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Trump Prohibits U.S. Purchases of Venezuelan Cryptocurrency

President Donald Trump banned U.S. purchases of a cryptocurrency the Venezuelan government is rolling out, as part of a campaign to pressure the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Explosion injures 2 in Austin, Texas, where a serial bomber is still at large

Two men have been taken to the hospital after a blast rocked a neighborhood in Austin, Texas. The police have warned residents to stay away from the area.

The UK and EU agree terms for Brexit transition period

The UK and EU have agreed on a "large part" of the agreement that will lead to the "orderly withdrawal" of the UK.

Cuba to Send 100 Doctors to Kenya

Kenya has announced that they will bring 100 Cuban medical specialists to assist county hospitals after Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta ended a short visit to the Caribbean island.

Facebook Post Pushes Norway Government to Brink of Collapse

Norway’s minority government faces a potential collapse as the opposition seeks the ouster of the polarizing, anti-immigration Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug.

Putin Calls For Unity, Cooperation after Russia Election Win

Vladimir Putin won a 4th term in office, keeping him as Russia’s president for six more years.

Support for Japan’s Abe Plummets to Record Low in Two Polls

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saw his support tumble in weekend opinion polls as anger continues to rise over a cronyism scandal.

US will pander to Saudi ambitions during crown prince’s grand tour

From the moment he touches down in Washington on Monday, and for the next three weeks, the doors of the most powerful people in America will open before Mohammed bin Salman, the 32-year-old crown prince and de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia.

Trump Calls for Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers to Combat Opioids

President Donald Trump called for drug dealers to receive the death penalty in some cases as part of his administration’s effort to address the opioid crisis.

The Ex-Con Coal Baron Running for Senate in West Virginia

Don Blankenship was jailed for contributing to the worst coal mine disaster in a generation. Now he’s after his nemesis Joe Manchin’s job.

Pressure mounts on Zuckerberg to face data breach concerns

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is facing intensified calls to appear in person at investigations into the social network's conduct.

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As Storms Get Stronger, Building Codes Are Getting Weaker

The showdown in the Florida statehouse last year had all the drama of a knock-down political brawl: Powerful industries clashing. Warnings of death and destruction. And a surprise last-minute vote, delivering a sweeping reform bill to the governor’s desk.

Couple to get $2.5M after police called abduction a hoax

A couple reached a $2.5 million settlement with a Northern California city and its police department after investigators dismissed the woman’s elaborate and bizarre kidnapping as a hoax.

3 Months Later: Ahed Tamimi Still Jailed

The Palestinian teen is known to have participated in numerous marches and demonstrations to protest Israeli occupation.

Briton Anna Campbell killed fighting with Kurdish YP*J unit

A British woman volunteer with the all-female Kurdish armed unit the YP*J has been killed in Syria, her father has told the BBC.

How the fuck is this constitutional

you would think this would be a bigger news story considering how paranoid americans are about terrorism


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Holla Forumscucks on sui-

Oh wait, they don't care.


On ‘Antifa Hunter’ Jack “Pale Horse” Corbin

As many of our readers are probably aware, in the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA in August, there was a huge push among neo-Nazis, especially those associated with Holla Forums’s nazi-infested “Pol” board, to doxx and harass antifascists who participated in protesting the rally.

Criminalizing Peaceful Pipeline Protests: Are Oil Billionaires Trying to Undermine Our First Amendment Rights?

RNN interview discussing oil funding of state measures to criminalize peaceful pipeline protest as ‘eco-terrorism’. Penalties up to 25 years in jail and $100 k in fines. Others to follow?

FBI Tracked an Activist Involved With Black Lives Matter as They Travelled Across the U.S., Documents Show

At the height of 2014’s Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, Missouri, FBI agents tracked the movements of an activist flying in from New York, and appear to have surveilled the homes and cars of individuals somehow tied to the protests, according to recently released documents provided to The Intercept.

Grudinin is a mondern day Kerensky

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Trump required staff to sign nondisclosure agreements that last past his presidency: report


Another example of Trump's inability to grasp the position he's in.

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no surprise there, rumors are floating that Americans are going to launch a new military op in Syria to close the Iraq-Syrian border cause "muh Iran"

So who can tell me what the hell's been going on with the NATO/Russia poisoning scandal? Does it affect/escalate current tensions in Syria?

How dangerous is this scuffle as a whole?

It's not. The White House will backtrack from it within a week.

It's just revving up the propaganda drums for new waves of sanctions by America and Co.
If the rumors of American escalation in Syria turn out to be true then yeah, it would feed into that via providing "look how evil Russia is" news cycles

Daily reminder that American tentacles have already reached into Syria. Also source on rumors? I haven't seen anything


We must denounce this instance of Cuban medical imperialism.

