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Are NutSacs at all welcome here? Left-wing ideologies are the adversary of capitalism and I hate capitalism probably more than any of you.

It is self-evident that where this democracy rules, the people as such are not taken into consideration at all. The only thing that matters is the existence of a few hundred gigantic capitalists who own all the factories and their stock and, through them, control the people. The masses of the people do not interest them in the least. - Adolf Hitler

It is ironic that the right wing is often regarded as nationalist when they are capitalist (globalist). This is an oxymoron.

This caste has spun its web over the entire earth; capitalism recognizes no national boundaries…Capitalism has learned nothing from recent events and wants to learn nothing, because it places its own interests ahead of those of the other millions. - Joseph Goebbels

BTW I consider the USSR (post-Stalin) far superior to the Western 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧American🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 fun. These countries were collectivist, nationalist and somewhat traditionalist (at-least compared to the West).

Obviously I am against 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧international Bolshevism🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 but since the right (capitalists) are incapable of being true nationalists and are I was hoping the left had something to offer. The disgusting mess Europe has become is completely due to hyper-individualism, another aspect of "the right".

Mussolini was a Marxist writer if you didn't realize before he used elements of that ideology to create his own.

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LMAO, you changed 'd3g3n3racy' to 'fun'. Maybe you aren't the kind of leftists I though you were. I like who you changed brackets to the British flag, this is pretty accurate since that empire was the vehicle the Rothschilds and other Jews used to gain world supremacy.

Well that's kind of the opposite here.
I mean we prefer everything to America, but Stalin era>the rest when it comes to USSR.
That's because Holla Forums shit posts a lot here, so we changed it as a joke.

For the rest, yes. If you are a Not Socialist and hate capitalism there is no problem posting here in good faith.
That said hitler and mussolini while theorically anti capitalist the fucked up big time. Mussolini writings are interesting but he was financed by arm dealers.
Hitler purged the anti capitalist wing.

Strasserite/Nazbol is a position that while controversial is somehow acceptable on here as long as you discuss in good faith.

I think you'd be interested on the North Korean model and Juche

Lol, nutsocs are capitalists, dumb fuck

Also sage this threads please

Also s.trasserite and N. Atonal socialism is filtered

No. We don't like useful idiots for capitalists here.
yet you admire hitler and mussolini, the arch-rabbis of international finance and industrial capital :^)
absolutely disgusting
Brainlet. It is not 'hyper-individualism' that is responsible for the sorry state of the west but the inexorable economic imperatives of capital, forcing us into an atomised society of precariously employed consumers.


And yet capitalism flourished in Nazi Germany, and Hitler pretty much invented privatization -

There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of Hitler doing anything to combat capitalism other than saying words.

Fascism is capitalism in decay. Fascism is capitalism mobilizing its most reactionary, degenerate elements to crush true workers' revolution. It is not opposed to capitalism, it's an evolved form of capitalism.

He explicitly rejected Marxism in the Doctrine of Fascism, so what he believed earlier is irrelevant.

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I think that the strass3rit3s were purged more-so because they directly opposed Hitler than their actual ideology. I have looked into it and I mostly support it except some of the stuff seemed a bit too idealistic. I think the fact that NS won over says a bit about that. Class was pretty unnoticeable in Germany due to collectivist programs like the Hitler youth where all Germans were given the same treatment.
If you have any info on Juche I will gladly look into it.
I do respect the willpower and sacrifice shown by the Russians and such under Stalin. During his earlier years he would brag about how "antisemitism" was punishable by death but later turned on the Jews and was swiftly killed. Stalin was the turnaround for the USSR from internationalist to nationalist so I like him for that as well.

Absolutely disgusting

Do you deny the existence of the DAF and their public works? Germany did trade in the international markets and was for private ownership but its economy was based on work instead of capital. It was neither purely capitalist or communist but had elements of both when it best suited the nation. If it wasn't for the war they would have ever moved further towards "Volksgemeinschaft". The government did guide the economy to a large extent, especially during the war. Among other reforms they got rid of getting rents or other income unless they have worked for that money. They also either collaborated with or controlled all big businesses. See the 25 points of the NSDAP.

The family is the foundation of a people/state.

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Stalin was responsible for changing the USSR from internationalist to nationalist so for that he is great. He also turned against the Jews in his later life. That being said I don't like him or his actions overall though he is definitely what you could consider 'a great man'.

