Roo vs. Muke

Realistically, how likely is it that Roo will win against Muke by clearly demonstrating his point, rather than watching Muke fall flat on his face from inability to read? Not that Roo can read either, but Roo does a good job of repeating things verbatim, and I'm sure his ghostwriters are giving him a list of things to say right now.

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third worldism is irrefutable to be honest, only "real" rebukes of it have been strawmen


it's defeatist and fascism apologetic cuckery
it refutes itself

What's the difference between Third Worldism and "J. Sakaiism"?

Realistically, how likely is it that Roo will post the OP image to his Twitter and/or FB page and use it as an example of "First Worldism?"

This thread has me imagining Roo forcing himself on Muke, his flab rippling as his sweat drips from his rolls on to Muke's taut twink buttocks. Muke's pained squealing mixed Roo's guttural grunting almost masking the sound of damp flesh slapping together.

J. Sakaism is like post-colonial idpol on steroids basically people are only qualified as proles based on their skin color. So all those brown/black/asian/native petit-bourg philistines are true proles cause they oppressed by whitey—all the poor white workers are simply labor arisoctocracy or so small in number they don’t count according to Sakaism.

Third Worldism sees the non-white workers as just as unreliable/hostile as the white workers and just as embourgeoisified. TWism is far more logical than Sakaism and other forms of pomo post-colonialism when you really think about it.

yeah, telling the people that socialism doesn't work for them and that you can't do anything without telling them it's because of their skin color really is a huge step forward towards logic.

How do blacks, Chican@s, and Muslim immigrants in Europe net exploit, exactly? They're usually paid far lower and benefit a hell of a lot less from imperialism. Muslims can't even freely practice their religion in most western European states nor can blacks in Amerika practice their culture without being racially profiled or denied livelihood.

check the further reading section

the only difference in "analysis" is that fascists view this as positive, this has nothing to do with ML, third worldism is reactionary cancer

If you think that the vast majority of the white working class, including minimum wage earners, are labor aristocracy as both Sakai and MIM held then it simply makes sense to argue the entire American working class is embourgeoisified regardless of color. The vast majority of the working class, including whites, don’t make over 18 an hour. 73% of minimum wage earners are white females.

The Sakai thesis just doesn’t make sense

Class isn't reducible to income though. Not even Marx believed that.

Third worldists just use the same argument as Fox News. “You can be poor because of an iPhone!”.

like clockwork

The West has always been more radical in terms of demanding socialism as a future than the East.

Eastern "socialisms" turn fascist 9/10 times.

Block Your Path

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name 9 times this happened then


China, North Korea, Libya, Zimbabwe, Nasser's Egypt, Assad's Syria, Kampuchea, Israeli kibbutzim, Somalia, Ethiopia.

The point is, socialism has to be universalist. It can't be nationalist. Ever. As soon as socialism loses its universalist and inclusive nature it immediately descends into fascism.

This is why Turd Worldism is essentially bullshit. There is no way an eastern nation which rejects western, secular Christian Enlightenment values can lead a genuine socialist revolution. All eastern "socialisms" fall into fascism because the East is tribalist and lacks a "there is no Jew or Greek" mentality.

If you think making a typical wage in the first world makes one petit-bourgeois/labor aristocracy then it’s illogical to claim that a white guy earning that wage is a labor aristocrat and a black guy earning the same wage is a true oppressed prole.

I’m not even saying I believe in MTW myself but Sakaism is obvious bullshit

IT does make sense, because Brandon benefits from the settler-colonial apparatus (at least, according to Sakai) whereas Tyrone doesn't.

Who wants to bet during the first 10 minutes of the debate Jason Unruhe is going to bring uphis doxx and accuse Muke of having dropped them?

One can rely on the concept of a universality, independent of particularity - to presume otherwise is to regress to the conception of the 'East' as an essential category, one that would violate the same universalist corpus that socialism would lay claim to.
One could as easily characterize this as simply the passage of event into being, not at all particularly predicated by the specificities of the Christian faith, except in referential context.

You will be hardput to find a single non-Christian country where socialism maintained its universalist attributes.

Christianity was the first religion to not be held down by tribe, race, or language. Even Islam is very akin to an Arab tribal religion which simply became "universalist" only due to empire expansion. When socialism comes about in the West, or a Christian country, it becomes internationalist and seeks to spread its influence. When socialism is established in an Islamic, Buddhist, or non-Christian country, it becomes ethnocentricist, racialist, and heavily fascistic.

Barring consideration of the other confounding variables, of which there are many - to suppose necessarily that the production of Christianity as a unique institutional entity was to the abridgment of the category of the particular (certainly to afford it more gravity than even it may carry) is to assume an ontological basis from constructed or social bodies, all of which are bound to their antinomies and sublimations. This is not to derelict the universalist character of the Christian faith in its nascent form, but that one can appreciate this without then assuming the non-universal derivation and pursuing orientalism as an explanatory variable.
Were we to approach the telos of this particular universal Christianism, for it is certainly not the Christian Universalism of Badiou, we will fully ensconce ourselves within the idea of a monistic development of universalism - which would bind you to the contradictions of equally attempting to prove that Christianity and Universalism necessitate one another AND that the incidences of the modern forces of reaction are derived from this mysterious force inimical to the Christian character and that of the enlightenment (given that the two become unified in this theory). In the end, we find ourselves as trapped within representations of being, subject to static teleology and unable to overcome the force of ideology.

