Sexual equality: life outcomes vs genetics & luck

Could there be a program to redistribute people's social efforts towards those in need? Since it is impossible to lead a decent life without a minimum of social,romantic, and sexual interaction, and that such things are mostly outside ones control due to genetics and not having real agency below the age of 18 or so, would there be a moral AND practical reason for some form of sexual or social welfare?
For example, reward people with taxpayer money if they meet up with a lonely person, who after it rates the meetup positively? A sort of "uber" app thing or whatever, in that category

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Fuck off. It's not only about genes. If you are an uninteresting person you will always be that way.
Incels are cancer, you deserve every little bit of misery.


We need to show them that we're not scared. We'll take knives and guns to the protests and they will not bully us because we will be holding hands. I should be able to kiss my son with my tongue in his mouth. That's what we are fighting for

Morality is a spook, and I have no practical reason to give a fuck about your waifs quest

(Cue Highway Blues)

Waifu quest*

Why are you faggots always preaching about "sexual welfare" especially when the thread has a fucking child picture.
Holla Forums is literally pedophile neckbeards

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I mean, it would be funny if it wasn’t incen babbys from pol making these threads. Nice try tho


Gee but I thought you were all communists/socialists
Whatever happed to equity?

Can you guys at least be less predictable?

Abolish all sexuality
Sex is bourgeois and counter-revolutionary

communism isn't about equity, read a book

yeah you tell me.
when did we give a fuck about equity in the first place?

If you don't like it stop mutilating genitals and sucking baby penis. No one is forcing you to worship the devil.

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I think he's referring to the commonly held Holla Forums belief that Jews suck the blood from a penis after they circumcise it. To my knowledge, it's a pretty fucking rare practice even among orthodox Jews, but Holla Forums would have you believe they all do it.

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its MRA conspiracy theory, plenty of countries have circumcision no issues anywhere just whiny fagots

no no communism isnt about equality!11111 its about freedom!!1111! gulag never happened weather caused starvation OK all stalins deaths were capitalisms fault

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are you having a stroke or something?

Oh boy, you just opened a can of worms

nice strawman brainlet, keep trying, maybe read a book

Ah, Holla Forums, snooPING AS usual I see.

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or just prevent alienation ending up with social outcasts that couldn't afford to or hadn't the environment to teach them how to be functional in social environments
like some sort of youth organisation for all children that is supplied with their own uniformal clothing, club rooms for various activities that are fully equipped and free camp trips during summer break

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It's a fucked up practice that's used to harvest infant stem cells to make wrinkly old porkies look young. Just because reactionaries are making hey about it doesn't make it any less barbaric.

So is capitalism in your best interests? Ignoring the needs of marginalized people doesn't exactly inspire people to your cause.


Yeah, I don’t care about you getting your dick wet.

Meaningful friendships are good in place of romantic partners, building solidarity among people is much easier than trying a gf distribution program. We don't need sex to be more or less free, we need being around other people to feel good, and it doesn't right now.

More spooks. Nazis are a marginalized group and I hope they stay that way

the problem with the liberal and anarkiddy pest on this board is that they are full of themself and yet have no solutions to offer for people that get mislead by their simple underlying desire to be part of society
their cancerous bourgeois individualism wont let them even conceive of people wanting to be part of a community

social anxiety and autism are results of capitalist decay in the minds of young people
only Marxism Leninism is a viable way out of this, reaching out to all people, also those in mental distress caused by this sickening exploitative and conflict fueling capitalist society

this is why anarchists get the bullet too

based retard, how is capitalism an impediment to you getting laid when you can pick up your smartphone and get to fucking instantly

one thing leads to another
if you're a friendless outcast that gets sold medication for pharma profits rather than having a fulfulling social life and have the freedom to socialize because there's no autistic consumerism and class barriers and idpol errected to drive people apart, you wont ever have a sex life either

being freed from capitalist exploitation would very much get these sad to look at and into reactionary thought driven people into the right track of loving and caring relationships and eventually a fulfilled sex life

