Here's the deepest most secret redpill I've ever discovered in my jouney

Here's the deepest most secret redpill I've ever discovered in my jouney.

Everything pol complains is fucking related to a single topic.

Everything, from africa being a shithole with poverty and war, to japan having no babies, to white semen dropping in quality, to chemtrails, to fluoride in the water, to vacines that causes autism, to feminism, to porn, to drugs, to AIDS, to niggers, to alcohol in russia.

Everything is related.

Is the same shit.


They already started in 1950, and in the last few years they just started the stage II, which is to peak humans but keep the death mortality higher than the birth rate.

They already won.

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depopulation is simply a symptom of man's moral and spiritual decay. One of many. His addiction to material consumption and obsessing over money and economic relations is another symptom of decay.

there's nothing wrong with depopulation and eugenics though.

A lot of terrible things have been done in the name of population and birth control but these changing trends are macro events that are too big to be the result of a conspiracy on its own.

It's also likely that a baby boom might begin in the 1st world during the 21st century. :

Fertility trends have historically shown themselves to be reversible. The thing is whether people are having a shit-ton of kids or Japan-tier reproduction, we're all getting fucked by capitalism. The weird thing for me is I wouldn't mind having a fair number of kids under socialism but having kids under capitalism? My heart breaks for kids born into this capitalist nightmare. I guess though, children carry on the struggle their parents and grandparents started and so on.


hmmm? Its not like I think depopulation/population control doesn't real. The US has been pushing it for a long-time on other countries since immediately post-WWII at the earliest although the American eugenics movement and the Nazis imagined something like this far earlier

Still, what we're talking about is massive social changes that I think are difficult to quantify as mono-casual. I think its not a coincidence that birth rates tend to fall as countries become more developed but even this is not an explanatory factor in itself as OP's chart shows.

watch this.

There's nothing wrong with eugenics, but depopulation for depopulation's sake is just not okay.

Why not? As long as no one ones being harmed or stopped at gunpoint.

The world can't support endless amounts of Humans

Why not?

It is good that the population is shrinking. Fuck markets.

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Throughout history people that strived to attain a high moral and spiritual state have abstained from reproducing like monks and priests. There is nothing moral and spiritual in preserving and expanding material life, a spiritual person wants to transcend material life.

Depopulation reduces material consumption. Total depopulation ends material consumption.

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Earth doesn't have unlimited resources, and larger populations will drain the earth more.

except it's shit and we already have genetic counseling anyway


Then we'll just import resources from space. Welcome to the C U R R E N T Y E A R.

People in developed nations don't have offspring because kids are the perfect consumers and a very easy prey. They don't save, don't look for cheaper options, don't care about product's quality or their real value, they fanatically follow new trends and ostracise those who don't, etc. It's just really expensive to have such an unltimate goy in your home and to buy him all that stupid shit some evil toy&gizmos producer brainfucked him to desire.

I'm not replying to OP, I'm replying to the thread as a whole.
- OP is right, there is something happening, to do with population growth
- it isn't a resource thing I'm talking about, though resources are important.
- it's a psycho/social thing. with more people taking up space and time in the world, more and more our relation to material things is mediated by other people.
- or: the more people there are, the more people are reacting to people's reactions to things, in ways that have nothing to do with the way that they should be reacting to things.
- so our responses to the world become less accurate, and we end up nuking each other or something.
- unless we have less kids. we don't need genocide or anti-natalism.

- the production of cognitive systems does not exceed the complexity of the action of cognition
- when cognition complexity exceeds the complexity of the world at hand, cognition only adds noise to the system
- or, "when the whole world is a brain, what is there for the brain to cognize?"

how is that a problem?
and who is complaining about it…

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I wish people would stop posting this sexually confusing cursed image.

Who said it was for its own sake? There are million ways (economic, ethical, political) to defend it while all of "make more babbys, lol" boils down to is feels over reals.

10/10, I'm dying

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Good, the world needs less fucking people on it, our rulers do something right for a fucking change.

Broken clock strikes again.

The only thing that changed in regards to birth rates is that perceptions have changed from children being an asset that serves as a gateway into wealth (a sort of ultimate retirement plan) to children being a cost and a luxury. This change can be laid at the feet of neoliberalism. You don't need grand conspiracies to get people to follow basic economic incentives and the resulting cultural mores.

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