I, in all candor, deny those Christian countries their 'universalist' socialist character. If they fully encompass the breadth of socialist being, then we've failed egregiously.

From whence comes this sycophantic cathexis that we must be subject to a body. If what we can learn from the distinctly European and Christian origins of fascism, as well as the preponderance of the state entity as representation of ethnic or racial antagonism on behalf of its valent population, it must surely be that we are subject to no scalar or purely static conception of thought. Just know that always something slips through the cracks, and can't be explained by a simple set of axioms. There are a huge number of ontological assumptions made that must be accounted for

Wat even is that?

A theoretical concept that the colonizing powers retain some plurality of economic control in formerly colonial possessions which allows them an absolute advantage over the economic function of the relations between the two states. Its common critique is that it relies on an essentialism that stipulates that the contours of modern global exchange do not impinge upon the imperial relations of states. From a purely economic point of view, Paul Cockshott wrote a short polemic about this common theoretical conception of post-colonial, sub-altern, and liberal theorists

Mai 68, Action Directe, the RAF, the Weathermen, the Black Panthers, Movement2June, and the anarchist movements currently taking place in Greece and Italy would like a word with you.

It doesn’t make any sense because in that situation there’s no tangible economic benefit that Brandon has that Tyrone doesn’t. Blacks can also be considered settlers according to an extreme anti-colonial outlook, believe me, I’ve read indigenous nationalists who believe things like this, and it does make a certain kind of sense since blacks helped massacred Indians after the Civil War.

The Sakai’s work just isn’t relevant to 21st century socialism in the US or elsewhere imo

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1. What time is the debate? Date?

2. Whose channel will it be hosted on?

Also, benefits here does not have to mean he benefits in terms of wealth. See: nationalists that genuinely believe that their ethno-state will justify all differences in power. They're almost giddy to bow to power as long as it is white and they feel they are living in a "natural" world in which their team is winning.

But I didn't finish Settlers so I don't know if Sakai specifically claimed that white proles weren't real proles because they were paid off. I was under the impression he just thought they had some spooky racial solidarity.
What did he mean by this?

Do these brainlets know that foreign trade was making up not more than 5% of their entire economy, even in revisionist times?

They mean that a nation actively involved in the process of market exchange, metering of trade terms by comparative advantage, the consumption and accumulation of foreign securities, etc.
Perhaps in relative terms, but that amounted to 110.7 Billion dollars (9th Global, 1989). This was comparably less perhaps, but that isn't the assertion made. Intrastate trade or the other scalar values being the majority means nothing when the assertion is that the economy is organized in a didactic manner, or according to market mechanisms. End result, USSR = capitalist…no, not at all. China, on the other hand, one hundred percent is.

They turned revisionist, not really fascist
primitivism that got crushed by vietnam
not even remotely socialist to begin with?

As if naming a bunch of utter failures in organizing the first world did shit to "disprove" Third Worldism.

It shows that there is the will to do revolution in the first world.

Kibbutzim are fascist? What in god's name are you on about, son?

The existence of other states still forces USSR to extract surplus value from its own population to exchange for technology/resources/innovation. Hence, alienation and capitalism are still forced upon it. Hence, abolish other states.

Why do we keep giving these numb-nuts time?

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says the anarcho-prim flag

TBH I like Chaya's take on Third Worldism much better than Roo's. Third Worlders are "closer" to communism since they haven't been corrupted by postmodernity/progress and still possess communal aspects within their cultures that white people lack. I do agree one reason state-socialism always ended in quasi-fascism is because the emphasis was placed on development of factories, tech, and output rather than the creation of communal spaces.

I say this as someone who studied anthropology BTW.

Any attempt to withdraw from the world economy at this point will turn fascistic pretty fast.

In what ways?


Living trainwrecks can be hard to ignore

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Any underdeveloped nation seeking autarky will have to develop its closed economy fast in order to be able to defend itself against the imperialist powers, that means a repeat of 20th century Stalinism.

National liberation made sense in a cold war context, when a newly liberated nation could join the socialist pole, the same cannot be said today when a new socialist nation would have to go at it alone. It can be argued that if enough countries were to go at it at the same time that would btfo me, and that would be correct, but without internationalism you're just getting national flavours of Juche.

While we are on the subject of Juche and the enlightenment I will always find it ironic that, contrary to orientalist myths about them (muh confusianism, muh Kim is the mommy gf of the Korean people) the DPRK sees itself as the true bearer of Enlightenment values ("Man is the master of his own destiny") while for them the West has deviated from the true path into PoMo relativism.

What about a Pan-Third World movement like Roo proposes? That would solve this problem immediately. China or India could lead it.

Roo's twitter says it'll be the last weekend in March, topic "Was the USSR socialist?" They don't seem to have settled on the exact time or location yet.