Reactionaries, everyone.

go ahead and do that if you can't adress the argument presented, you're waisting your time here, little brainlet

My take on this incel problem is this.
It's a soft form of eugenics, that is permissible because of a superstructure that see men as disposable and without inherent value with status and wealth. A superstructure with an imperialist base, can't have imperialism without cannon fodder.
Incels crow on about the 80/20 rule. Well MIT just released a study that shows that 80 percent of the wealth goes to just 20 percent of the population. Meaning that only 20% of men represent upward mobility to women, roughly speaking.
If you don't think aren't using access to sex as a means of upward mobility, then either your lying or just don't have any blatant low class signals (being short, a minority, being poorly socialized, fat etc).
Millennial women are set to have the highest percentage of unmarried women EVER.
Between that and the growing number of single mothers, single mothers that are having children based on how attractive a man is and not if they are a good provider, you have a soft eugenics that's leaving out greater and greater numbers of men from reproducing all because they either are poor, or aren't physically attractive, and what's considered physically is DEEPLY rooted in class.
Take for instance height, that because a thing because Anglos tend to be tall, and centuries of imperialism have caused many women to associate being tall with being of a high social status.
Pretty much all races prefer white men, this has been shown in many studies, at least in the first world this is true, but races that have been hit the hardest by imperialism (like black and native Americans for instance) are unsurprisingly the least desirable.
Asian women in particular reject asian men at rates higher than ANY race, a factor that no doubt played in Rodger's alienation.

Not even an anarchist, but gulag yourself.

you didn’t present an argument, you just mumbled something about capitalism causing autism

under communism we will bully the socially inept to suicide, there can be no time for manchildren

We also actually need time for social relationships, time which even when it's there, is limited and anxiety inducing because of what I'll call "clock mindset" where you're trying to get the most use out of the hours you have between either sleeping (if you do that) and work. Getting rid of that kind of anxiety would do wonders for our collective social life.

They can't get laid, how's that a spook? Unless you think they are lying.

That's how.

We have the highest percentage of unpartnered people under 35 ever. Unless you think that it women that are also not having sex, this is by no means a spook.
By marginalized I mean poor, unless you think it's rich well adjusted people that are getting left out of dating.

so you are illiterate, glad we have that figured out. disqualifying yourself by just talking shit because you lack reading comprehension and education in general on the issue at hand.
you're free to go be autistic somewhere else.

Recognizing people have a problem isn't a spook. Also recognizing the root cause isn't either. Also Stiner wanted to help people because it pleased him. So helping these people isn't a spook if it pleases you, as it does me.

i very much agree, at least there are some others left here that don't just talk shit but actually look at all issues from a Marxist perspective rather than sperging out because of their boogeyman and buzzwords

Well that inability to get said dick wet is a function of capitalism and the new neo liberal order. Unless you just think men are bigger assholes then they were even 50 years ago.

Yeah, I know. My job isn't helping them get their dick wet, and I see no reason to help legitimize their fixations.

see ops pic

yeah, totally not an anarkiddy

Yeah, but doing x because they are marginalized is a spook.
People, sure.
Doesn't mean everyone's """plight""" is worth my time


based retarded stache poster, always afraid to engage with reality

It's also due to many men not having good boundaries. Men are conditioned to not have boundaries by the superstructure so they can be disposable. If more men had hard boundaries with their relationships with women (I will not associate or help you without physical intimacy) then a lot of these problems could be avoided. But if we trained men to have boundaries they might start setting boundaries with capitalism too.
Also this doesn't absolve women as part of the problem. Women are not taught by the superstructure to respect men's boundaries. You should not take advantage of a man that is clearly trying to court you. The excuse is always "I didn't know" but even so (which I don't believe quite frankly) all your relationships should be reciprocal. Women are comfortable in emotionally unbalanced relationships where their emotional needs are met, but they feel no obligation to fill the needs of the men in their lives.

