Richard Spencer gives up touring college campuses due to ANTIFA punching his face and disrupting his rallies.

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Far-right nobodies like Richard "White Kids Are The Right Kids" Spencer love Antifa cuz they act as megaphones for their message. Dicky can't pull crowds on his own so a buncha lefties protesting outside of whatever space he's giving a speech at boosts his turnout from 20 to at least 200.

He's giving up, but not cuz of Antifa.

the last rally/speech he tried to hold had less than 20 attendees specifically because of antifa

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You didn't win. You'll have to kill him to win. In fact you'll have to kill all of us to win.

We've got that covered.

At what time code does he say that?

One day,soon

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Motherfucker, you and I both know you're gonna rot in front of your computer stuffing your face with goddamn microwave White Castle burgers until your leg tendons atrophy just like every other pathetic failson in your "movement"

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Here's another one: ANTIFA kicks the ass of Montreal cops.

That first one is pure karma

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It's a deal.

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rev up those gulags :^)

No backsies!

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This is what I've been saying. We are losing because we are too pacifist and peaceful. The alt right needs to start getting serious and start making the lives of nonwhites and their families hell if we want to survive.

at around 14:30

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don't worry we'll get there

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Nah you'd wake up eventually or kill yourselves from how miserable you make yourselves.

Please tell me that short clip is also loaded to YouTube to spread all over the place.

Too bad it isnt real

It actually is real

uh ok lol

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I'm saying that we won't survive if we don't match deeply triggering and problematics in violence. If someone wants to kill you for being white, you can't just debate them away.

Not to be sexist, but I'd bet money that the woman in the middle is a white nationalist in no small part because she likes the attention from desperate men.


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God I love our filters making faggots sound like faggots

uh ok lol

Everyone wants you dead for your personality not your skin color.

Wrong, the conflict is racial in origin. Immigrants who see themselves as conquerors versus the white natives.

Everyone wants you dead for your personality not your skin color.

That's why antifa BTFO you.

Do you get benefits for being this retarded?

You know, I just have to ask, and I hope at least someone can give me a decent answer; Richard Spencer is a neonazi piece of shit, how the fuck does he keep securing these "speeches" at college campuses when literally everyone hates his fucking guts? Is there like a mini alt-right group at each one of these colleges that keeps inviting him over? And furthermore why don't the colleges themselves step in and tell him "this is our campus and we don't want you here, now fuck off." Somebody help me understand?

MP4 unrelated.

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He'd sue them for some free speech bullshit. I went to a board meeting at a university where he wanted/wants to go. The place was full of butthurt activists, but the board members didn't give a shit. Some threw out typical "muh free exchange of ideas" shit, but even the ones who don't want him to come seem pretty scared of getting sued. The only viable legal option seems to be showing that a visit from Dick would be too much of a threat to students. I'd assume things are similar at other classes. Either the free speech claim is strong or Dicky Spence has some legal muscle.

Should add that he's probably targeting public universities since he couldn't sue private universities for free speech violations. My guess would be some porky with money wants to get a claim into the supreme court

Because remember "muh public schools are le socialism" aka in non retarded terms mostly partially or fully public funded and regulated institutions and receive their funds from people that widely consider little shitheads like you vermin that pleaguess the country, if not for the few that consider you just useful brainless idiots and when the institutions drop the bar so low they allow trash like you to masturbate over be it Maos or be it Marxs delusions at their premises, they have lost every exuse to deny autist like spencer the right to speak by a long shot and they have to resort to their useful idiots to ch imp out to monkey around the very regulations that give people like you some ground to speak in first place instead of getting curbstomped by the Queens guard.

b-but i like those and im leftist

Kill yourself faggot, Richard Spencer is a joke and a loser
t. fascist



Punctuate your dorky ass sentences, dumb bitch.

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its because its a no-carry zone. that never stopped Seung-Hui Cho and Marc Lepine, though. maybe next time, chump.

Bump to trigger right wing lurkers

I would do that with you, user.
The difference is leftists don't LARP about genocide and a hwite enthostate.

The only thing you fascists understand is violence

We'll never stop until you shut the fuck up.

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