So what date? I've heard March 22nd but I could be wrong.

As someone whose read the whole thing, I gave to say that this is exactly what he thought. He alluded to it in the subtitle: “the mythology of the white proletariat”

On the surface you might think that he means that white proles have some myths that need busting but once you get to the end you find out that what he really means is that there is no white proletariat and that the notion That the white proletariat exists on the Left precisely IS the myth that he is attacking.

I have to admit I found the book convincing the first time I read it. But subsequent re-reading and real life/a deeper understanding of Marxist theory made me doubt it’s thesis

That's the crux of the issue, what reason does China or India have to lead such a movement? They already have a somewhat privileged position within the world economy (China moreso than India, but yeah), I wouldn't go so far as to say that they are embourgeoisified but they certainly are not the centers of world revolution they could have become just half a century away.

I wouldn't say this. What about Iran? It nearly cut itself off entirely from the world market post-1979 and yet isn't doing too badly. They are also internationalist as fuck, supporting both resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine and also helping safeguard Syria from western imperialism.

Very little. Roo will back himself into a corner like he always does. Thankfully, Muke will be too stupid to recognize an advance.

You're forgetting there's a counter-imperialist bloc.

Jason will go hysterical during the debate, I'm 100% certain. He could barely hold himself back when he was going at it with Soygon.

I mean, just look at him here. He refuses to understand *why* he's being criticized and called out to begin with, he simply folds, doesn't respond, and opts to play the victim - "all these FIRST WORLDISTS are ATTACKING me".

I can't believe he's almost 40. For fuck's sake, I was more mature at 16.

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Have been involved with the TWist movement for years. I still reluctantly call myself a "Twist" - although I believe the term itself is "problematic", and some of the theory is dated.

Most "refutations" of TWism either confuse TWism - which fundamentally, is a economic theory/criticism, with Sakaism, which can be summarized as a kind of "whites bad, brown/black people good" in an almost mystic/spiritual way, and is about as anti third-worldist as it gets. Unfortunately, the "RAIM" group is largely responsible for this conflation.

Either that, or they claim something similar to - eg, "Third Worldists are defeatists, they just don't want to do anything, they think revolution is too hard".

In reality, Third Worldists have been trying to get shit done for years. During the height of LLCO, they were sending thousands of dollars a month to revolutionary movements in the third world, and running all kinds of bizarre front groups. For a while, the largest Zeitgest movement chapters in America were front groups for them, on top of that they were running liberal charities & protest movements as fronts. Some of the largest, most nauseatingly liberal social media pages/profiles are being shadow run by them to dupe liberals into funding revolution even today - although I don't know if any of them still have an on the ground presence.

That being said, while the party had a surge of life after they kicked their screwball drugged up ex-leader out in 2016 (and prior to that from 2010-2012, when it was it its height) they have basically fallen apart since then.

Why did Jason leave the LLCO? Was he kicked out or did he leave on his own free will?

The party had been stagnating for some time. That stagnation turned into decline. He left the org with a larger group of people, most of them being in the top levels of the party.

Since then, the party (in North America, at least) has basically collapsed in on itself. The party within Africa is healthy & growing. We're talking growth from less than a dozen cadre into the hundreds, with a mass base in the low thousands in the space of 2 years. There are a couple villages in rural Ghana where the party is practicing dual power - churches, farms, sporting teams, and soon, likely schools/clinics. It is really unfortunate that there has been almost 0 transparency on it all. I wouldn't be surprised if "LL" in Africa - or at least whatever succeeded them, turns into "the next big thing". LLCO itself though almost certainly won't be a thing in 12 months.

I used to work with a lot of pro-Palestine groups, and my impression is that western activists claiming to "do activism" for people in the Third World is always a clusterfuck.

I mean, on what planet does a white suburbanite speak for Palestinians or get to decide what they "ought" to do? I'd rather hear about the struggles Palestinians face from ACTUAL Palestinian people. It's the whole "Can the Subaltern Speak?" but also just recognizing your limits as an activist who isn't on the ground and can't do much aside from marches, boycotts, and petitions or internet "activism".

Not to mention there is always the problem of epistemology or culture. A white college kid running around in a keffiyeh trashing the kosher section of their local supermarket out of solidarity is the kind of antic which would leave most Palestinians embarrassed, especially if something like that was done in their name or the name of their people. I can only imagine trashing the Indian section of the supermarket out of solidarity with Kashmir or all the peoples whom Modi is persecuting, or throwing all the Turkish products on the floor out of solidarity with Afrin would harbor up the same feelings of resentment. Westerners act like children, easterners typically don't.

I don't disagree with you. Leadership should always come from the community that actually constitutes the movement. That was one substantial problem with LLCO, although to their credit, they later tried to rectify the issue after PF was kicked out. The idea was that the "Central Directorate" which replaced PF's CC, would serve as a temporary body, and would be abolished in favor of a third world central committee by the time of their 2nd party congress.

That never came to be, though. Right now, the "TWist" movement in the first world is in disarray. There are a lot of questions - both ideological (as political/economic developments in the last 5 years have severely dated elements of TWist analysis) and in terms of practice, that we are going to need to work out before a new movement can be formed.


