Putin won again today, to the surprise of no one. Is Putin /ourguy/...

Putin won again today, to the surprise of no one. Is Putin /ourguy/? I am always suspicious when millionaire pundits lock arms to promote Russophobia. I hope next election he will hack it in favor of Bernie.

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Putin is a capitalist so no he isn't. Russia is a shithole, this is a country that was actually socialist but chose to dismantle it instead of having a civil war about it. Putin was inextricably tied into that process, as he was a KGB bureaucrat at that time. Just as his peer in the west, American President George H.W. Bush, was with the CIA. Xi isn't our guy either since China is a capitalist state, going so far to admit as such per the pissmatch US Commerce Dept. is waging with them.

Being anti-western isn't inherently being leftist, especially not twenty five years after Communism died. Both Putin and Xi are what Trump is trying to be: nationalists, which is not inherently socialism (as hardcore neoliberals often claim).

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I was watching its coverage on BBC. They reported something like "already 6 villages report 100% vote participation". And I was like… I live in a country of 8 million people and we have like 1-2 villages with that every election (extremely small villages with 6-10 people). Russia has a population of 144.3, so how is this news again?

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Capitalists in country A don't want to compete with capitalists in country B so they enact trade protectionism under the guise of nationalism. This *can* mean an improvement of working conditions in some circumstances (particularly in first world countries like America, France or Germany), BUT the act itself is not inherently leftist or socialist. Likewise capitalists in country B can piss off capitalists in countries A, C and D by ripping off their patents and not respecting their copyright laws, causing those countries to refuse to trade with them.

It is fully plausible for multiple capitalist market systems to coexist, although it is inefficient economics as many things (like laws, treaties, markets, etc) have to be duplicated and any trade between the different systems is a mess of paperwork and interoperability issues (for example this is made physically manifest by Russia's decision to use a railroad gauge a few inches bigger than standard gauge in the west).

It can be leftist, but is not inherently so. And as of late it is not leftist at all.


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Hillary Trashes American Voters While In India


All I'm going to say is that Putin seems competent in a way that Western leaders haven't been for the past few decades. On top of that, much as Russia is a fucked up place the majority of the Russian populace seem to like it that way.

That's an astute observation, which can also be said of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The problem is, what comes after them? Less skilled political operators would easily push the world into a massive conflict.

There are still people on this board that still think that WW3 is optional, and need to disabuse themselves of such a ridiculous notion.

Uh you do realize that Imperial Japan was also extremely anti-soviet as well right? Not sure what you are trying to argue here.

He's pointing out that regimes that are anti-Western are not leftist by default. Lrn 2 read greentext.

yep, the same applies to America and Europe. In the EU countries nobody really seems interested in making large reforms to the EU to keep it alive, always working from the margins instead of the broad changes their forefathers realized were necessary to maintain European peace. This will inevitably lead to some form of conflict, as the EU will not survive the next recession and fuck ups from the EU's leadership ruined half of Europe (Spain, Greece, Italy, etc).

America's lack of leadership is much deeper, there's obviously Trump but he's merely a symptom of the broader rot inside both parties (the rot that led to them seriously trying to push Jeb v. Hilary). In particular, since WW2 American leadership has been competent enough to prevent a major world war because everyone (even CIA stooges like HWB) collectively realized that nobody would benefit from that, and thought about all their policies as part of a broader long-term vision to preserve peace. This vision went out the window on 9/11, neither party is interested in taking the steps necessary to prevent a future conflict. Hence Democrats allowing their friends in the media to hype up the "russian hacking" thing, which will come to fuck everyone in 2021 when New Start (the cap on nuclear warheads) is not renewed because Russia will be viewed as a hostile aggressor, with China. And then there's China's total mismanagement of their awful capitalist economy too, which will ruin their internal stability long term.

At every point, everything points to a major conflict in 25-50 years.

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Im saying that being anti western does not make you leftist, since imperial japan was anti western and anitleftist, im shitting on the guy im replying to.

you cannot be leftist if you are not anti-west

China made the same mistake all capitalist societies do: print more debt instead of accepting a recession. Now, they'll have a full blown depression instead because people have so much more debt-fueled investments to loose. This is a problem when they're not a net food importer, meaning food has to be bought with USDs on the international market. Capitalists try to beat their own game, ultimately defeating themselves.

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Leftism is largely a western creation, Marx was German and the first Marxist country was Russia.

Russia is a potential future major economic competitor. Also Putin is a capitalist with ties to Russian mafia.

if there are people working for russia on this site, OP is one of them

I don't know if you can call Russia western. It's about as western as it is European.

Especially as the world warms up they will have more access to those resources in the colder areas, along with their technological developments in ice breakers, nuclear-powered machines, etc. Perhaps even, the sanctions on it will decrease.

Is it for the best that Putin has ties to the mafia, or would a socialist/anti-mafia implementation be best for Russia? Sometimes there are instances where corruption is good but this doesn't seem like one of them.

No CPRF is.

Russia is a European country, therefore it is western. What about this is difficult?


was soviet russia western

Russia is a Eurasian country, with most of the population and administration going on in Europe but most of the land and resources in Asia. Also, Georgia is a European country, but just how western is it?

I've heard their new guy, Grudinin, reformed the party quite a bit towards a more moderate position, so perhaps people are seeing less of the Soviet Union in that party and are instead looking to Putin for answers. It would be interesting to see what would happen after his term is over.

