You need to get rid of faggotry in the left

The anarchist/communist left in the west (especially the US) is getting more and more fucked. They "fight" for dumb shit like trannies being called the "correct" pronouns instead of things such as workers rights, or that workers are being fucked over, all whilst claiming to be communists/anarchists. It's not even about the worker anymore for those faggots.

I know that Holla Forums is probably one of the last places for TRUE commies/marxists, you need to step up your game of anti faggotry. Marxist is strongly anti Identity and so you should propagandize that all these stupid "gender identities" and "sexual identities" and all that other perverse crap needs to be cleansed holocaust like in the name of equality.

Maybe organize 4-5 to some anarchist rallies with signs saying "fuck gender identity, fuck faggotry" along with lenin's or mao's faces or something. You need to get rid of these faggots and SJWs from the left if you don't want to have communism/marxism to survive in the US.

Maybe have some propaganda like
Like Holla Forums has
Fat shame fatties and whores, get them to self improve. I myself am from Holla Forums and the only reason why I became right wing was because it was the only side that was against all this faggotry happening. You need to get good anti fag squads and bring the faggots back to the dirty center where they belong and right minded people will come to you. You'll maybe even some from the far right.

Do you really want (pic related) to be even remotely associated with your movement? if not you need to focus all of your energy in getting those fuckers lynched. No matter how sad it sounds, (pic related) like people are a bigger threat to your movement that all of the right wing combined.

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this should be fun. we are against identity politics. you are part of the faggotry

But this is a tranny board.

Pro-queer identity is a liberal politics thing. The vast majority of such people pertaining to these movements do not have any interest beyond their own pleasure, let alone Marxian ideals far higher above whatever they believe in.

You need to get rid of faggotry in the right

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Well I'll be damned, a Holla Forumsack who actually comes here in good faith.

I don't agree with your methods, but I do want those end-goals. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you've grasped, normies in America associate both left and right-wing politics with different flavors of liberal democratic capitalism.

That said, if that was your only reason for becoming right-wing, I'd reckon you oughta lurk around here some more. So long as you don't sperg out about race like the others, we'd be glad to have you.

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i forgot about that whataboutthememes.jpg guy being imprisoned for a shooting. lel


Thing is that pic related is really just a small vocal minority that everyone curtails to just so they can shut up. Sadly, this doesn't work all the time and you get really cringey succ-dems like Contrapoints who consider themselves leftist because they know a lot of philosophy semantics about race and gender but in the end it does nothing for a mass movement. It's just a small ideological thread that managed to weave its way into mainstream left (see liberal) discourse.
The average joe (and even leftist) could care less about the fags, most people have better shit to do then worry about what people do in the bedroom or what gender they prefer to go by. It's irrelevant in the greater class struggle.

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The thing is I don't want to critisize you for "hurr durr ur al fagets lol". Most of the people you see on the streets "protesting" for communism give more of a shit about fag rights than problems like workers rights. American "antifa" pretend to be commies and anarchists whilst they are actually just libtards. Get libtards out of the leftists movements is what I'm saying, because currently it looks like they make up 80% of the "leftist" movement in America.

Yes, but it starts getting a problem when people "glorify" doing fucked up shit in bed and cutting your dick off, and then considering those that do that perverted shit and try to glorify it as more opressed than lower class workers.

'the left' - faggotry = nothing

Glad you were honest with us about being from Holla Forums.

The reason that sexuality-related identity movements came about to begin with was because of historical attempts to completely ban people from ever having buttsex and the like. There were still states in 'Murrica where it was illegal until the 2000s.

If you don't think laws like this are stupid, then why is that? Really, why do you care if someone has sex with someone of the same sex? Why is shirtlessness an urgent matter?

We think the constant idpol around this stuff (and race and sex) is stupid and a tool for the bourgeoisie. But passing new bathroom laws just to shit on them is also stupid and based around yet another obsessive exclusionary identity.

There will always be people saying inane shit, though. The best way to combat it is with non-inane shit, not more inane shit targeted specifically at their inane shit.

we already try to

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Another crypto Holla Forums raid

If youre asking me to be anti gay, i wont. Im not some red conservative nazbol disguising my bigotry in leftist talking points.

have fun seeing your movement rot. Back in the good old CCCP they would put you in a psychic ward or gulag if you showed off your pervertions, and they were better for it.