So what does the LLCO actually do in Ghana?

They operate as any Leninist/MZT party does - party building.

In that, they have seen a lot of success. West Africa is one of the poorest regions in the world, and there is a lot of nostalgia for the post colonial socialist governments (Nkrumah, Sankara, etc). Unfortunately, there is no real established communism movement in the region, and there hasn't been for decades (unless you count some very small student study groups).

Their organizing has mostly been among rural peasants and proletarians. In the country side, they have won over a small handful of villages. They've got a handful of farmland where they are growing crops for STP type movements, a church which is on board with the org, etc.. In a lot of TW countries, the bourgeois government has limited reach in the rural areas, which is how movements like Boko Haram, taliban, etc, rise up. No social services, little policing, etc. Within these villages, the local government is basically their party.

That being said, LLCO in Africa really needs to be separated from LLCO in the first world for the sake of honesty. LLCO in the first world is practically dead. Whether or not LLCO in Ghana will continue to operate as LLCO, or whether they'll adopt a new name, I'm not sure. I'd say the latter will likely be the case.

Yes, and when people outside the culture try to take it over it always turns into a mess.

The issues I had with SJP, BDS Movement, etc. all had to do with the contrast I saw between what the actual Palestinians wanted vs. what the ivory tower white people wanted (not to mention, all the reactionaries who would creep in). What's ironic is, most of the Palestinians and Arabs held views that were far more benign than the ivory tower westerners (so much for Arabs being "savages"). Palestinians would say: "We don't care if the Jews are living on our land or not, we just want Israel to stop killing, displacing, and torturing us," whereas white activists would say something like: "JEWS NEED TO GTFO OF PALESTINE AND GET THEIR ASSES BACK TO BROOKLYN". Right off the bat you see the contradiction. Even when Palestinians would call out white/western activists for acting really unruly, the whites would just blow them off and insist they were doing the right thing. "The only way to get to Israel is to destroy Israelis' sense of identity or force them all to self-flagellate" - except no Palestinian actually says shit like that. "Deconstructing identity" is purely white epistemology.

I'd add most of those "study groups" are no doubt filled with students who are bourgeois or petit-bourgeois since the average slum-dweller probably can't read, much less comprehend a complex theory like MLM.

Jason exposed as satanist.
Finally, I've always suspected this.

Well Chaya Bat-Tabarnak did say turd worldism is mysticism, so…


This is your brain on burgers


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The Roo is satanic
Dugin is satanic
The Roo is fourth position

wtf I love third worldism now

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Roo turns alt-right in 5..4…3..2…

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He's telling some pedant off on twitter. How is that aut-right exactly?

Latinos have never called themselves a race and there are "Latinos" of many races. Look at Jason's first tweet. Clearly he's invoking some kind of racial chauvinism.

Yeah, is the same paranoia that feeds the alt-right: "clearly 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧they🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 need to be told that"

Keep in mind, Jason calls BlackRedGuard and BlackDiaMat "punks" because he can't call them "n*s".

No he's mocking that person. It's like interrupting someone who just used the term "white people" to inform them that "white people" don't actually exist because whiteness is a socially constructed category. It's completely irrelevant pedantry.

Third Worldism is incompatible with actual Marxism as Marx wrote about the economic processes of industrialized nations. Also first world proletariat don't really benefit from the elite in any substantial way.

I like how fascists liked Jason's original tweet whereas actual Marxists called him out for it. Good job Jason.

Check out the comments under his videos, Jason has a solid right-wing fanbase (so does Jimmy Dore btw). There is this guy called Henry Johnson whose a fat, deluded White Supremacist and comments under every video.

They possess communal aspects due to purely selfish tribal reasons. It's anti multicultural.

It would probably be harder to implement state socialism in a third world country. It usually ends up with one group of the population leading the revolution while other groups naturally oppose that tribe. When the group leading the revolution wins you will just get an oppressive regime to the other groups and it will devolve into some corrupt dictatorship monstrosity which has happened frequently in nations in Africa.
A race studies professor is now attacking Jason.

He's done.

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Red liberal detected.

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lmao I'm dying

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Roo's views on race are closer to fascism than Marxism.

That’s because there is no feudalism in those areas. Seriously the same was in Europe before the Enlightenment. Tribs are rarely horizontal entities.

Where has Roo ever mentioned race?

Russia isn’t counter-imperalist. There alt-imperalist.

They are counter hegemonic and that is all that matters. Removing American empire should be the number one priority for all socialists world wide.

Tell me he doesn't sound like an alt-rightie here:

Even Schnitz attacked him for this. Why can't he backpedal or clarify his views? Why is he so rabidly aggressive against anybody disagreeing with him even in a friendly way?

Jesus Christ, at this point he might as well appear on an Andy Warski stream.

He will appear, just because he wants publicity.

Jesus fucking Christ.

He doesn't.

Yeah, can't tell if Roo or halfchan pol.

It's not the fact that the he's wrong or anything in this video. I mean, clearly this BLM girl is fucking mental. No, it's the fact how extensively Jason produces content about such things, and selectively singles out incidences like this to generalize the movement which is 1:1 what the sceptics do.

