Are protesters the bourgeoisie?

Are protesters the bourgeoisie?
All they do is yell at people and tell people what to do, which is sort of the defining trait of bourgy.
If they were part of the proletariat most of them wouldn't be able to take the time off from their jobs or couldn't afford to.

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That is fucking dumb since most revolutions in modern history started over protests, usually over bread rises,shortages or rations.

I'm not disagreeing with that but protesters, (more to the point, the protest organisers) have no actual role other than the management of a group of people.

Sure, most protests don`t change absolutely anything since revolutions require prerequisites like institutional and political upheaval even to start. Regardless, every protest has a change of destabilizing those structures and thus should be supported.

That isn't what the thread was about.
Not all protests should be supported anyway, in fact I think most shouldn't be.

If they own means production and live on surplus value then yes they are bourgies.

Yeah and cops beating up protesters are actually fighting the bourgeoisie.

I see, in a modern context, the term bourgeoisie as being in a managerial role. Being an investor means that they do in fact own means production and you don't need to be be at a high level to be that. If a prole gets stock as part of their super bonus or whatever do they then become bourgies? They do own part of the means then.
So anyway back to what you said, they don't own anything in that environment but they (protest organisers) are in a managerial/supervisory position.


If that people managed to buy enough stock to have a say in that company then yes, he sure is. But only tiny fraction of proles are capable of doing that. Calling such people bourgeois is like calling people living in houses bourgeois because they have some land where they can employ someone to tend for their dozen chicken.

That doesn’t mean anything. Most managers are proles, hatred for them is justified mostly because lot’s of them are huge classcucks because of some tiny bit of power.

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Excuse me?

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This, but unironically

Protesters are annoying but they are not bourgeois. "Professional" organizers are nothing more than labor aristocrats who see the opportunity to generate fam. They are nothing more than mere opprotunists.

No I mean most of them are from trade unions and stuff so I would say no of course they aren't and how it works were I leave at least most of this protests are done either during strikes or people sacrifice time from their jobs or spare time

Many protests are just distractions from real problems.

The protests that are just there to distract from more pressing issues are almost always fully engineered by people with money. And that kind of money is literal porky, not just petty bourgeoisie.

Protesters might be misdirected, reactionary, astroturfed etc. but you can't claim that protesting is bourgeois or that the bourgeoisie is known for protesting. Why would the ruling class protest?

That's a good point.

Have you never worked?
A lot of the job market is still part-time shit, and a fair amount of the housing market is cramped to accommodate unlivable wages/underemployment.

A lot of protests are even designed to accommodate job schedules - where I am, it's become common to have protests at like 7PM, which I still think is kind of weird but I'm not complaining about it. As a general rule most of the proles won't show up for about anything, even if many sympathize or (theoretically) have the time. I think it's said that 1 call represents about 100 people.

Replace with petty bourgeoisie and centrist liberals; then you're right.

Is that a class, now?

Is it possible to seize control of a company with the goal of converting to a worker owned enterprise?

I lol'd at this but was saddened by the amount of actual discussion in the thread.

And then I forgot to sage. Sawwy >.

There is discussion because it's not wrong.

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Is…. is this dialectic?
They aren't the Bourgeois.

Why would you want to? Fuck markets, and fuck Capitalism.

Please take a hour of your time to read a bit of Marx today.