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literally no one cares but you

fug drumpf and fug wide peeble :DD

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Suck my dick

Lenin didn't really give a shit, I think I'll follow his word.

Quite being afraid to defend marginalised peoples. So what if porky sells merchandise of their identity, theres fucking commie merch to, it doesnt mean shit. Quite letting polyps astroturf us into a red version of them by using our theory against us. Because obviously to them the only good idpol is white.

You're not grasping that an end goal of the identity politics movements was the existence of that merch, whereas commie merch is mostly coincidental lifestylism. Add in the fact that "marginalised peoples" means incessant games of oppression olympics that renders solidarity between groups impossible and we have a good case for you fucking off back under whatever rock you crawled out from.

You're probably German or French

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homophobes/transphobes are faggots
kys nazbol fuckboi

I dont want to be impeaded or lynched for my sexuality

I agree in the sense that those who make an embarrassment of the left and drive actually useful members away need to be dealt with and removed. I concede that sometimes you'll need to ally with some unsavory people you personally despise in the revolution to succeed, but there is a difference between an necessary "evil" and an unnecessary liability.

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You met our board admin yet? Is it any wonder this post got the anchor?

Got it, fags get the gulag while "normies" get full communism…

Fuckin orwell, man. What're you gonna do.

Come to >>>/leftpol/ lads. The BO there isn't a literal faggot

I dunno send gays to gulags? if you're a communist, set up designated no-go zones.

How did homosexuality/transgenderism get intertwined with communism anyway? It really disgusts me.

t. liberal tranny

You guys might just be seeing the most extreme cases and are ignoring or are not exposed to ordinary people. If you don't organize, or if you spend most of your time online, you're going to have a hard time seeing queer people as also human.

The queer people I have organized with have been the most dedicated in the group to educating and organizing out of anyone. The focus has been exclusively on either feeding the hungry and education. There hasn't once been an sjw moment.

You might see this an an anomaly, but remember that social media is structured so that the strangest and most hateful media bubbles up first. Don't let your understanding of people be determined by cringe comps on youtube.

miss me w that spooked shit

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Ok, tranny.

Reproduction is the most essential task of an organism. Personally, I like to think of homosexuality and the like as a form of natural selection. What's really bad though is the things that are forced onto the community itself, like STDs. Also, if it's a choice, then the numbers of homosexuals will increase. Even if it isn't many people are probably deciding to behave in a sexually unproductive way.

if you're a leftist, why are you even online? what's the point of even entertaining this culture, as though your imprint will not be a brainwashed denial? I hate our civilization, and there is absolutely nothing to do aside from strike against our basic non-foundations, such as daily routines and our useless "jobs". why even practice medicine if the process could be purely mental? leftism and anarchy are about oneness with god, but everything was taken too lightly and decayed as a penultimate idea that was unfortunately deeply shallow. death to all trannies, brainwashed sexualists. forget about these shallow surficial surgical operations. the basis for these ideas should already be rooted in genetic engineering. it's a travesty that we aren't on a post-liquid diet by now. I am right-wing, but i hope his place gets bombed tomorrow

stop thinking of man as an organism. reproduction is a job for mechanism

sexuality itself should be abolished by now. too bad our concept of love is tied to modern language and familial architecture. the word love should be separated from its root, but that just leaves us with enthousiasm for vacant ideas.

Why is what Zimbabwe or South Africa is doing regarding their people any different than what we advocate for our own? There is Left-wing ethno-nationalism.

Then what should our end-goal be, if not to spread ourselves throughout the cosmos and reach our highest technological, scientific and biological potential?

we should psychogrammatically become one with diseases, turn inwards, and go back into the land, and maintain that the voice was rooted in the concrete, and not in the abstraction of our words. this makes thought impossible. maybe technology is rooted in a modern concept of god, but now it appears to be vacant and convoluted as the quality of our looms. our grasp of the sciences is limited by a strain of autism. with the illegality of cocaine, there is no assured simple oneness with god, only an anarchistic violence that separated the user from sciences and whiteness.