You're just being pedantic, at no point did I say we should address the incel problem because of morality. I said we should address it because it's a symptom of capitalism. Particularly the superstructure that says men are disposable.
Also you need marginalized groups to up hold communism, unless you think porkies gonna do it.

Uh you're the one poisoning the well here with your reflexive SPOOKS!

We also have no coming of age rituals or formal initiation for young men, twenty years of American school shootings show if you don't initiate young men into the tribe, they burn the village down.


School shouldn't be compulsory. We have tons of dysfunctional schools but not way for students to redress their grievances. So you have this toxic pressure cooker that occasional produces a shooting.
This is only a concern for a shelter suburbanite like you because it potentially directly effects you. I'm so sure your just as deeply concerned about all the other toxic elements of our education system yeah right

We have so much anger with young men because the superstructure deems them disposable, Your own bigotry is shining through on this. You think this problem is a spook because you don't believe young marginalized men have inherent value. You're just a reactionary riding some social justice waves, you're the type of person that would have been against abolishing child labor, since it's a SPOOK!

spooky, and not even true. Some of them hold deeply reactionary beliefs but by that standard socialists are Nazis since there's Nazbols
Honestly it's you who are spooked, by your emotions. You won't recognize this as even happening because you subjugate yourself to zero sum capitalist thinking. If there deference and sympathy going to incels, there's less for you.

I never brought morality into this.
I'm telling you that doing something because x group is marginalized is a spook. Engage with me, or move on.

NOW you have. It's a symptom of capitalism, but it's equatable to idpol as far as I'm concerned. Also, how is not this obsession people have with sex to the point they are willing to use the state not a symptom of capitalism? If none of these people recognize that communism is a better alternative to capitalism when it comes to dating, but want some state issued waifu, then fuck'em. I can't be bothered to appeal to them, and I honestly don't think it's in this boards best interest to either.

Point was that this isn't something that strikes only poor people.

How the fuck you got all this out of something that didn't even amount to a sentence beats me.

The incel problem is due to people being raised shitty. There's nothing genetically wrong with incels; they were taught a warped view of relationships and aren't equipped to deal with reality. Elliot Rodger is a perfect example of someone who would have done fine sexually if he were socialized in a healthy way. You fix the incel problem by reeducation. Teach people basic social skills that they never learned because helicopter parents, alienation in school, etc. Women's socialization has problems too but that's a largely tangential topic.

The point isn't to make them more efficient resources at our disposal, the point is to make adolescence less confusing and anxiety driven so they have a better subjective experience, as opposed to the blatant hypocrisy of letting an 18 year old die as a soldier of empire but at home he can't enjoy a beer or a blunt. This regressive shit we're on now as a culture is damaging.

That wasn't even my point, Christ.
Re-read it and get back to me.


Ironic, I've literally never seen you make an actually constructive post on Holla Forums that was something else than "muh anarkiddies!!!" or "stalin can't be criticized ur dumb x-DD"

Wait a minute, are you really equating child labor to incels not getting any?
Are we doing this right now?

also, I'm even willing to sympathize to an extent, but the way you guys keep framing this issue is fucking retarded.

Whatever you say you smug self righteous self important boor. I WANT to help these people. This toxic dating culture is AGAINST myself interest, it makes it harder to find an eligible bachelorette which I WANT BECAUSE IT WOULD PLEASE ME. Incels are the most extreme manifestation of toxic dating culture, they are the BASEMENT, the BOTTOM. If you raise THE BOTTOM, EVERYONE INCLUDING MYSELF, is raised up.
I won't even get into how their alienation makes for futile recruiting for fascism. You are using spooks are a cudgel to win Internet fights to stroke your own ego which you are so obviously spooked by. There's egoist reason to not at least recognize the problem and it's roots.

*There's no egotist reason

Yes, because philosophically it's the same. Stiner thought "workers" were spooks and that it was their own fault for not taking the surplus value they created as their own. I'm not saying the problems are equivocal, but saying in terms of egotism the same reasoning could be used to dismiss them.