Daily reminder Jason's friend used the N-word on Jason's livestream and Jason didn't call him out for it.

Daily reminder all of Roo's biggest fans are NazBols or Nazis.

Whose friend? The guy with the profile pic with the black hair and the sunglasses?

Daily reminder that slurs are cool and funny.

He actually said nothing wrong. Either Latino is a race or it isn’t. La Raza activists can’t have it both ways.

Right now, when it’s suggested that most Latinos are white or pass as white and might not deserve special treatment they flip out. When a Latino commits some heinous crime it’s popular to pass them off on non-Hispanic whites, so the Zimmerman issue became a white-black issue and the attempts by Hispanic gangs to ethnically cleanse blacks from LA got practically deleted from mainstream media. But if non-Hispanic white gangs had done something similar then it would be all over the media about how their needs to be a conversation about race and calling for all whites to atone their sins.

America is a very strange and fucked up place

Yikes, cut myself on all that edge.

"He's not wrong. He just talks about it too much."
Fuck off.

Most Latinx activists hate La Raza because they feel as if it essentializes "brownness".

I think so.

Dafuq am I reading?

So when someone has 10 videos on his channel talking about how BLM are some triggered SJW leftoid cucks this person doesn't have an agenda? Fuck off. I guess Sargon doesn't have an agenda then as well

Jason is worse than Sargon. It's not like Soygoy claims to be a Marxist or represent all Marxists.

They are literally controlled opposition:

No he's not and anyway he's way better than muke


In what ways? Jason is a cancer for the left.

Why? Jason while not being the most educated around, making some nuclear takes and looking like a wacko is not in bed with liberals, SJW and faux socialists and does not act like a pseud and an attention whore.
Muke on the other hand?
Yeah, but irl it doesn't seem like ☭TANKIE☭s have control anywhere or are running the left in a grave. Actually if ☭TANKIE☭s, not american college ☭TANKIE☭s, were more present there will be more consciousness around. Instead we got a bunch of faggots who gives ammo to every centrist/right wing by spouting "NOT REAL SOCIALISM" and doing "LE EPICK Holla Forums TROLE" ala hoociemin.
If there were more around like jason people would be more conscious of history and socialism. Instead we have twitter celebrities like muke.
What's the problem with Roo anyway? That he defends socialist countries? That he's believes in anti imperialism? That he has funny hair? That he doesn't buy into liberalism and tranny liberation movements?
Because his 3rd worldism, while trash that I don't agree with, is totally justifieble if people go around accusing him of the ugliest shit just because he's not a liberal or has the balls to put his face in videos were he speak in favor of socialist countries.

While I don't necessarily like him, I respect what's his doing and if there were more like him we would be in a better situation

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Each Ethnos possesses a distinctive Dasein and the civilization they create is a reflection of their metaphysical essence.

The Nazbol posting on Holla Forums is arguing from a materialist pov though, that's pretty sad.

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Nazbol has degenerated into kekistan 2.0 + Stalin, it had so much potential

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BLM supported Obama who was in no way Socialist nor Communist so Jason is right to call them out.

So when does the debate begin?
Also vid for hype.



I REPEAT, the debate between Roo and Muke has been officially canceled after Roo "changed his mind."

Can you show any proof?

Check Batko's Twitter.

fuck off batko

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Literally nobody cares, so much for the #1 Marxist on YouTube

His viewer count is declining as well.

I post under a black flag. The only thing that's been called off is Jason participating in a shitpost I had planned.

He also called anarcho-pac "post modernist" for blocking him, even though she attempted to communicate with him on several occasions and he did nothing but act like a cunt.

How Jason isn't still treated like a meme is beyond me.

Jason would only be of use to the left if he wrote actual theory, like Zizek Badiou, or Losurdo, but he doesn't. Plus his Twitter meltdowns are going to be the death of him.

So glad he doesn't have a gun and a passport or else I'd be worried.

Anarchopac doesn't even take hormones or crossdresses. It's just a regular dude

Respecting a comrade's pronouns is the ethical thing to do, regardless of how far they are into their transition.

Dude, some people are forced to boymode for one reason or another, doesn't make their gender identity any less valid

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You are the cancer killing leftism and why Jason and MTW are entirely correct. I suggest you kill yourself immediately.

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Transphobes can fuck right off

Leftsts are not liberals REEEEEEEEEEEEE

There is no room for politeness on the left. Ours is a revolutionary cause, and crossdressing men that endlessly cry about oppression are no revolutionaries. They are not my comrades, nor are they yours despite what insipid lies you tell yourself.

It might crumple your rumper, but the linguistic reality is that gender and the pronouns surrounding it are becoming increasingly interpretive rather than descriptive of some objective biological fact. This has been the standard on the internet for ages and acting huffy about it just underscores what newbabby cancer you are.

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Lol case in point. While peasants toil away in slave factories you so valiantly defend delusional men on the Internet for e-points. Leftism in the west is fucking finished.

