Why are you a lefty, Holla Forums?

Why are you a lefty, Holla Forums?

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Because a socialist society would be more productive and efficient than a capitalist one


I'm not, I just sympathize and look into it. The only reason I give credence to it is because there is no reason to necessarily assume capitalism will remain unlike all the previous systems, and also materialism makes the most sense as a way to analyze history and society to me. Still, I wouldn't throw out any "idealistic" explanations or elements just yet, I'd encourage the rest of you to look into praxeology, I believe it could be usefully synthesized.

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the disease of urbanism can only be overcome through communism.

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High lQ

I want a shorter work week so that I can actually have a life, for starters.


because capitalism is shit

A large part of why people turn to left politics is fraternity, as in, they basically care for other people. This was one large part of why I go into this, however thinking about it it's hard to understand, yet it remains as a potentially very considerable aspect of left politics. So, basically, why are we lefties instead of trying to become the bourgeoisie ourselves, which seems much more practical?

I grew up in Yugoslavia, and I was 14 when comrade Tito died. As my country (Macedonia) gained independence I noticed the culture shift to by more hostile, impolite, and generally selfish. Three of my cousins died pf drug overdoses, I knew many people who starved unwillingly (as well as a few willingly), and I saw people grow more racist and unaccepting of others. When I was seven my family let a Bosnian girl stay with us as her parents rebuilt their burnt house, now it makes the news when people do things like that. The almost fascist and puppets that ran Macedonia (to the ground may I add) simply hide problems from their devout voters rather than fix their problems. I feel that under Tito a Macedonian in leadership lead because he felt that the world would be better if we helped the working class make their decisions, though that may just be childish naivety. I know Tito and the fellow communist aren't paragons, but they had ideas and those ideas inspired and helped millions of people to be their own people, as well as assist others do the same.

I think the mistake that was made was Tito enforced autonomy rather than unity. I always saw myself as different (though almost never better than) Serbs and Muslims, I feel that if we saw ourselves of just "Yogoslavs" maybe we wouldn't be a disgraced peoples on a once beautiful land.

Also, as a man who worked in a nursing home in Argentina, I knew many German, Spanish, and Italians who lived under fascism and only met one Italian who actually liked it. Meanwhile, most Yugoslavs, East Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, and a few Hungarians have at least some communist nostalgia. What's up with that?

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Wew gramps, I didn't expect to find a member of the old guard here. How did you find Holla Forums?

I use the internet instead of TV because I feel the technology is more interactive and useful. I also started playing video games when I was thirty, and started watching the anime one of my games were based on. From that I discovered 4chan, than Holla Forums, and now I have a little slice of the internet full of actual young leftist. I know video games and anime are adolescent, but I only get ~4 hours of free time a day so I like the simple decadence.

Because I'm a 16 year old idealistic retard.

Anger and fraternity


Don't worry Muke, we all went through that phase. Then you turn into a lolbert, fascist, and eventually rediscover leftism.

economics and logic


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Why do you believe in fraternity? Why not just become a Porky yourself like said?

But im dont :DDDDDDDDDDDDd

yeah we figured from your endless shitposting and brainlet replies

Because while capitalism once encouraged greater productive forces it now hinders them and needs to go.


it applies to both of you so it's all good

Because I have experienced firsthand the kind of shit capitalism puts us through.

Because the right wing is just nihilism

There is literally a anarcho-nihilist flag on this board. I can't remember Holla Forums ever having a nihilist flag on their board.

all their flags are nihilist flags you brainlet