilege" folks; some actually believe it, others use it as a cudgel)

I'd expect nothing less from a good socialist. I was just trying to tell the other guy that white interest and socialism don't intersect. crl+f "indifferent".

This is just a frame. As a matter of fact, it is caused by poor immigration policies (lax asylum law, refugee resettlement programs and activist courts). Hungary, Israel, Japan and others show it's just a question of saying "no" and actually enforcing it. Public feeling and the ruling class opinion are out of step so those with the power to act, do not.

I'm merely explaining it to you. There's a reason why lefty literary critics are so sensitive about Tolkien and High Fantasy. There's enough in the orc analogy to prompt insecurity (here) and laughs (on /pol).

White interests and socialism do not intersect because "white interests" is a way to frame issues that distracts people from class consciousness and causes them to blame jews and arabs instead of uniting against the bourgeoisie. Socialism solves most if not all "white issues", $$$they$$$ just don't want you to know.

Yeah but look deeper. What causes this? The capitalist's interest in gaining cheaper, unconscious migrant labor power, making imperialism more palatable in the public eyes ("yeah we're bombing them but we let them settle here if they want!") etc.

well, bro, that's, uh, like, *your* religion, man

Socialism is often defined by its utopian aspirations ("post-scarcity", "classlessness") not its historical record or present program for solving the problems encountered between here and utopia.

Socialism invites more problems than it solves, much more serious problems too. Resorting to socialism is like burning off your arm to treat a muscle spasm.

They don't work and the few that do not make enough once you take into account services consumed per capita. Look up Somali unemployment in Sweden or the UK, worse yet for females. Merkel's """Syrian""" doctors and engineers are loitering in public parks.

Fun fact: they not wanted for their labor, which is unproductive, unskilled and undesired. They are wanted to take out debt, increase aggregate demand and pay indirect consumption taxes. Taking from the 1% and reapportioning the income to Abdula is good for the }}}economy{{{.

But socialists are notoriously ignorant at econ, even the best of them are slaves to 1840s pseudoscience. All is forgiven, friend, it's never too late to learn.

believing in an unitary white race that has common interests by dint of birthright is pseudo-religious, believing in material reality such as economic relations in a society isn't

defined by brainlets or in a conscious attempt to smear communism as fully utopian, maybe

historically socialist regimes have offered plenty of practical solutions to problems

which…still wholly benefits capitalists? who do you think runs the economy? :thinking:

You're definitely new here.
No one here hates white people cue Afroplasm or Hoochie ;^) or hangs out with people who do. Not sure why you would think that.

Please read books.
The picture is a fucking joke. Further,
Straight up CIA propaganda. To be upset about a lack of nuance in others' posts, you sure lack a lot in your own arguments. This last one here would be much more fitting of capitalist economies. Hell, one of the US gov's best money making exploits is in arms deals to terror regimes.

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Yet we’re all dumber for it. Thanks

Why are Jews evil anyway.
Rightists fanfics?

There aren't many serious people who believe Jews are evil. The justification for their exclusion lies in their group identity: Jews are Jews first, and are concerned primarily with Jewish interests, therefore they represent a threat to non-Jews when they assume control of key positions within their nations (finance, media). It's not too tough to understand.

they assume that the big scary Other is only looking out for itself and would murder them for a dollar, because that's what THEY would do. righties are all projection.

They're just observing actual trends. Jews continue to support, as a matter of group interest, the purely individualist, non-racialist perspective in European nations for the simple reason that it justifies their own entry and participation in those nations. Whether or not there are malicious intentions is irrelevant, as the observed outcome (mass immigration to the West) is a net negative to whites (or English, German, French, etc. in Europe) as a group.

There's clearly some truth in this, even though it's not all Jews or exclusively a Jewish phenomenon.