How do we change marxism's image problem? the right has a monopoly on what is good and beautiful and true...

how do we change marxism's image problem? the right has a monopoly on what is good and beautiful and true, with their timeless traditions, seems like no one is afraid of nationalism anymore. What happened? Did this generation forget the holocaust?? Why do they cry about the holodomor and pol pot and gulags…wtf they ignore nazis.
while marx gets associated with gulags, gay prides sodomy, death, atheism, materialism (in the bad sense) , destruction of family via promiscuity and even feminism and abortion in modern times. The liberal left is complicit in this characterization and now people are starting to think marxism is another form of consumerism since it obsesses around economic transactions and economic relations like hip hop music videos, my friends stopped wearing Che shirts when they realized he was a racist and fake; I just saw this youtube vid and its really what people think
tthe stereotypes need changins

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Marxism is sexier than ever. Who cares if polfags don't like us.

this is the bad attitude and why no one takes marxs ideas seriously anymore even in academia




US right wing politics is based on an entirely made up reality and their intellectuals are nothing but pseudo-intellectual ideologues pretending to be academics and “skeptics”.

honestly they should be laughed off the stage and then shot when they say it’s not a comedy act. how americans cope i don’t understand.

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Lol no, he advocated for civil rights in america. He might have said some racist shit about black people in the past, but you'd be forgetting that he also championed civil rights in Cuba and attempted to start a revolution in the Congo.
He may have been a Stalinist, but he was certainly for revolution and national liberation. How the fuck is that fake? Have you read the motorcycle diaries?


seems like an accelerationist and centrist to me, yes weird guy and totally incoherent

marxism doesnt even have an image because if you ask a local grandma you see at the store what she thinks about the latest stormfront forum posts or antifa trashcan burnings, she would ask you to go away
and this elderly grandma really is majority of the under replacements level populations you have in developed world

here's the actual political scene in developed world, as measured by parliament seats:
liberals are like 60%, conservatives are like 39%, and everything else, all the communists, racists, religious fundamentalists, and everyone else basically, they are all just 1% of the laws enacted in the parliaments of the parliamentary democracies we are talking about here

and everyone left of liberals is also automatically a liberal too, according to the grandma, and everyone right of conservatives is automatically basically also just a more zealous conservative according to the grandma

and conservatives are not even wrong when it comes to their debate with liberals
you see, liberals used to be right when conservatives were bible thumping tards who had nothing useful to say, and so they got ignored
but now, now things are different
now conservatives are correct when they point out that borders are useful to maintaining quality of life of the developed world, when they say that whoring around wont make you happy, when they say that biology exists, when they say muslims are undesirable to enlightenment culture that separates church and state, when they say women cant lift cement bags or drag bodies out of harms way in firefighter/police/armed forces etc etc etc

and all political debate you see everywhere is just liberals vs conservatives, everything else is a fringe that has no judical or economic or military or political or diplomatic or any power or relevance whatsoever

seeing threads like this every day is getting a bit old
capitalism caused everything you mentioned, from gay pride sodomy to destruction of the family and abortions

In November 1917, after the October Revolution, the Tsarist criminal code was abrogated by the Bolsheviks, thus legalizing same-sex sexual intercourse between consenting adults in the Russian SSR and the later Ukrainian SSR.

my grandma lived under communism and has lots of memories, good and bad, mostly bad, but she won't shutup about it

is same as
and yet in most former """communist countries""" homosexuals are still looked down on while you have it behind every corner in the west

lol, slav here, how do you explain dissing fags even before communism then?

we hate fags because of constant wars that happen in our region, and fags, girly and flamboyant, you know, westerner type, loud and colorful and in your face types the west seem to promote over there, simply serve no purpose in the historical buffer zone regions of the world, where you need virile and soldierly, manly types with a proper and healthy (in a biological sense) sex drive to produce the next generation of fighters who need to do the same

maybe being a fag works over there idk but here in slavlands faggotry is just a liability or weakness, not something particularly useful to be celebrated, and its because of the constant wars not communism

guess orthodox christianity has its benefits

You aren't hardcore, stop talking about your men as "virile and strong". Is it just me or is hatred for flamboyant, weak homosexuals and love for "straight", strong men just a repressed form of homosexuality expressed (ironically) through heterosexuality? Perhaps talking about how strong and virile your men are just sounds gay, and I'm reading into it to much. Sage for offtopic.

I wouldn't say it has an image problem as much as an adoption problem. The obviously feed into eachother, but we can't hope to fix the image without fixing the lack of support.
Bad music with women in unflattering dresses or bad music with women's asses out? Truly the ultimate battle to define our time. I'm going to go with Cultural Marxism, at least I can enjoy the ass.
Anyways, everything you talked about will only be fixed with education, reality, and morality. As far as I can think, these are the three things that drive people politically. They think something is logically correct, they are forced by reality, or they believe it is right.
As I can see it, a lot of people aren't possible to reach logically. Theory won't work on them. I'm not saying they can't understand the basics, but they probably won't understand the arguments. This isn't actually a wholly negative thing. These people are driven by very moral, emotional connections that are very ethereal and are often obscure. They are pretty much impossible to convince with logic, and can only be changed with jarring moral implications. These are the "Highschool Communists". They hate poverty, know that things are unfair and wrong, but aren't smart enough to understand Socialist theory, and are btfo by things like the Cambodian genocide. I use the Cambodian genocide because it is morally wrong and a """communist""" regime. This is the type of thing thing that likely btfos the "moralist" I described. These people are great because the more well-read Socialists can soothe them over the Internet. "But user, are you not aware that Khmer Rouge wasn't socialist? Here's a quote by Marx." If we had more Socialists, we could have this effect on a wider scale, like Capitalism already does through news shows. With a wider effect, we could "save" these "Highschool Communists" by providing them with answers to their problems. Then, we will keep them with our good effects, mission, etc… Providing answers to their moral questions and doing good will provide the best results with these people.
Speaking of the more logical types, these people are the ones you can reach through argumentation. Shock and awe through moralism works on them, but they are capable of argumentation. These are the people who will read Socialist news articles and are debaters. Evidence works on these people well, statistics with causation, studies, etc… all work very well with them. These people will inevitably be attracted to Socialist theory and knowledgeable types like debaters. Educating these people will provide the best results.
Then there are people driven by reality. They are the poor without insurance, the workers with the paycuts, the unemployed, etc… These are people driven by need, an will support policies that benefit them personally. Providing action to these people will be most effective.
Now, obviously, people are a mix of all three of these things. That's dialectics for you, but these are the ways people will be convinced and that the "image" of Marxism will change.

u wot m8

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Why do balkan retards always revert to talking about something that happend 500years ago
It's the same fucking thing as Crocucks saying they were a country in the 10th century
This stopped being a buffer zone some time ago user

balkan is a small pond with too many crocodiles
there is no peaceful solution physically possible
the most dominating group should simply genocide the rest and be done with it, this is literally the only solution with any merit or history/evidence support

if the outsiders simply didnt intervene in the balkans, balks would eventually sort it all out, just like all the current existing nations and animals displaced all the previous ones