Allright. I've been eating up the western narrative and I'd like some WOKE ☭TANKIE☭s to redpill me on whats REALLY going on in crimea.

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what is the western narrative? that these people do not have a right to self-determination and their wishes to join the russian federation are fake?

That its a secret Russia invasion.

Not OP but yeah that's exactly what the narrative is.

Why Russia invaded Crimea:
The coup that occurred in Ukraine was anti-Russian in nature and those behind it had expressed the desire to end the lease that Russia had signed with Ukraine which allowed them to station military forces in Crimea, the most prominent of them being the naval fleets and bases. These fleets gave Russia more influence in terms of oil and gas deposits in the region as well as greater influence in infrastructure projects. Furthermore, Crimea extends Russia's intelligence network by increasing the range of its radar, military reconnaissance, and military reach capabilities. If they didn't invade, they would have likely lost the opportunities for those things.

Annexing Crimea was a big self-esteem boost to Russia, which had for centuries been in possession of the peninsula. Had Ukraine taken control of it, it would have been humiliating for Russia as well as a setback for it in terms of its intelligence and military reach.

The majority of people in Crimea are ethnically and linguistically Russian. Most of the people there wanted to be part of Russia, and Russia coming in to fulfill that need makes it look good.

Russia's enemies got spooked over this demonstration and accumulation of power by Russia and so put sanctions on it to curb its development.


It may be true that Russia intends to make itself grow out if this if anything, however historically Ukraine has done well under it, although arguable not optimally with Ukrainians being treated like second-class citizens in some perspectives. Regardless, the established imperialist powers need some competition to them, so while any potential mistreating of Ukraine is bad it is the least worse of the outcomes that may be in this situation.


Yeah but Ukraine is actually fash and plus Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine illegally thats actually what his famous shoe-banging incident at the UN was about


That territorial integrity of European nation states established by international treaties post 1991 shall not be infringed.

Russian annexation of Crimea was clearly an act of aggression and a violation of international law. But Russia opposes “Western imperialism”, which means that whatever Russia does must be good (no).

Russia is fighting anti imperialist war against fascist ukr*ine.

Russian landgrab after they were threatened with losing their base at Sevastopol. The Ukrainian government was fascist sure but it’s not like the Russians are champions of the workers either, it was just an imperialist country acting to maintain its military hegemony in the region.

I bet you unironically think China is a democracy.

+/- Kosovo/Yugoslavia splitting up (It ended in 1992).

I know you all retarded here, but Ukraine actually had elections in 2014 where pro-western liberals won.,_2014,_2014

Fascist is misused here all the fucking time. 99% of the people who say it just use it as a pejorative. It's meaningless at this point. People should Mein Kampf, Giovanni Gentile, Oswald Mosley first, etc

shut up fascist

only America is allowed to authorize breakups and annexations

True but there are significant fascist elements in the military and government.


Do you think that genocide, imperialist wars, torture and mass murder of innocent people are good things?

You really btfo me there

No, that’s why I’m glad Crimea is in Russia’s hands.

used to be russian
ukrainian khrushchev made it ukrainian because why the fuck not, it's soviet anyway and they keep their rights to language and culture
then 90s happen
ukraine becomes shit, russia has other shit to worry about
some time passes
some decades with clear split through north-west and south-east ukraine visible in every regard
rural poor pro EU northwest
industrialized income strong pro-russian southeast
clear ethnic and language line
EU starts funding an illegal coup and gets their oligarchs in
population that was duped of the government they in majority voted for say "fuck you" and vote joining on russia in crimea
west gets mad because their strategic military bases planned there are not gonna happen now
kiev is mad because the only area that generated any national wealth is rebelling, crying about russians "interfering" in an always majority russian populated area

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interfering and supporting an unconstitutional government is within international law, but not acknowledging this illegal government and having a vote on independence isn't?
sure thing, pentagon shill.

Crimea is Russia, the horrid scoundrel Khrushev gave it to Ukraine SSR in a perfidious act of revisionism. History is clearing that error, soon all the other crimes of revisionism will be reverted.

look at this inbred
The turnout level had obvious geographical differences. The highest turnout (60-70%) was registered in western regions (except Zakarpattia and Chernivtsi Oblast), the level of turnout in central regions was average (54-58%) and in southern and eastern regions it was quite low (40-48%). The turnout in two oblasts of Donbass (or more exactly in the parts of these oblasts where the voting was provided) was 32% - the lowest in the country.

jesus, you are fucking retarded

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The 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧UKKKraine🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 had an illegal CIA-sponsored coup in which over 1,000,000 russian-speaking children were murdered by nazi death squads. To save Russian speakers in Crimea from 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧uKKKrainian🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 genocide the wise leader Putin and his People Socialist Oligarchs annexed Crimea and immediately enacted Communism there.

Crimeans are Russians and want to be Russian. It's an accident of dissolution that it ended up in the Ukrainian SSR. The unconstitutional and ultranationalist CIA coup scared minority Russians into secession.

It's a case of Texas.

Tatars = Pueblo Indians
Ukrainian = Hispanic Criollos
Russians = United Statians