Post images/stories/videos about daily lives in ex socialist states

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Dumping USSR ca. 1953-4

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Second and third picture is of Kiev

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The orientally stylized Russian says "A brotherly greeting to the People's Republic of China!"

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First two pictures were taken at an "unknown location", I think it might have been taken in a place the tour guides wouldn't let him see

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Blessed pictures, user.

Last photograph was taken at the Moscow Zoo

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Does anyone have the colorized footage of 1950's China recorded by the CIA agent under the guise of being a leftist sympathizer? Great look into everyday life for the time.

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Jews purchasing Kosher gentile Aryan meat

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Great thread. I'm going to cry. Where is everyone getting these photos?

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What was it with Muscovites and playing oversized chess?
Gulag for children

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Thes are from 67

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These are all from the Stalin era.
If you are not crying you are heartless

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Yeah but muh cult of personality or whatever means that it was bad.

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every man an athlete

Have some GDR

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