Was Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy anti imperialist because they fought USA and UK...

Was Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy anti imperialist because they fought USA and UK? And Soviet Union a tool for the imperialist because they got military supplies from USA?

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Official anti-imperialism power scale

Triple entente >>>>Germany>>>Japan(ww2)>>western allies>Soviets

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Read Lenin.

They were when they fought the British empire, they weren't when they fought the USSR, Greece or Yugoslavia, or annexed Albania.

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Fascist Italy had colonies in Africa, namely Libya and later Ethiopia.
N@zi Germany wanted to colonize Poland, Siberia and regain their colonies lost in WW1.
Soviets who were invaded by the fascists were pragmatist.

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Read Mein Kampf. In volume two Hitler states the only way to secure German existence / prospering in an age of large and consolidating states was for Germany to expand to the east into Russia (Lebensraum). With that territory they could become a continental power, dominant in Europe, which would crush anyone who would pose a thread to the völkisch German state he envisioned. Hitler also wanted to ally with England and Italy, which by your guy's (and my own) definitions were definitely imperialist powers. So no, Nazi Germany was as imperialist as can be, they didn't want to focus on imperialism in Africa or the Pacific because they felt they had plenty of room to expand in Europe itself. It's been a while since I read MK all the way through so my bad if I fucked up some details. Most of that info comes from chapter 14 of MK's second volume
t. fascist

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Sure SOUNDS like capitalist imperialism to me. But maybe you're right

and what would happen of Slavs and other Eastern peoples?

It's not mentioned in the chapter, the only mention of the Slavs is Hitler's belief that the Russian state pre-revolution was a product of "the Germanic element in a race of inferior worth [Slavs]." Skimming through the chapter genocide is never mentioned but from reading some sections again it's clear that he doesn't care what happens as much to those who are not of his Volk. There's a line mentioning resettlement plans in this translation of part of a 1943 textbook, but take that with a grain of salt obviously

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Bullshit. Hitler’s encirclement policy was designed specifically to genocide Slavs.

I'm just telling you what I read in Mein Kampf, I'm not confirming or denying anything. I'm not even a Not Socialist

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It’s not a false equivalence. You people literally argue that Russian or Chinese imperialism is good because it opposes American imperialism. By that same logic Nazi or Japanese imperialism was good because it opposed the dominant imperialism of its day.

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Socialist countries literally cant be imperialist.

Read Lenin.