I just finished "Hypernormalisation". What a trip...

I just finished "Hypernormalisation". What a trip. I haven't felt this shaken up since I saw collapse back when it came out. How many of you fuckers have seen it or what are your opinions on it?

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It was bretty good. I remember watching it with a bunch of leftypol comrades when we streamed the DNC convention stuff. Insightful albeit without a conclusion.

I don't think this was from Hypernormalization, but I saved it from a webm thread months ago.

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It's not but this is also good.

What is it?


Spurdo poster continues to be a fag

It's alright.
Most of it I was already aware of. if you ever get a chance, you should watch some of John Pilger's stuff too.

Also,if you guys want to watch the doc, you can do it here

All of Cutris's other stuff is here too

It has some gross oversimplifications but it's mostly good and definitely an interesting watch. Curtis is not a leftist (his words) so sometimes he resorts to idealist distortions to explain things simply.

It's better to start with century of the self rather than hypernormalization, which is very much all over the place.

Adam Curtis can go fuck himself with his high minded justifications for neocon bullshit.

Drumpf is a mindhacker
t.adam spurtis

Wasn't Michael Ruppert kind of looney though?
Some of the things he said made sense, but I remember him saying that he thought the U.S. leaked info to the Al Queda hijackers of 9/11, and some strange story about him dating a honey pot who had connections to the Shah of Iran. Some of it can be hard to believe.

How did anyone like that garbage?

Great, now read Heroes next.

the century of the self is much better

This was on Chapo and the video was made by the absolute boy ☭TANKIE☭ Sinatra

I'm an hour in, what a fucking wild ride.


The Mayfair set is a better Curtis doc

Spurdo poster prefers books because you can put books in your shelf and make people go like "oh he's intelligent he reads books!"
While you can't put most movies on a shelf because nobody buys CDs anymore


It's long ,it's boring, why should I watch it?

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It has a very large picture of how world politics got to the place we are now. It's not boring if you like geopolitics

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Tell Curtis to stop working at the damn BBC and start posting here while we donate to his Patreon.


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Only exists because the BBC asked for it to be made.
Tries to come across a lot more woke than it actually is.

How does it undermine what its putting across. It's showing porkies are in control. At lease good for normies.

Two hours in and it's basically pic related.
It's interesting to know that the civ 5 diplomacy mechanics are actually accurate.

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6/10 didn't mention economic motivations about Syria and the rest of the countries America fucked up
Wew, who knew that a major news network would omit important factors to present its version of reality in a movie about the manipulation of reality, talk about hypernormalisation. Too much fucking idealism and things "just happening" because no one knew what to do.

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fffffuck when oneohtrix came in I got goosebumps

Sorta related, this article on Ursula le Guin and how her fiction can help us escape hypernormalisation.


this weird focus on trump is putting me off

It was made before the election.

it was made during the election/slighly after.
Holla Forums did a stream of it with popcorn only a couple of days after it was released.

It really changed the way I looked at things when I first watched it, and it gave a real in-depth look at the 1980’s LA glam rock scene. I remember the scene where Chris Holmes from wasp WASP was getting drunk next to his mother while floating in a swimming pool with his clothes on.

Too bad the orange juice scene was fake. Oh well, still funny.

Dude, Hypernormalisation is neo-con bullshit.

Watched time ago and recently. They've added a extra bit on the end about the election.

This is a very well made documentary. It's its first of its kind to manifest geopolitics in a juicy narrative, which plays like a story.

Despite the emphasis on trump (its the BBC), the documentary manages to be perceived as unbiased and in effect gives the viewer more room to think for themselves.

This is the best piece of media to get politically interested people to think in a more geopolitical manor.

Congrats to Adam Curtis for beautiful editing.

Does Curtis still consider himself a neoncon? I know he did at one point.