Feminism is puppeteered by porky!

That’s it I had it.
My fellow proles this ideology called “feminism”
Is taking a toll on our revolution against the bourgeois.
I recommend that we shall subvert it from within and destroy it.

These useful idiots are being used to drive the consumerist shithole that is the west and sabotage our revolution.
My brothers….

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Until the family unit is not dissolved there will pretty much be a proper reason for (proletariat) feminism to exist. Without communal child rearing the work usually falls on women.

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See this is why our board always loses.
Whenever somebody wants or talks about a serious revolution it’s laughed off or mocked.

I’m thinking that you are just another porky shill to subvert the board!

I'm all for women's rights advocacy as a constituent part of a greater Marxian framework, however feminism just seems to be liberal identity politics that caters towards women by promising them some sort of "independence" that will "free them from other people", but in an egoist sense while neglecting to point out that people are inter-dependent on each other.

no u

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If pic related keeps on happening consequences will very severe and destroy the proles.

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feminism is basically capitalist ultimately. the destruction of all gender norms is what is necessarry. empowering women sounds nice but ultimately means nothing but equal exploitation of women and men under capitalism, technology, and "productivity"

I'm confused. What do some college English professors have to do with the bridge?


It’s called affirmative action sweetly.
And I we should attack feminists and feminism itself for its a huge dent on our plans.

Stop larping

You're telling me some English professors from a random university in Illinois built the bridge?

Their bios say nothing about working for the bridge company.

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Wahhhhh the big bad bourgeois is evil
Holla Forums
You never change
Because you all whine like little bitches when confronted with srs ideas.

And that's why normal people joins the far right instead of the moderate left. You are a joke, a cancer we have to get rid off.

This is true. They are bad.

This is worth fighting for

You've brought up nothing worth speaking about, it's just whining.

nothing more pathetic than young men mindlessley repeating the words of dead men

I think that's rather subjective. At least you admit what i thought from the get go, that you're not here to argue in terribly good faith

im not even the person you replied to originally i just think its sad how a bunch of young people today representing what they think is the left say they care so much about this worldview and yet do nothing but larp viewpoints straight out of the 1930s

This is literally Holla Forums-tier selecting and reasoning.

what's sad and pathetic are these silly assed micro-raids launched at us two times every three days
either put up or fuck off dude

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When I see obvious bait threads like this, I can't tell whether it's posted by SJWs or alt-right.

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me(true gamer): I have devoured Houellebecq, gobbled Schopenhauer, feasted on Mishima, and they have prepared me for this solemn and tragic moment.

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I agree. We need to take all women rights away to achieve equality.

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