The thing with your and all of leftypol's criticism of idpol is that it spooked as fuck.
You fail to recognize the material benefits that idpol has brought the majority of workers, particularly white supremacy, why do you think so many white people implicitly endorse it, they benefit from having a lower caste with in the proletariat.
You guys also regularly fail to recognize that liberal immigration policies undermine the leverage white labor has.
AND you fail to criticize all but the most extreme white supremacy politics, don't know how many fucking people on here have defended Trump voters as having voted for him because he was superficially pro labor.
Don't pat yourself on back too much for hating Nazis leftpol, even liberals have the wherewithal to do that mostly
The same issues bubble up with this now, men getting locked out of courtship and dating due to class. You've internalized the capitalist idea that men don't have inherent value without status and power. So when low class men "whine" about not being able to find sexual intimacy it's open season.

One man, one wife!
One man, one wife!
One man, one wife!

Say it loud, say it proud!

Based ban evader

I've never understood the idea of communal child rearing. What incentive would men have in raising children that weren't there's. It assumes men only have children for purely capitalist reasons.
If you say men demanding biological children of their own is shallow and bourgeois then you need to hold women to that standard. I've never seen a socialist say to a woman it selfish to have children when there's orphans available to adopt or other people children that you could help raise.

Sorry, still a novice debater and philosopher. :)

Yeah, you can still have things put on an altar that aren't just morality. You should know this.

See, now you're actually giving reasons. I'd like to ask why, though. Is it a necessity? Would your life be horribly affected if this didn't happen and why?

Eh, not necessarily. This is the other problem I have with this logic. There's no guarantee you're all going to get your beautiful waifu after the revolution. There's going to be people I don't think women will touch either way, and I'm not really into making promises that I can't keep.

You assume a lot, but I will say it's possible to be spooked by the ego. That's not what is happening though. My problem is I need reasons other than "X group is marginalized, therefore we must help them, etc.", You're at least finally engaging with me, so I will give you that credit.
I recognize the problem and it's roots, it's just not a priority. Like I said, if the idea of a world where the dating scene might be turned a bit in their favor appeals to them, good. If they are looking for something extra, fuck'em.

You brought up Nazis in a conversation about incels. If you weren't implying incels are Nazis then what were you implying. And you don't live in a vacumn, the weird twitter trope that incels are Nazis/alt right and worthy is well known.

For every comrade, a transgender girlfriend

lel [citation needed]

I'm going to assume you're just paraphrasing terribly, as opposed to purposely misrepresenting what he said.
His point was that the workers weren't thoroughly conscious of the power that they had, not that it was "their fault". After all, how can you be at fault for something you're not even aware of?
So, are you saying children are powerful people?

Uh I just said helping incels would help me find a cute wife that's not loaded with baggage. This gladiator arena that is first world dating leaves mentally fragmented women behind as well.
Boy howdy for someone that goes on about spooks you sure are spooked. Who cares if it's necessary, I want it.
Once again, it makes it harder FOR ALL MEN to find qualified bachorlettes if women are only going after the top 20%.
Also again with the spooks, why does something have to "horribly" effect my life before I'm allowed to care about it. It effects it, period, I couldn't give a fuck if the level by which it affects it is up to your standard.

Yeah, and I thought I made it pretty apparent that I was using them as an example of a "marginalized" group. Them being incels had nothing to do with it.

God dammit why are these retards not banned on the spot? BO can you add a new rule that states that incels are not welcome?

Thanks for the clarification, I'm saying they aren't aware they are being exploited. A pivot I admit.
Regardless children aren't aware of a lot of things, which makes them easy to exploit.
Stiner was pretty biting of his criticism of workers, you sure he wasn't blaming them. Also I'm not beholden to Stirner.

Pussy is a human right. If socialism doesn't result in communal sex and indiscriminate sharing of pussy, why bother? You don't belong on this board. It is concerned with a radical restructuring of society.