Nice pic, I hate Amerimutts.

You'll notice that we also do not think that modern social democracies like the Nordic countries are anti-capitalist. Why? Because socialism isn't when the government does stuff. Their policies are a band-aid on a bullet wound. They do not solve the contradictions of capitalism, they aim to distract the workers from them. The fact that proles in Nazi Germany sometimes worked out and sang party songs among moneyed scions does not change the reality that the means of production were owned by capitalists, not laborers.

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Explain the hard-on of Stalin then?

Because his exploits are exactly about the government does stuff.

The governments of democratic countries are often intertwined with the money of international capitalists so they are incapable of serving the people anyway. I am not only interested in the policy of governments but also the culture that government creates. These Nordic countries are not unified despite elements of socialism while Germany was unified despite elements of capitalism.

which did absolutely nothing for workers' interests and oversaw the consistent suppression of wages and increase in working hours. When the DAF was initially tried to get higher wages for workers the capitalists simply complained to Hitler as usual who purged the DAF and handed control over wages to the capitalists themselves. The german worker suffered more and more with his conditions never returning to the heights of 1928 meanwhile Ley embezzled funds and lived a life of complete luxury.
Its economy was an entirely capitalist one indistinguishable, if not more overtly capitalist than that of the western allies. It was an economy based entirely on profits which skyrocketed as the corporate cocksuckers in the german government suppressed wages, destroyed unions and privatised german industry en masse.

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I am not a Stalinist, I respect him and will defend him but also recognize he's made big mistakes. However, the point is that the government doing stuff is not enough for socialism. There must also be an absence of capitalism. In Soviet Russia there were no capitalist relations and no private wealth, what was upheld and deepened by Stalin.

Depend on who you ask, USSR/China is already socialist, and these countries are the epitome of the government doing stuff.

Which explains how all these nationalized industries become private corporations so fucking fast, see Kalashnikov and Sukhov.

Well, yes. Governments can do stuff under socialism. But that isn't enough for a country to be socialist.

Also Kalashnikov and Sukhoi simply led their design bureaus, they didnt own the companies or collect surplus value from them.

This board is for the discussion of the economic, academic and political theory of Marxism, not identitarianism.
Unfortunately all that accounts for Not Socialism is identity politics. They remain politically philistine in any other area of politics. Among them, there is no conversation of economic theory, of concrete ideas for political organization, instead they will not shut the fuck up about race.
I realized this when I saw that there was no sectarianism at all among so-called fascists.
No Riveran Falangists fighting Francoists, no Metaxists fighting Axis Fascists, no Italian Fascists fighting Not Socialists, nothing. They lack an adherence to any strand of fascism, they pretend that they are all of them at will because to them it doesn’t matter, it all means the same fucking thing.
If actual academically and philosophically minded Fascists (strands which came before Hitler’s retarded identity politics) would speak up more and repudiate nationalism and homicidal identitarianism then maybe they’d be welcome here, but unfortunately the amount of fascists who aren’t apolitical brainlet morons on idpol steroids is absolutely diminutive.

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i dont mind nut sacs doing their own thing away from me. i wont fight for anyone or anything but myself and my community. no mercy if/when they they become any sort of threat

That's because the majority of NS or fascists you have seen were probably dumb Amerimutts. For a quick overview of NS economic theory watch:
Skin-heads and the wannabe boomer alt-right have totally ruined our image.

Fascism as Mussolini explained it is not identitarian but is focused on the state. NS, however, is focused on the people/race. You could apply the NS model to any one people though but it was designed as a pan-Germanic movement. Idiot American "White Nationalists" have no idea what NS is and TBH if your only identity is 'white' you really don't know who you are. That identity is just the colour of your skin unlike a German or Japanese identity which has a strong culture and way of life attached.

Also the way these types hate foreign groups such as Arabs is totally counterproductive, as they are our natural allies. The only way the enemy will be totally defeated is if all races work together for this common goal.
The actual NS Germans of the 30's and 40's treated other races/cultures with respect.

i hate you so so much


He's right though. Nazis and Muslims got on pretty well because of the mutual Jew hatred. Edgy Muslims still pull up nazi shit and idolize Hitler to troll Jews sometimes.

True, and not just Arabs, Malaysians are often what the Jews would call "anti-semitic". As leftists you would be pro-Palestinian wouldn't you?