Lots of whispers about a potential US strike on Damascus, which Russia said would be crossing a red line IIRC. The reports are largely from paranoid war blogs, and Intel Crab has gone about shutting a bunch of those reports down, but has also acknowledged that there may be some grain of truth in them. Who knows. All I want is to avoid a direct confrontation, I'm not especially in a mood for WW3.

Rumors nothing. The prince is in town to drum up the sale of a percentage of oil giant Saudi Aramco. Everyone wants a piece of that action, especially America.

Don't you dare associate Uni-kun with these animals. His motivations were a pure as driven snow, these latest bombings were racially motivated.

Lots of on the ground sources think something is going happen based off contacts in military, but no one knows what. Most plausible would be a push to link Moderate beheaders and kurdish controlled territory, thus cutting off the land link from Iraq/Iran

The entire KPRF is to be purged, as dregs of revisionists.


Also, another potential escalation point is Turkey-US over Northern Syria since according to the Turks, there's no one on the American side to talk to and they're all saying different things

Report: Police are now asking Google for data about all mobile devices close to certain crimes



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I'm sorry but does anyone feel that it sounds absurd when the title of a news article makes it sound as though Trump is capable/allowed to make any kind of meaningful political decision?

It didn't make sense with Obama or Bush either, but with Trump it sounds extra retarded.

Supreme Court rejects Pennsylvania Republicans' fight over maps for U.S. House



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All things considered, today's not a bad news day

lol they've sold devices that just grab data from phones and track them for years now. They're deployed most often at protests, most notably with the OWS ones up in Seattle.

This isn't really a defeat for Republicans, now they only have to settle for a slightly stacked district instead of a fully stacked one. Notice how the state legislature is still dominated by Republicans, who will all keep their seats because Trump is imposing steel tariffs and protecting manufacturing jobs. All those guys are safe, and they're going to be much safer after 2020 when a full Republican Congress creates a defacto one party state.

To be clear, I'm not endorsing the PA GOP here. They're cuck faggots who keep trying to ruin transit development in PA. But they have an extremely strong hand going into 2018 and 2020, PA narrowly (narrowly!) went for Trump because he promised protectionism, which he is now delivering on. This will mean he has a very good chance at the swing vote in a midterm year that would lean Republican anyway. PA is still salvageable though because like Ohio Republicans there are too afraid of the Unions to pass a Right-To-Work law, yet.

The real fight is going to be over Ohio for that reason. Kaisch didn't have the balls to enact a RtW law but his successor will. If Ohio stays Republican and enacts a RtW law, then the front line is eastern PA which leans Trump. That's not a good situation for organized labor.

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Ya but they can't retroactively deploy Stringrays

not yet, in ten years every police car will have one by default as is currently the case with plate scanners. Police departments will do whatever voters will finance via taxes, and this is usually an "all of the above" approach

so yes to everything

I have a feeling Holla Forums and Holla Forums are going to be caught with their pants down this November because of armchair bullshit like this.

So your saying the best thing for labor rights is for entryists to do a coup in the PA GOP.

Despite all the hysteria over the past 24 months, Trump is delivering on the key issues that got swing voters to swing to him, specifically trade. It will work and Democrats will get screwed because they are too busy trying to figure out what they are meanwhile the far left is going off the deep end with social justice/#resist stuff that turns off middle voters. All Trump has to do is play his part (enact tariffs) and voters will check off straight -R tickets. Also more broadly speaking, Democrats haven't actually fixed anything that caused them to loose to Trump in the first place. They haven't fixed their platform that caused them to loose the midwest to the GOP either.


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It worked well enough to spook Kaisch away from it in Ohio, which is where the next fight is in 2019. It didn't stop Snyder or Walker though. PA isn't the front line, not yet. If Dems fail to stop labor from being crushed in Ohio then PA will lean slightly red in 2020, which is not good for them.

I don't even like Trump but 99.9% of the #resist people I meet are idpol-addled idiots who just want to scream about social issues. That's far left, even if it's far left on just social issues. Meanwhile the bulwark of the left, labor, continues to erode.

You're american, aren't you

yes… boomers here tend to sympathize with social issues though. Hence why Hilary won the popular vote.

I don't know about that jack, even if labor unions are getting eroded, it seems like there has been a resurgence of strikes caused by teachers, that are being pumped full of socialist rhetoric, even in places like Oklahoma. Trump is also an extremely unpopular president, even in spite of a bit of an uptick in popularity. The fact that the stock market is getting throttled left and right by his own dumbshit opinions means that I highly doubt that Republicans are going to come out of this looking very good.
Not to say that you don't bring up any good points, but don't think that people are going to go lockstep in the Republican's direction. A lot of people are going to lose jobs thanks to the protectionism that Trump brings, a lot more than the jobs in steel manufacturing could ever hope to bring.
As for democrats? Who the fuck knows, it seems like porky is double downing on filling in as many CIA and FBI spooks in there as possible. With that in mind, I highly doubt that porky would want to have the albatross on their neck that the republican party is. Republicans are simply not very popular politicians at all,

Who cares if Dems lose, if it means there’s a chance in socialist third parties. The Dems are just republicans who like gays.

