Alright comrades, I made a piece of agitprop...

Alright comrades, I made a piece of agitprop. I've read a lot about the DPRK and I tried to boil down all of the sources to their most important piece, and tried to make a video that would hold people's attention just long enough to at least put a little doubt in their minds about North Korea. I could have written a ten page article, but Americans don't read anything. I figured this would be a mildly effective way to get the message out. Here it is.

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upload it somewhere else and i'll watch it tbh

this, is good if you don't wanna use youtube

You should be able to watch it without downloading using the link I put. doesn't exist and youtube immediately blocked it.

If its uploaded to youtube, then we might be able to view it on even if its blocked

Idk how to use hooktube

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you just replace "youtube" with "hooktube" in the URL

This video isn't too bad and it does point out some very important things that your aveerage normie probably won't have heard of.

Unfortunately, there has been a recent upswing of a new liberal line on North Korea. It goes something like this: "The DPRK isn't a crazy dictatorship, its just a state looking out for its own interests. The US is unacceptably hostile to them and usually they just act in self-defense. Americans have a skewed perception of North Korea, and we should do something to make the narrative more encompassing. However, it is a totalitarian dictatorship and its people are poor because socialism doesn't work."

If anything, this interpretation is much, much worse. Why? Because the focal point of opposition to the regime becomes economics and culture. Rather than viewing North Korea as a scary threat, people will see it as a new ground for capitalist expansion and "cultural exchange." If you wonder what I mean, look no farther than writers like Mark Bowden and B R Myers.

The more hostile past approach of totally isolating the country has obviously been incredibly rough for the DPRK. It's made it extremely difficult for the country to access critical necessities like food, power, fertilizer, and more. But at the same time, this isolation allowed it to keep a very strong anti-revisionist socialist line, which was only partially swayed in the 90s during the extreme circumstances of the famine. A new potential approach of soft reconciliation, where the US, Japan, and South Korea focus more on cooperation with the North Korean economy, more soft power, more cultural influences, would pose much different challenge that no socialist state has been able to resist as of yet. We saw this happen in Eastern Europe, especially East Germany.

The best thing right now isn't to push for understanding of the geopolitical situation, because this feeds into a newer, craftier imperial strategy. Instead, we should spread information about the successes of the DPRK. For example, how they maintain a decent standards of living despite incredible sanctions. Point out how North Koreans suffer from economic blockade, not mismanagement or incompetence. This would be a more productive path to take, rather than a sort of sympathetic retelling of the geopolitical situation which could easily turn into "cmon guys, the US isn't giving North Korea space to liberalize its economy and get some democracy(tm)!"

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That was what I was going for, but I wanted to avoid outright stamping SOCIALIST all over the video. I wanted people to wonder how they could have had such insane growth (possibly the best in the world) with such harsh sanctions.

This was interesting, thank you.

I'm still learning about leftism and it's nice to have material that's approachable. Not enough people are making quality entry level material.


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Use the Google Drive link

Don't forget the Taen work system.

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It's the same kind of shift in rhetoric we saw with the USSR, China and Cuba. If anything, we should be worried.

This was actually pretty good tbh. Changed my mind on some things.

Nice vid. You do a good job of outlining the major critiques & responding to them. The Kanye track really sells it tbh. I'm sharing it in my circles and through my networks.

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Nice job, you could make some about other socialist/anti-imperialist nations too, like Cuba, USSR or Syria

That would be better with out that cringy ass music

It would be better with music from the DPRK.

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gotta get the americans to pay attention somehow

thats a good idea

Based as fuck my man.
I even like the use of kanye west in this case. That finale is awesome

Anyone know what scales/chords NK uses, I can't seem to put my finger on why their music is so damned distinct.

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Kanye is /ourguy/ and probably the next Marx