People in the Third World…

I guess I'd do it if I meet him in person but I still think it's silly. At some point you just need to grow up. I don't particularly care though, but what really triggers my inner TERF is when I see that people like Anarchopac are on women-only lists in the Labor Party to speak on the behalf of women about women's issues despite not having reproductive organs. And Anarchopac seems like a person who'd do that, considers his massive feeling of entitlement.

Gender and sex is a false dichotomy, and here is the funny thing, even your gender studies professor would agree with me on that one. Secondly, I don't get what you are referring to, just because something were to be a social construct doesn't mean it's a less descriptive. I don't know what you mean by "on the internet" I've never been into furrydom or hentai, so maybe the spaces you frequent are different from the spaces I frequent. I've been on imagboards since 10 years.


you're right though


Jason blatantly ignores trans identities which exist in the Third World, being the eurocentricist and crypto-white supremacist he is.

I don't think you know what Eurocentrism means. Marxism is eurocentric. Not recognizing "trans identities" in the Third World would be the opposite of Eurocentrism.

Roo vs. Batko. NOT A DRILL.

Wrong. Roo's essentialist views of gender are entirely First Worldist and Eurocentric. Why doesn't he even recognize people like the hijras in India/Pakistan for instance? Or the Mukhannatun in the Muslim World? Or instances of third genders among Native Americans and Polynesians?

We are a nice board. Leftism is about compassion and solidarity with your comrades, and violence against the oppressor.

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Jason's whole "debate strategy" is, he tries taking the moral highground and uses that as a shield to deflect any critiques of himself/his behavior or his ideology, like if he can point out some grand injustice that he recognizes but his opponents don't (in this case, Third World suffering) he can present himself as "entitled" to be a dick (such as being blatantly transphobic, calling for other comrades to die, etc.).

Okay, start providing evidence that Jason is a gender essentialist or that Jason doesn't recognize these marginalized groups. You'd think that the movements he supports like the Naxalites would be quite liberating for them compared to Hindu conservatism.

You using SJW tactics here and it's showing. You accuse Jason of all these things, him not "checking his privelege" in regards to talking about third genders amongst indigenous people (wtf) despite the only evidence you have is his beef with Anarchopac. Let's be honest, the only reason why you think that is is because Anarchopac thinks he's a woman - if he had this beef with literally anybody else you'd not give a fuck.

Anarchopac has never worked a day in his life, leeches of the money of his father for being in college for an entire decade, whilst complaining about patriarchy that magically affects him now because he says he's a woman. It's a cancerous e-celeb and I don't give two shits about him, now, if Jason would actually discriminate against the aforementioned oppressed minorities, yes, I would give a fuck, but against Anarchopac? Nope, guy would probably be a traitor in a revolution and pull a second Orwell.

If you think that oppression is relative and that a first world college student experiences the same oppression as a Bengali sweatshop worker, you are obfuscating material reality.

NO ONE makes that argument except for Roo.

The existence of oppression "over there" doesn't diminish the fact that forms of oppression exist here as well. False dichotomy.

So what if she's "never worked a day in her life"? That doesn't negate the fact she's experienced oppression before.

They sort of do because Third World exploitation contributes to our living standards in the First World.

We all experience oppression every day in the capitalist system. Anarchopac's experience is truly not that different from us, and medical facilities and therapy sessions which he access can treat disabilities. There are disabled people who won't have access to that, especially in America. I don't believe Anarchopac is disabled anyway. I mean that's ridiculous.





Does being this edgy help you through the day? Asking for a friend

start arguing any time

There's no argument to be had

This kid is a better leftist than the roo

Let that sink in

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Third World exploitation has nothing to do with trans and queer identities. Total fallacy on your part.

Anarchopac? Oppressed? No, having a shit childhood and being called bad names on the internet is not oppression, you utter faggot.

Not all oppression has to be large-scale. Family oppression is entirely the result of patriarchy which is the result of capitalism.

What experience of oppression are you referring to? Seeing a sad movie? Getting owned in a video game? Not being allowed to jerk off in a women's bathroom?

Okay, you're either twelve or pulling my leg now.

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Being bullied is a real form of oppression, being told to kill yourself because of your gender is worse.


comrade jason doesn't even need to address that post, since his original one already says all you need to know.

This but unironically

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Or, Jason is just transphobic with little regard for the feelings of others.

title: debating socialism
discussing the relations of production and how to revolutionize them
obsessing over personal insults with idpol characteristics

What about it?

Reminder for everyone that thinks jason is an idiot and shouldn't be taken seriously that he outsmarted all the "experts" with the book he wrote onnthe shogun

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His ego is enormous.

Rightfully so in this case.

You can't be egotistical and a leftist

Says who?

I wasn't being le ironic

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Well you can, but they'll be bad comrades and shitty human beings in general, but hey, if that's the kinda people you want to associate with be my guest. Humility goes a long way in showing your cause is a just cause.

Are you sure about that? Do you even know where you are nigga?

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Attached: quote-we-have-no-compassion-and-we-ask-no-compassion-from-you-when-our-turn-comes-we-shall-karl-marx-65-27-60.jpg (850x400, 52.92K)

mean for

Jason is just the ☭TANKIE☭ Derrick Jensen.

