Best images to shippost with

best images to shippost with

I want to see the most embarrassing pictures you have of the right in the united states.

this one is from a time when turning point usa wore diapers to "own the libs" although I'm sure this was actually some kind of sexual fetish

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didn't we have a right wing cringe thread? i've got some to dump if not

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Are the 2010s peak cringe? People make fun of the early 2000s but it has nothing on this shit decade.

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this one is pretty funny

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k gonna dump some kekistani's now

i didn't see you only wanted some of the "right in the united states" til now, so excuse the german neo-nazi gathering pics

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Lol that you zoomed in on the armpit and not the teeth.

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I mean, our movies were kinda better in the early 2010s. That didn't last long, though.

polte-sageing so i don't keep shitbumping this thread

the guy in the back is even more noteworthy than her teeth or her armpit

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turns out i did have one of her teeth
aint nuffin wrong with a lil crook in yo grill tho

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done for now will post more later

tbh gonna give thanks to antifa for driving these retards back to their basements

You're welcome. Though up where I live, it's not really 'antifa.'

What it is:

Skinheads that will kick the fucking shit out of any retard with a MAGA hat. And it's fun. I actually have court on 4/3 over a protest, so wish me luck.

The less nazi variant I’m guessing?

Good luck in court, mate. You're a bloody champion!

That kids makes me so sad

4th pick, that baby needs to be gassed.

Is that a fucking McDomble's flag behind Sambo there?

Those kind of skinheads still exist? I bet pretty much all of you are over 30.

The memes are real

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Lenin in that pic looks like he'd just BTFO some Menshevik in an online debate. God just image what a glorious shitposter he would have been if he had internet.

If he had Internet he would have shitposted all day and nothing noticeable would have happened in 1917

What is The United States?
What caused this?
Who hurt them?
Was the United States dropped on its head as a baby?

Marx would have been the largest shitposter we've ever seen. I mean Hell he spent his life procrastinating on Kapital because he had to write 80 essays on why Max Stirner was a cunt. Though thinking about it who would be the worst shitposter among the great leftists?

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Stirner was the first memelord so…?

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Thank you for introducing me to barrel man.

Lifestylism isn't meming but Diogenes was a fucking god bro.

90% is boring as fuck.

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Not to be an asshole but many of us are not any better, at least when it comes to american posters. Americans are just straight up disgusting

Uh'.. should we tell them that blood and soil as a concept doesn't really work for Americans?

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fuck and make more little left wing skinheads

why do you think Mormonism and catholicism exist, both groups take the "blood and soil" shit seriously especially in regards to pissmatches between Utah and New Mexico

Again it doesn't make sense. Blood being the racially united group gathered in a settlement, Soil. Americans by definition are immigrants who have mixed meaning they're no longer racially pure thus not of one Blood. If they're a white nationalist group then they believe that all whites are of one race which just flys in the face of the phrase. Americans seems to forget that Europeans aren't one race but instead racially distinct peoples.

Wrong, only nonwhites and catholics mixed. Every Mexican, Sicilian, Irishman and German shared something: worship (and payments toward) of an Italian in a funny hat. Which is why catholics weren't allowed into public schools and hospitals until WW1. When whites (re: protestants) came to America they specifically came to America to escape the papistry and consuming the old world. America was the inheritor of the civilization the christ-killers (catholics) deliberately attempted to destroy through racial miscegenation. This much could be seen by comparing Ireland to England, or Spain to Russia. Haiti remained catholic even after they genocided all the whites, standing as a stark and real life example of the church's influence.

Before WW1 Americans were familiar with two parts of Europe: the white, protestant part (England, Russia, some parts of Germany, maybe Sweden) and the nonwhite part (everything else). Even during WW2 many people feared Mussolini would encourage domestic terrorism through the catholic church (as the church did in Mexico) and attempt to rebuild the Roman empire.

This only ended as Americans became less religious following WW2, and the government made racial discrimination illegal (a thing the catholic church pushed hard for against American protestant churches by the way. The catholic church also harbors catholic illegal immigrants and refugees in violation of the law).


It wasn't catholic and Russians who could afford travel to America where white and not catholic. Therefore, the entire nation was declared white.

Read a history book. Most of the Russian immigrants to the US prior to 1917 were Jews

Yep. I'm not claiming this logic works, just that it's what people believed.

I think they would understand a Catholic Dutchman or Englishmen after all Maryland was build upon religious tolerance between the Churches. Plus slavs have always kind of been seen as the other in Europe. Mostly being around areas we would consider Asiatic in the 15thC and having large scale Mongol buttfucking problems. But back on topic, the Phrase Blood and Soil can't apply to an American WN organisation as it would divide the different races of American into their own Bloods.

Sure, but not every place was South like Maryland was. America was run by Puritans up north who solidified their power after the Civil War. America has only had one catholic President for a reason, and he was also shot at the end of his first term.

lib status: btfo

good to know you're all so triggered.

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epic style

Fucking BASED.


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Speak for yourself.

Every, fucking, time.

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Fun fact, the word 'cynic' comes from the greek for dog, as Diogenes greatly admired the dog (hence the dogs in the painting) and tried to live like them.



hahaha dieser inzestgeschädigte Abschaum

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idk, maybe she can take the bull's dick

lol ya, I guess that's empowering and brave because it's unhealthy and sick

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Man I used to like Jordan Peterson until he went all wishy washy on hard topics

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what do you guys think of joe rogan? he had some socialists on his podcast or something….

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Joe Rogan is just Oprah for 30ish year old white guys.

tbh, doesn't Iceland have the shittiest birth rates in Europe?


wtf i love ad hominem now

I know this is Holla Forums shit, but making fun of looks is really retarded

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That first image always bothered me and I'm not even a liberal/liberal feminist. Like what's it even mean? Don't try at all?

what the hell is goin on here

The difference is that Holla Forums unironically derides anyone who doesn't look like a roman statue or the Chad meme made flesh as degenerates, mischlings, subhumans, and so on.

Saying Holla Forums has ugly people is just an ad hominem. Holla Forums's ideology, on the other hand, is actually based on aesthetics and physiognomy. As such, pointing out that most Holla Forumsacks are le 56% face actually serves as a wake up call and an argument.