Doesn't it bother anyone else that the reason we haven't made contact with intelligent life forms...

Doesn't it bother anyone else that the reason we haven't made contact with intelligent life forms. Is because we're still living in a capitalist slave state instead of living in harmony and equality.

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read Posad :^)

Maybe we haven't made contact with other intelligent life forms is because we're one of the few species that made it past the great filter, or there's an upcoming great filter, or perhaps space is just too vast to ever really go beyond your solar system, or maybe the aliens are actively ignoring us and keep us in the dark, or maybe we're the only intelligent life in this universe.

Lol no, the reason we haven't is because the universe is gigantic. I mean think about it, the range of what we can hear and respond tonis already tiny, how are we supposed to travel to other places in the galaxy if we can barely communicate with what's around us?

I never understood why people think that we are even able to communicate with other forms of life. I mean, why people expect ayy lmao to be like us but stranger? Maybe they are not even solid I don't know. What the fuck.

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Think about the laws of physics, and how organic life has emerged from those laws on earth, the conditions for organic life are actually extremely rare and tenuous. I have absolutely no doubt that other organic life exists, but they will be more than likely subject to all the same problems we are when it comes to long distance i.e. lightyears of space travel, their physical bodies probably struggle to cope, they may not live long enough to make such journeys worthwhile on a large scale, their own economies may not be productive enough to support such things, etc etc etc. On top of that, the universe is a big place, it is quite possible that there are interplanetary relationships between organic life forms, and we are just way out in some backwater that doesn't have that many minerals comparatively so nobody has had a real reason to come here.


That's a good point, but I was mainly referring to that the distance we can cover with radio communication in space is tiny. There's a really good image I wasn't able to find, but ot was the milky way and a tiny yellow square which is all the range we can cover. So we would be completely unaware of the existence of aliens outside that square.

We need nuclear war to destroy Capitalism before the aliens come and help us rebuild. Read Posadas.

what if when we get to space communism other aliens laugh at us for taking so long to reach space and wasting time killing and exploting ourselves.
im sad


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How do you know aliens wouldn't be extremely imperialistic or fascist themselves and seek to conquer, enslave or genocide us?

Look they may be aliens but they're not from another dimension, they will have to be solid and most probably have to follow a similar evolutionary history as us if they are to be an advanced civilization.

All laws constant on this planet are also constant in the universe save black holes and other rare anomalies .

For aliens to travel all the way over here in the first place, then they would already have their material needs squared away. They would have no material reason to exploit us. If they have to refuel or harvest materials for repairs, then there are countless uninhabited worlds between us and them, brimming with untapped resources. If they have the production capacity to travel from their planet to ours, then they could synthesize complex materials from the basic minerals on those empty worlds.

The theory of the great filter is pretty interesting, although I think it faces the porblem from the wrong angle. I think it's not so much that there is an unsormountable obstacle somewhere in the future, but rather that the gas tank we are given when our species was born has limited capacity.

I'm not really talking of resources either rather evolutionalry potential. If we look at history there is no animal (or plant) that survived in a dynamic environment for more than a few million years. Even the most resilient creatures on Earth that survived dramatic changes in the ecology of the planet, did so by remaining a static component of a very stable system.

So it's not so much that we are going against a wall, we are reaching the limit of our species in terms of dynamic development. The great filter is most likely the point where a species ceases to develop completely.

This is where I think wer are going: reaching the limit of our form. In dialectical terms we no longer can reconcile our contradictions with dynamicity. We may yet survive, but we will like crocodiles did for the last million years. Who knows, maybe the AIs we will develop in the next century will be the ones able to colonize the galaxy, leaving us behind.

what a nice thread

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And what about ideology? What about identity? What about something alien we don't even understand? Material conditions are not the be-all-end-all. Even human wars often aren't fought over resources, let alone a race with radically differeny psychology and motives to us.

If the tech level is that different, they have no reason NOT to exploit us.

What's better? One livable planet or two?

What if the aliens travel to Earth solely for the purpose of harvesting human beings for sexual exploitation?

This is what our domestic bourgeoisie is actually doing now.