I think Jason really just doesn't care about trans issues really and doesn't think trans issues should take up much of the socialist discourse, moreso than opposing them. Honestly not too different than the stance of many who browse this board.

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He came very close to making a video about "the trans issues" from a "dialectical materialist" perspective.

Yes, really. It kinda blows my mind that some people try to smear jason through this angle on Holla Forums of all places.

I think it's just that he realizes that a lot of the idpol groups are merely neoliberals and anti-socialists.

I checked again and they must have unliked it (should have screencaped it) I'm not saying they lurk here but it really makes you thonk

And a lot of the anti-idpol groups are conservatives and fascists, by his actions he's implicitly allying with them.

It may be worth noting that the core group of posters who really have a hateboner for the Roo here often do have divergent stances on idpol from general Holla Forums and /leftpol/ consensus, like Chaya

Conservatives and especially fascists always peddle a form of idpol themselves, hell most neo nazis will straight up admit they are for white identity politics. Its not like Unruhe can control who likes his tweets either.

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Yeah, but there have been utter failures in the third world

Yes, and that looks like

Jason's not peddling white identity politics in that image though.

I do not believe that was his intent, people into white identity politics just happened to like the tweet, which Unruhe has no control over.

Exactly, which is why he should be more careful with what he says, if he tweets something that can be interpreted as racist or transphobic he should apologize, even if that wasn't his intent he nonetheless hurts vulnerable minorities all the same, but he's so stuck up on his own ego you'll never see him do that.

Arktos Media translates Dugin so they might not be entirely contrary to Unruhe's views

FUCK OFF. Leftism is not served with all of this obsession over who *might* be offended, and preventive apologies. It's all a huge bucket of shit that is letting narcissist egotrippers smother leftism. This right here, your post, is the vampire castle.

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Muke just appeared on Doug Lain's Zero Books channel.

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Embarrassing. At this point they can as well just host Milo Stewart or whatever. Another proof that Zero Books is an outlet for pseuds

lol. Fucking bullshit

Whoever can interpret some of his words as racist etc. is not going to like what he says anyway

TIL trans people aren't part of "the masses".

No, YOU fuck off.

They are part of the masses inasmuch as they are part of the working class, but their identity as trans is unimportant. There is no point in spending much energy on catering to the niche interests of 0.1 % of the population.

I'll report each and every one of you as "force-bumpers

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you have to go back >>>/reddit/

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What on earth is a til trans person.

You can't end imperialism with transphobia.

…and the shills for the US democratic party platform are back to demand that everyone stop doing anything to resist capital and instead focus all efforts on a bunch of advanced fantasists getting called rude names for playing dress up in public.

Not catering to group X is not the same as X-phobia. E. g. not offering vegan food at a workplace canteen is a bummer for some, but it's very unlikely a deliberate veganophobe decision. Inflationary and hyperbolic use of the term phobia doesn't do you any favors. Given the tiny size of the trans population, whether a movement is transphobic or not is pretty much irrelevant for success when it comes to any other topic than transphobia itself, and trans people deserting some group will make virtually no difference – unless they have been drastically over-represented to begin with. I see no connection whatsoever between imperialism and transphobia, you would have to spell out what you mean here.

Authors like Maria Lugones have drawn the connection between cisheteronormativity and imperialism. Going further back theorists like Willhelm Reich or Erich Fromm already saw how the patriarchal family is the psychological foundation for fascism.

These aren't fringe ideas, to dismiss them as "neoliberal" or "idpol" and continuing focusing merely on the economic allows Unruhe and his fans two things: to don't having to read (why do that when you could be playing Fallout) and to remain bigots while pretending to have the moral high ground. A much more radical critique would see queer liberation and anti-imperialism as one and the same struggle.

The why did you name three fringe figures to represent them?

It's just more useless critical theory.

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Jason has been BANNED from F-Book by ancomms.

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Truly the saviour the left needs

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Fromm isn't "fringe" by any means. He was a well-respected Marxist thinker.

I just did a tarot reading on Jason, and it says Muke is going to crush him during the debate. I got the King of Wands reversed for his future, and my tarot booklet says a reversed King of Wands means: "A crisis may be brewing, and you must keep your head. A ruthless man may try to crush your resistance." This ruthless man is none other than Muke. Also, when I was taking the picture of the cards, one of the images came out reversed for seemingly no reason, just like the card. Jason is going to be devastated during the debate.

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Try again.


So when is the debate anyway? Based J Barg has refuted this today

between you, chaya and anal water why has this board become infected with pretentious occultfags?


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Roo would crush Muke and get charged with manslaughter.

Ahh that must be what the cards mean, the ruthless man the Roo will meet is himself, he will be the cause of his own demise.

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I don't think you know what board your on, just leave and take your idpol with you.

Orgone guy not fringe, are you shitting me?

I'm sorry, your interpretation is wrong. Leftcoms are kings of their wands, if you know what I mean, and reversed clearly means the leftcom will bend over.

t. redditor

Occultism constructed the world of mind.


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Doesn't mean Jason's behaviors are justified. Being "logical" isn't an excuse to be a jerk.