Steal and Alumine are the start. Tariffs are being placed on solar, and appliances to. More tariffs will result in more industry, which will help the Republicans. Also the only people loosing jobs are those in big cities who wouldn’t vote Republican anyway. What matters in partial reindustrailization of the mid-west, a region that used to be Democratic, but might become Republican.

Kid, if that were true, Saccone would be in the House right now.

You're ignoring the college educated GOP that are abandoning the party in droves. Trump's chaos and vulgarity driving them away and without those suburban voters, the GOP are struggling.

They lost the Midwest because they simply stopped caring. It's well known that Obama and the DNC did fuck all to maintain the ground game during his Presidency.

The teacher's unions are already dead, the 2002 NCLB and 2013 Common Core nuked them as they were designed to. See the godawful voucher system Pence brought to Indiana while he was Governor. WV's strike only happened because their Right-To-Work law is extremely recent (2015) and because WV is having a population decline therefore teacher turnover is very low. Other states don't operate like that. And the SCOTUS itself is contemplating pushing RTW laws nationally via Janus vs. ACSCME this year as well, which would be a lethal blow to labor (and Democrats) nationwide.

They are in the districts that matter. See Walker surviving his recall election in 2012, that was a huge red flag yet nobody cared because Obama was safely reelected. The DNC leadership never bothered to stop and check themselves, even as downballot losses mounted. The result was Trump, who now has the upper hand via a conservative Supreme Court and his trade actions which splits the Dem base by giving private sector workers what they want (work).

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4/biz/ split on Petro ban: boards.4chan.org/biz/thread/8440926

As if college educated GOP matter, college educated people do not matter because they don't have a broad enough reach. Trump speaks to people who live all across America in rural, exurban, suburban and urban places. College people predominately live in the lattermost. It's a reversal of what Democrats were 50 years ago. Making up for this lost ground is extremely difficult.

I'm saying that the direct benefit of more industry is going to be minor in comparison to the lost jobs that will happen due to the people who shape steel into things such as cars, cans and shit. The extreme amount of debt that America has, which the Republicans have done nothing to help with is going to just further damage the dollar because they would have no way of finding people who would pay that shit back. Protectionism would work if election terms weren't 4 years, but the timing on Trump's part is fucking awful.

This however is a good post. Thanks for correcting me.

In my opinion, I don't give that much of a shit about American politics but I just can't see Republicans having that easy of a time. Even if the Democrats are incredibly incompetent.

The incompetence is hard to see from afar, even here it's easy to think Dems are going to be on a massive upswing like the Tea Party was in 2009 and 2010. Affecting this is that the GOP doesn't really need to win a majority of actual votes, just majorities within individual districts - hence the fight over redistricting. But while these fights go on Dems aren't actually leading or proposing anything new, even now they don't really know how to handle the student loan topic (an easy win for them) because they can't agree internally on exactly what to do. Meanwhile they've lost the Supreme Court.

This is where Trump's trade issues really stick it to Democrats, because that was their tentpole which they can no longer rally around unless they take a position more extreme than Trump - right now that position would demand a hard tariff on all imports not just NAFTA or special snowflake security agreements Trump is making with Japan and Australia. They also refuse to question his foreign policy, largely because a third of the party considers Russia an existential threat to American democracy so they can't take a pacifist/noninterventionist approach. They're stuck in neutral while Republicans are speeding ahead.

I can't say I disagree with you now. I just have a hard time seeing it actually being easy for the Republicans. My points are frankly a bit weak, and run too much on intuition. I'll keep your points in mind. The assumption was that a lot of Americans are high on ideology and idpol from both sides of the "left" and right.

Looks like I'll be switching from 5 to 12

A DC lawmaker has apologized for saying Jewish people control the weather
A Washington, DC, council member has apologized after posting a video in which he made anti-Semitic comments, claiming that a Jewish family was controlling the weather.

No wonder today was so shitty after such a great weekend.

I'm mostly worried about how completely stupid it is, even so. He opened it right up to have a dialog that completely ignores the fact that the crisis would never have gotten this bad without the pushers in Purdue. They should face harsh penalties - the overprescription of insanely strong (but consequently less proportionately effective) opioids has not only killed thousands by itself, but is unquestionably the cause of both the revived demand and flood of opioids into the black market.

Nobody peddling fentanyl on a street corner has ever single-handedly killed as many people as Phizer's shareholders have.

Lol what a fag.

Fuck off degeneratę junky.

KPRF as a whole is controlled opposition at this point


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does that mean that the red/green will coalition return in the foreseeable future?

Most of those goods are already imported. America has such a large trade deficit that the state of ourIndustry can’t get any worse.