Political Ideology Catgirls

Does anyone have a better quality version of this image of this spectrum? Also, political catgirl thread in general I suppose

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This shit is haram.
Furries get the bullet

All religionfags get mandatory re-education.

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Here ya go fampai
Does anyone happen to have the actual comics saved?

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nihilist-chan deserves more love tbh but I don't really care if you won't give it to her

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This shit is fucking autistic and if I were an /r/socialism mod I would have banned this guy because it's retarded

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So you're one of those "no-fun-allowed" types, eh?
This isn't by far the most autistic thing this board has been up to and the OC and subculture that this specific thing brings to this board are valuable.

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this to be honest, while I dont think they need to be here, it can attract normies and help soften the image of the far left, I mean fuck I bet you can even convert drawfags which means more mouth breathers to manipulate

W H E R E I S N A Z B O L C A T ?

Look what /pone/ did to Alunya. This is an act of war right?

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not really. I mean none of us on leftypol really care

second one isnt that bad but come on man fucking spoiler the scat, no one wants to see that

I take it back, what the fuck is going on with aluyna's fucking back in the second one, it seems to have sunken in to far.

Unironically kill yourself.

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I'm in love with Stalinist cat, I want to make her smile and feel pretty.

We need more Anarchist cat and more Syndicalist cat

dont like catgirls or anything anime styled at all
but that egoism one im a sucker for women with round glasses

I mean hey if they really want to fap to alunya and make more porn of her, all the more power to them


Shoot yourself reactionary.

This artwork is horrible. Poneniggers can't draw but that's to be expected when all you do is recolor a template from a little girl's TV show.

>yfw Stalinist-chan will never then take you home, clean you up, and then proceed to vanguard your purity by seizing your means of reproduction.
>yfw Stalinist-chan will never then make you sleep on the floor next to her, forgoing her own sheets to keep you warm through the night.

Why even liveā€¦

Also remember to sage.