Nor does him being a "jerk" justify him being reportfagged

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He was mocking a martyred over a dozen US military bases in Syria fighter right before she was scheduled to be buried. Imagine how her family would feel reading something like Roo's post. Roo is a scumfuck, plain and simple.

Oh the humanity!

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It's not just the fact that he's disrespectful, it's that his behavior is extremely un-comradely. He spends more time attacking other lefitsts than he does producing decent content.

Maybe he wouldn't do that if people weren't personally attacking him all the time.

Socdems are leftists. Red liberals certainly are not leftists. Being part of a "united front" against fascism/reaction/whatever doesn't exempt you from harsh criticism from the actual left. Deal with it.

*Socdems are not leftists

He spends most of his time attacking other and bigger pseuds. It's fine.

Why won't he debate A.W. if he's so good at BTFOing pseuds?

Looks like Chaya and Fatimah's voodoo magic is working after all.

Roo being an edgelord on Twitter is a scheme to make him relevant again (check his views). So far, it's working, although he seemed to attract a concerningly huge amount of fascists and white nationalists, who are regularly merrily commenting under his videos. Check out Henry Johnson:
He comments under every one of Roo's videos and hates blacks and Mexicans, he also doesn't understand why he can't get on PressTV

Pretty sure Henry Johnson is just a troll. Either that or he's beyond mentally retarded.

Also he says he is a communist in some of his videos btw. I'm surprised this fat retard doesn't have a thread on /cow/ or Kiwifarms.

I may make one, but it's always such an effort to make a good OP on Kiwifarms.
A communist with a White Supremacy tattoo

if he is, he's the most convincing troll I've ever seen.

Also, he has a weird personality cult going on arround Jason, thinks he's some kind of scholar. Here is a video where he agonizes over whether or not he should try to win Jason's love and friendship:

Kek. This guy's a gold mine.

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How likely do you think it is that Jason will delete his channel and Twitter once the criticisms get too much?

Very unlikely because he has been through worse. He sort of feeds off the hate as well. To be the "most hated communist" on YouTube with maximum edge, hated by "every other leftist" because he "speaks truths everybody else is to scared to talk about" is his whole shtick and marketing scheme.

A comment from his newest video

What in the ever loving fuck did he mean by this?

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You've seen the response???

Roo is right, that word salad, jumbled-thoughts mess is characteristical of schizophrenia.

Thanks doctor unruhe.

this guy is weird

I'm not sure Henry is as tapped as he appears. Take a look at his twitter: He also tends to get in arguments with red liberals.

This, Unruhe gives zero fucks about what most of the left let alone anyone thinks about him, Jim Profit is similar in that way.

when is this happening

this weekend

We need to put their faces on here tbh.
Jokes aside I appreciate unironically both j barg and jim profit because they don't give a fuck and because it's something different from the liberal mukeist deviation of the rest of the internet left

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illiterate peasants understand class struggle intuitively, being illiterate =/= being unintelligent you piece of shit


They understand it the same way American rednecks do: feels over reals.

Feels = "muh experience"

Reals = dialectical materialism

Karl Marx did the exact same, doesn't matter if Proudhon was "nice", he was rucking wrong and needed to be called out on it.

This attitude is exactly what Mao stood against during the early years of the party, commit ideological violence against yourself, you deserve it.

Jason isn't being called out for being "wrong" necessarily, he's being called out for being a rude, disrespectful bully who attacks other comrades at any chance he gets. Why on earth would he tell Muke and Anarchopac to kill themselves?

And Proudhon wasn't a nice guy either, he wrote journal entries about killing Jews and also hated women.

Should I send my anarchist Chomskyite GF some Roo videos? I'm afraid it could backfire spectacularly and I'd be a NEET again within hours.

Yes, but ironically.

Send her this one first:

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J Barg is Justin Barger, who uploads videos on Nazbol subjects under the name "Adolf Stalin" on youtube. He also the man behind the Noise/Power Electronics/Industrial projects Arseterror and Universal Challenger. He is or at least used to be a pretty infamous troll in some parts of the extreme metal community, especially on the Nuclear War Now forums, you can find his channel here.
Jim Profit used to be pretty infamous, especially on /tg/ but I suppose he has faded into obscurity in recent years. He is most famous for applying class analysis to moderators and admins on the internet. You can find his current youtube channel here(he has had many but he gets banned frequently)
The main thing that makes J Barg, Unruhe, and Jim Profit similar is that they all truly don't give a fuck about popularity or political correctness, unlike Muke and his buttbuddies on twitter.

Attached: J Barg 7.PNG (421x319 138.24 KB, 138.71K)

She makes good videos that are well-researched, unlike Roo.

Are you serious?

Attached: Jasonheadset.jpg (1600x1200, 369.37K)

Yes. Roo's video quality is terrible.

fuck all these weirdo losers


I suppose you suck contrapoints dick too, then.

Roo's ideology isn't much either.

What the fuck, Anarchopac's videos are all audio with a image while Unruhe actually makes videos that are pretty good quality considering he's NEET that lives off youtube and pressTVbux. You're clearly talking out of your ass here

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