Would Edward Snowden and Julian Assange be spared during a violent communist overthrow?

Would Edward Snowden and Julian Assange be spared during a violent communist overthrow?

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Yes, but not Bradley Manning.

I would say that Snowden is a true patriot and that they're both modern day heroes, so yeah.
They better not post any shit about the new revolutionary state in their shitty little websites, though.

would he have been spared if he whistleblowed the KGB? i like Snowden but it's not like there won't be an intelligence apparatus after a revolution however much I would like that for to be the case

They're both dumbshit libertarians. Snowdem seems like a decent enough guy but Assange is an insufferable egomaniac.

Yes I would protect Snowden.

I think the consensus among western governments is that at some point in the past decade, Wikileaks became a front for Russian intelligence.
And I don't think this consensus is merely 'muh russia' hysteria, it is actually pretty likely.

Assange took down Hillary. I’m glad the US leadership is too incompetent to get themselves into more wars.

It is total hysteria. When stupid boomers like John Podesta make their email password just ”p@ssw0rd” it really doesn’t take state sponsored Russian intelligence operatives to break in.

IIRC Rick Gates (indicted trump campaign employee) basically said wikileaks=russia back in 2015 before this whole hysteria came about

A lot of things took mother down.
Top fucking kek. They seem to be doing just fine fanning the flames of war so I'm not sure I share your optimism.

No threats made by Trump are taken seriously by anyone. His entire administration is completely inept and he constantly has to change everything up and fire people like he thinks he is on his old TV show.

That hasn't stopped the US from increasing their drone strikes and SOF raids. Or from the administration pursuing a nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia. Or from trying to blow up the JCPOA. Or from deepening their involvement in Syria. Or from decoupling the CIA's kinetic drone program from the military so they no longer fall under title 10 operations. Or from lining the administration with every neocon lizard from K Street. You don't have to be smart to get into a war when you're the figurehead of the world's largest MIC.

What did they really mean by this?

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Last I saw, Manning was cozying up to fascists.

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But he became a tranny just so that you could understand something.

Think about it. How are the hormone dosages in your tap water?

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He is to be given noogies.

What did he mean by this?


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That Russia is a corrupt petroligarchy.

typical tankiddie


hated this so much from Manning from the very moment Xir came out of prison