Cambridge Analytica Fallout

TLDR: Data companies used social media data to target voters with tailored ads and media to influence dozens of elections around the globe for political customers while also offering services to entrap political opponents

Guardian article:

Original channel 4 report:

Facebook stock crashing:

Pressure mounts over British parliamentary inquiry

Guardian updates:

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This shit is pretty big. Just saying.

Big data is so fucking cool but is also incredibly creepy under capitalism.

BREAKING: C4 just confirmed an emergency court order is going through to raid Cambridge Analytica Group. Warrant is sought this night.

They are probably frying all their hard drives in the microwave right now.

Great video on psychometrics:

Reminder that these are among the first enterprises that should be seized by the proletariat:

It does feel nice to see Manufacturing Consent get 100% proven correct and all the dipshit fucktard Clintonshills and Neoliberal dipshits on /r/politicaldiscussion and /r/neoliberal eat shit.

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oh no that sucks

Dumping 4 .webms related from that article.

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Whenever I hear about things like this I become terrified of a totalitarian cyberpunk future. Then I remember that worst case scenario resource depletion will lead to a population collapse and send us back hundreds of years and I feel a little better.

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The only reason FB cares about this at all is because Cambridge Analytica used third party software and broke their TOS. While completely expected, it's why they don't do the same for Cruz or Clinton.

Note: I'm not defending Trump or anyone within his campaign/administration, BUT the fact remains FB only cares about this specific situation because Trump did what all good porkies do and "innovated" around what FB's worthless TOS said would have needed to be a paid/official partnership/licensing deal with their proprietary software and userdata.

I don't. This shit happened with my mom decades ago but with Macy's. For whatever reason, Macy's woke up one day and sold our home telephone number to spammers, resulting in our house getting at least one spam call every hour EVERY hour (yes including night hours) until we changed our number. That was 2005, with a fucking Macy's reward card. It's why I don't do any sort of rewards program anymore at all.

1. Delete your facebook and similar "social" media site accounts (and if you don't have any don't open any new ones).
2. Comment only anonymously online.
2.1. When you do comment online don't include personnell information that can lead back to you. If you really feel the need to describe your personnel life, be vague: don't say "class of 2013", say "when I graduated a couple of years ago".
3. Understand that your cellular phone is a personal tracking device with enhanced communication capabilities.
3.1 Putting it inside tinfoil or removing the battery is something that foils the tracking.
4. Pay in cash when you shop or trade.
4.1 If there's something that you need to purchase online, consider letting someone to order it for you then pay them in cash. This can work both ways so you can purchase something online for someone else, thus ruining their data on you.
4.2 Avoid loyalty programs, they keep exact data on what you purchase, how you purchased, etc…:
5. Harden your applications and OS.
5.1 Consider using Privacy Badger (, Disconnect ( uBlock Origins ( and uMatrix ( to protect yourself from web tracking.
5.2 Uninstall Windows:
5.3 Use only free software and use a completely free operating system:
5.4 Research Tor (, i2p (, GNUnet ( and InterPlanitary File System (
5.5 Use encryption. Learn to use GnuPG (

The point is not to impress your online cypherpunk friends, but to protect yourself from (mass) surveillance. Following a couple of the advices is much better than ignoring it wholesale because following all of the advices is unfeasable. Following advices 1., 2, 2.1, 3, 4, 4.2, and 5.1 should be the easiest. Focus on them first.

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Just fuck my shit up

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No because then they'd get sued for every school shooting that occurred, which does happen now but most cases get thrown out of court due to a lack of liability. This is why the NRA itself advocated for an 18 min age requirement to buy guns in the first place, decades ago. It's also why they are now ok with the idea of it being raised to 21 as part of some larger deal to also restrict the first amendment. Not that I disagree with the rest of your post, but this specific item isn't correct.

No they wouldn't, they actively promoted this back in 2015 and 2016. "Big Data" was how Hilary and Cruz were going to bury Trump. It was largely ineffective, mostly because Trump's use of unscripted interviews gave his "cyber team" (for the lack of a better term I'll use NPR's) a huge amount of data to work with and promote. By comparison, it was much harder for scripted interviews to be promoted as easily. After Cruz lost the primaries there was an excellent write up about this by one of his former campaigners.


yes which is how her entire operation was painted in 2015. Same for Cruz.

Trump & his team have been in this up to their eyeballs for years, This would be his Watergate if such things were possible any more.
Nixon put microphones in a few rooms, modern fake prez spied and manipulated millions.

so like Obama? The whole Snowden affair was Snowden leaking all this but vis-a-vis the NSA. He even leaked how individual NSA employees would abuse their power to annoy/harass their ex girlfriends. Nothing was done about it and here we are today.

Fuck Obama for not only doing nothing with regards to mass surveillance, but fuck him for persecuting more whistleblowers than all previous presidents combined and fuck him for escalating drone warfare.
That said, this was Trump as presidential candidate hiring foreign mercenary social scientists to manipulate the electorate in his favour. What Obama did as president was cowardice towards NSA and lust for the powers of mass surveillance. What Nixon did as president' was to authorize the illegal wiretapping of Democratic offices at the Wategate complex.

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Holla Forums should try and usr Cambridge Analytica and see if anything can be acomplished.

Truly the capitalist will sell us the rope we hang him with.


It's alright guys. She voted Bernie and blamed white men.

← Watch hit right here on Holla Forums! Too controversial even for 4chan.

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Big data is terrifying no matter who controls it.

I could see it being used to great effect under socialism in order to aid central planning decisions.

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Obama campaign literally did the same thing using a facebook app to harvest data that was then used in the campaign. Facebook cares about this one because it got them so much bad press it dropped their stock price by a good chunk.

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Sometimes to fight the system you must use it against itself.

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tl;dr they are good at getting information and bad at using it effectively.

Cambridge Analytica: Personality Quizzes are Psyops

Pre-Scandal Reporting

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