Are you saying children don't have the power to produce surplus value?

You're equating marginalized groups with Nazis, which I equated with incels. Even a second grader would recognize where he's being walked.

I was referring to you saying I brought morality into this, which was false. This before you said this.
Never said this. This is more about my personal curiosity at this point. I wanted to know your motivations. You're reading too much into my line of questioning.

Why would you do that when you just said

seems dumb

This isn't a court of law. You technically not saying something doesn't absolve you of what you were implying.
If you weren't bringing up necessity as a rebuke to arguments about giving deference to incels then why did you bring it up.
I already told you over and over my motivations, getting myself a nice, slim, well adjusted wife.
This is boring, you're just trying to draw out some reactionary belief out of me that you use to discredit the rest of my argument, typical weird twitter high school tier intellectualism.

really seizes my means

Spotted the woke feminist.

OK, that's fair. I can actually agree with and get behind that, to a point. I'm just wondering what power do you think incels have? To change their condition?

I think he was less critical of workers, and more critical of only being considered a worker. That's the most biting criticism I can think of.

No? Are you saying children have the powers of an adult?


I don't, I'm not against the banning of child labor either.
I think we as socialist/communists have an opportunity bring alienated men to our side by showing how capitalism is at the root of their problem.
I'm saying it's spooked for socialists to bristle at this. And they bristle at this because they themselves are spooked by capitalist male disposablity.
I'm saying they have the same power to produce surplus value as an adult.

That’s not idpol, that’s just a shitty person in 99% of cases.

If anything, tinder and hookup culture should be of help for incels.

Yes. If you think you are entitled to a women and think of them as fuck toys and do not improve yourself, you will always be like this.
Improve does not mean getting jacked and cutting your fucking hair. Know how to talk, how to walk and how to maintain eye contact.

I wasn't implying anything. Quit being paranoid

Because I was curious, like you're curious about my motivations for bringing it up. I'm much more willing to explain them to you, if you want. It's because it's not something I really think is that important, and I wanted to know why someone would put that much importance on it.

Yeah, but….why?

I don't even care about the rest of your argument at this point. If you think I'm baiting you, feel free to end the conversation, I guess

This is the fucking problem with Incels piece of shits like I said here
The do not want relationship, contact or love, they just want fucking sex. Fuck that shit tbh.

I didn't think it was possible for people to be this pathetic.

You're dead wrong, tbh

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Because it pleases me, ask me again and you'll get the same answer.

Calm down Andrea Dworkin

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Can we have an incel purge? Just ban all Incels on sight?
It would be a major improvement

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It's less of a bristling at male disposability, and more of a bristling at, even in terms of aleination and male disposability, just how low on the list this is. That's more of a personal assessment, but I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment.

Sure, but what does this have to do with incels?

Important to who? You? Well is worker solidarity important? Then you better start paying attention and addressing what's important to workers yes most incels are most certainly workers. Especially when you have the theoretical tools to explain this shit.
Did you know MIT just released a study that 80% of the wealth goes to 20% of the population. That almost exactly matches up with the 80/20 rule incels crow on about. You ever think this incel and over all unpartnered problem is related to the fact that 20% of the men are exploiting the other 80% and therefore only %20 of men are considered eligible bachelors by women. That women literally have to make material concessions in their lifestyle to consider a male in the 80% that's being exploited.

You were saying that incels are a spook, but so it the fixed idea of children. I was highlighting how ridiculous of a counter argument that was.

Why, this is a function of poverty and alienation. Really the poverty of women, women aren't able or willing to support a man socially and economically lower than themselves.

But women have sex with men of lower socio economic strata all of the time. As long as they give them tinglies in their ginies. Homeless men living on the streets of SF and NYC have sex with women with good jobs as long as they are homeless. Yet incels like me with jobs are considered subhuman.

