If the age at which a woman body becomes fertile is 13yrs old...

If the age at which a woman body becomes fertile is 13yrs old. Logically speaking isn't that the age nature has chosen for them to be sexually active?

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But their aren't so many laws against people under 18 having sex period as their are laws about people younger than 18 having sex with people older than 18. What's your biological explanation for that?

*argument against that? You know what I mean.

no, cuz it depends on the individual and their brains r not yet fully developed, so they cant make best choices yet and could be abused by older men

There is also no laws protecting it either. As a lgbtq gender queer, i want my adopted 13yr old son to have his rights protected while he is with his lover.

Your LARP is so weak Holla Forums(or maybe the same group who posts these stupid kind of threads on Holla Forums?) and I don't understand what the 'it' is in the phrase: "There is also no laws protecting it either"


But why should you be able to fuck older men when you're not old enough to have a drink with them?

Oh snap! Got me. Thanks human powered autocorrect!

u shouldnt - thats why aoc isnt 13

Drinking age is 21 in USA. Age of consent is 18.


So you could take home all the 18 year olds you want as a 78 year old man and fuck them all you want. But if you give them a sip of wine afterwards you could end up facing some serious repercussions.

Which would only add even more credence to my argument as well as adding other arguments.

Why can you film yourself fucking your 18 year old fuck buddy in a state with a 16 or 17 age of consent law but you can't film yourself with your 16-17 year old fuck buddy in a state with 16-17 age of consent laws?

because america is retarded.

also we need universal AoC at 18 but with voluntary examinations based on sex ed knowledge and overall mental capacity that, if passed, allow one to receive an AoC waiver

what fucking argument, umbass? That drinking age is 21?
Their brains r still underdeveloped and its not smart to do porn at that age

Like in the USA(and I think the rest of the world with lower aoc?) fucking a 17 year old isn't considered kiddy-diddling in a state with 17 AOC laws but filming it is officially considered child pornography right?*

Someone who is an expert on these matters correct me if I'm wrong.


You still forgot the a and e in are. What's your argument? Your body/brain is mature enough at 18 to do porn but still too undeveloped to have a drink? What are you saying?

i did it deliberately
why the fuck r u talking bout drinking age in a thread about aoc?

You didn't comprehend a word I wrote if that's your response.

piece of shit

no, u



You can't get a full license at 16 most states.

Why is it okay that you can gave sex with animals in 5 states at any age in your progression.

And why doesn't the AOC effect all species equally?

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Like what if a 20 year old horse fucks a 15 year old girl? Should the horse be sent to jail?

whatever. If u changed the age to 30, it stll doesn explain why u dont have a health care program

cuz we make laws for humans, not chickens

What does health care programs have to do with laws that restrict you by age?

what does wanting to fuck 13yo girls have to do with drinking at 21?

Why do you want to fuck 13 year old girls?

did u read the op, cocksucker?

So why should it therefore be legal for them to have sex with males over 18 just because they're fertile?

I literally just said you wanted to fuck a 13 year old moron read what you wrote scum bag

Fuck nature

why r u agruing with me, when i said it shouldnt, u retarded bitch? if u cant keep up, gtfo

You're the one saying you want to fuck 13 year old girls.

Why did you come here and make this thread?

Big fucking words for a racist who wants to fuck children

nigger lost the plot

I don't think so. You the Holla Forumstard came here to make this shitty thread and now after it's not going as you hoped you're resorting to calling people niggers.



AoC in America is 18, not 16 or 17. You can't appear in porn at 16 or 17 and those laws are only for sex between people who are close in age. Nowhere in this country is it legal for someone who is, for instance, 40 to have sex with someone who is 16.

your mom and your dad was suckin' mai dick when i was 10.

Let's develop that idea. To have sex you must have an adult license, which you may apply for at any age, and will assess your physical and mental health and development. Furthermore, this will allow you to drink alcohol and other adult things.

Powerful* males having sex with fertile females is the fucking pinnacle of nature. Everything else about laws and society is made up shit.

as communists its prime importance for gender equality, age of consent is patriarchal white male construct

Quit bumping your own thread


queers are gay. this thread is gay. OP is a /pol-psyop pedophile

why is it a males job to impregnate women. Why can't women have children with another woman? why can't a man with a man? Or a trans? It's always the Strong Males job to suit baby juice in side a woman like he is some greek god saving humanity with his penis.

I am not sorry but i do not conform to those gender norms.

quads of truth

dubs of justice

Quit bumping your own thread

Leftypol and pol are exactly the same when it comes down to it. Anytime someone or some people say anything they don't like or even have some kind of argument you can't just end with either saying "nigger, jew, or nazi" then suddenly they must be doing something else like bumping their own thread. Well fuck off, I'm not OP and I can reply to other comments as much as I want.

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Heh……………… so this is the power of logic, reason, and facts………………….. …

the age at which most boys are able to have kids is probably 13-14, so isn't that the time nature has chosen for every boy to be a father? Or do we use contraception because we don't still live like its the year 1123

Quit bumping your own thread

The problem is our concept of growing up in general, we never ritually initiate people into adulthood and we should. We've got this weird gradient of adolescence that causes a lot of unnecessary angst.

I want to place my thumbs onto your closed eyelids and push until your throat gets too hoarse to scream through

Children can be sexually active just not sexually fertile retard, muh hebe is ok argument but pedophilia isn't is bullshit. Both are a ok.

Also both boys and girls become sexually active from 7-11. So that would be the actual age.

try not to cut yourself on that edge

this is another thing thats weird and mostly due to the cultural and social norms of today. alot of which has to do with a christian influence but not only that.

in many primitive socities, for example, pre contact hawaii, it was expected that a pubertal male have sex with older married women, who would show him how to fuck. the females usually also were taught by an adult male usually at around 13, although it wasnt seen as weird for sex to happen before this time.

not advocating for fucking little kids but i do think its worth exploring that "pedophilia" is probably not biological or intrinsic but a construct of our society which has an aversion to sex in general and but especially when it comes to kids and sex. as if people suddenly become sexual beings the second they become around 16-18 and not one second before.

Harry Hay was a communist…

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Well i take it communists approve of all degenerscy…