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How did they do it? Did they just send some spies over to the ballot boxes to stuff them full of anti-Commie tickets when no one was looking?

Putin 64% Commies 17%
Putin 77% Commies 12%

What went wrong?

Smh look at Japan's debt statistics and try to tell me with a straight face that it actually matters.

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Nope, that's stupid.

Probably because they chose a multi-millionaire businessman for the Communist ticket. Not to mention the Communist ticket was split between Grudinin and that Suraykin guy for the smaller party

but you can be antiwest with out being leftist.
opposition to the west does not make you leftist.

I'm pretty sure a majority of socialists would agree with you in some way on this, but that doesn't mean that being anti-west = socialism. You'll have to give a different agrument

The neo-fascist Nouvelle Droite is ostentatiously anti-Western and arguably so were Nazis in the first place.

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Putin is an authoritarian capitalist, and most opposition to him from the west is over imperialist bullshit he pulls and western toes he steps on in the interest of Russian power and (domestically) the appearance of Russian power. Having both a nationalistic cult and strong state control is actually useful for maintaining power and upholding whatever system you choose - believe it or not, there's nothing inherently leftist about invading countries and using a police state to uphold oligarchy. Basically some of the few credits that modern day China can still claim, Russia actually can't.


is The Economist

Most major economists agree that china has to do something about their debt problem because it's untenable. As you already said, there already exists analogous situations with Japan and every other major asian economy. This is why their credit rating was downgraded a few months ago.

What is it about murderous and corrupt third world dictators that makes them appealing to so many radical leftists? Do these people actually think that being anti-capitalist makes you automatically good?

No wonder this board is dying.

Putin, much like Donald Trump, and all other leaders since at the very earliest the start of the 20th century, are just figureheads controlled by the capitalist ogligarchy whose purpose is to:
-Spread pro-capitalist anti-communist propoganda (examples of this being the USSR being staged to be considered "communist" even though it obviously isn't, and use as a scapegoat.)
-Distract from the class struggles by having staged wars/tension (examples: the two world wars, the cold war, and our tensions between us and north korea), and scapegoats (such as the pedophilia scapegoat, and the muslim/jewish scapegoat, and the gay scapegoat of the past) and focusing on "progressive" issues that maintain the capitalist status quo such as feminism, openness towards lgbt, and other progressive thing.

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putin isn't even anti-capitalist in any sense of the word

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Fucking leftcoms

What does that mean? How does a Russian feel that Putin is competent? In America, Putin is portrayed as competent in a sort of villainous way, like he is not so secretly behind everything horrible in the world. This hasn't been definitively proven to any substantial degree, and to what degree Russia does "meddle" in other nation's affairs it is clear that America considers it their right to do the same 10x over.

I don't know about how an actual Russian feels about Putin's leadership. Everything I ever hear is that the country is a corrupt shithole filled with tracksuits and teens standing precariously in tall places that America and Europe still sweat over because they have nuclear bombs and they used to be communists.

Russian leftists should oppose Putin. Non-Russian leftists should oppose their government's imperialist aspirations towards Russia.

Video of election fraud: youtube.com/watch?v=5UFIQamKbjg

Can russian comrades chip in on this one?

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The main accomplishment of Putin's is significant improvement of living conditions for the average Russian compared to the poverty of the nineties. That is why the average Russian sees him as ultra-competent.

But to what extent that can be credited to him rather than natural recovery and oil/gas prices is highly questionable. He didn't do much to steer the country away from Yeltsinite neoliberal policies, and 20 years later Russia is as reliant on raw resources exports as it was before, and corruption continues to flourish.

Another cause is simply propaganda. United Russia has an iron grip upon all of Russia's media. Even """opposition""" media, like Echo of Moscow or TV Rain are puppet stooges who exist solely to discredit the very idea of opposition to Putin by spewing retarded neoliberal garbage. It's impossible to publicly question Putin, and all media push this uncontested view of him as a rational and competent figure above politics, an efficient man of a few words, that all the fuckups that happen are because of American spies in the government etc.

Can confirm, most comments are either calling it a green screen fake or suggesting that the opposition paid those people to commit fraud on camera.

The ' muh ninties' argument is killing me every time I hear it. The ninenties were hard in every single post Warsaw pact country, and they pretty much all recovered arround the 2000's. Furthermore the reason why Russia recovered is not putin and not even necessary the rising oil prices, but the Russians themselves who got used to the new economic system and started to create business, build stuff etc.

Overall the comment is very much correct.

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I can translate: four terablyats.

Bernie Sanders criticizes Trump for congratulating Putin: "What frightens me is not only Trump's respect and admiration for tyrants all over the world, but his disrespect for democracy in our country."


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always glad to see i'm not surrounded only by morons



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That's a very great point and comment.

My country has no imperialist aspirations towards Russia. If anything the contrary is closer to the truth.

why can’t we play nice and share the occasional hmmmm together

Well, the elite chose to dismantle it. Which is what matters.

Putin sucks but it's entertaining watching him run rings around his retarded American opponents. America is going through a period of inept leadership and political dysfunction not unlike the late Soviet Union, and if Putin can help speed up the collapse so much the better.
I'm genuinely concerned about what will happen once he's retired or dead. His opponents in NATO are hopped up on their own propaganda and there's no telling what they'll do next.