SF and NYC have sex with women with good jobs as long as they are handsome*

The only people I'll be bullying is Weird Twitter chuckle nuts like you, it'll be easy since you define your value by your place in the social hierarchy, a hierarchy that will be gone under communism.

incels are lumpens

Much of what is considered "handsome" is deeply rooted in class. Height is the best example, any "protection" height can give you is mitigated by guns. But height is associated with imperialist anglos. It's also not a trait that's universally found to be attractive by women, it's sought after very much because of capitalist superstructure.
So being "handsome" none the less confers social status at least superficially.

Doesn't address anything in my post tbh

They aren't all NEETs, also I don't think there were NEETs in Marx's time, since there was no modern welfare state. They aren't class conscious but neither is anyone else.

I'll try to dig up the statistic but from what I remember only 1/3 of women marry men that make less money than them. Also salary isn't the only indicator of class, I bet if the entire net worth of men were taken into consideration the number of women marrying men with a lower net worth then them would be even smaller.

Yes it does, women have sex with men that are "handsome" because those "handsome" traits are still signifies of a higher social status.
I'm not arguing EVERYTHING women find attractive is rooted in class, just like 90%.

Are we talking about marriage or are we talking about sex? Either way you're off, plenty of men with decent jobs never have sex while men who can barely keep it together have sex all of the time as long they give tinglies to ginies.

You're incorrect. Just cope.

NEETs or coddled middle class failsons, jobless or freelance ITlords at best, with no class consciousness, who strongly gravitate towards reactionary politics and idpol out of petty self-interest

both of these describe 99% of self-proclaimed incels and are lumpen


Solidarity is only useful as a tool. It’s not a be-all and end-all for me. If there are differences of opinion, I prefer them to be aired rather than create a safe-space for every pet issue a worker has. There’s going to be things that don’t make the top of the list, and I really don’t have a problem with that. I don’t think we need to create a progressive stack for every concern some marginalized group might have, for instance. Male disposability I think is an important issue, but even in those circles in which there is activism, incels take the sideline, as far as I can tell. The top subjects of discussion are how men are treated as cannon fodder or how they their labor is expendable.

That’s interesting, but unless you can show causation, it’s not much to go on.

Got the wrong egoist user then, since I didn’t say that.
Not sure where you got that either, honestly. I was pretty careful how I used that word.

Lol you think finding a partner is a pet issue. You're just sheltered, and not an egotist, if you can't see how not being able to find a partner could cause someone a lot of anguish and you don't have any empathy for that you're just spooked by bourgeois individualism. You think this problem is self inflicted or a "pet" problem as you put it.
More proof that you are spooked by bourgeois zero sum thinking. Incels are a product of male disposeability. Even incels harshest critics recognize that they are poorly socialized. They are poorly socialized because no one feel obligated to have patience with low status men. They fuck up socially at a young age and their peer, teachers, the state, their own parents, see it as open season. Repeat this cycle over and over again, and over time you get an increasingly warped bitter warped socialization.
It's a reinforcing cycle which is the product of male disposability. Men are just expected to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. Those that don't are shit on, which makes them fuck up more, which leads people to shit on them more etc.
Girls and women are not treated like this, girls and women can have babies. So having women that were as suicidal as men and as angry at the superstructure would be detrimental. Women are given way more deference to their issues then men and incels see that.
I can't show causation but it's not much of a leap you pedantic twat. Show me the causation between capitalism and poverty. I'll save you sometime and just say I'm going to be every bit the pedantic twat you have been.

Like hell I do, I said incels were a marginalized group, then you yelled SPOOKS! and went on on how it's spooked to do something for someone marginalized just because they are marginalized. I.E. subjugated ourselves to the spook of incels.
Well nimrod I wasn't, it's us a theoretical place holder, it just easier to say incels instead of "individuals that say they cannot find partners" Holly fucking christ you are obtuse.
And this whole "I'm just curious" isn't fooling anyone. You're triggered by deference to incels for some reason, you're probably a weird twitter goons that wants a "BIG OTHER" like pol has in Jews that your social climbing fuck ups can use as pinnata to soothe their own alienation.