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Ok I have a question:

Lets say a man was born into poverty. Ran away from his abusive home to a big city. Learnt English, studied his craft from books, and got into a free government university (yes that's a thing Burgers), graduated top of his class, started interning in a company, promoted to a high position over years, then left the company to own his own business.
Now he runs an agency with 10-15 workers, pays them all above standard wage for the position and is a very well liked boss.

He came from literal poverty to earning 300-400k$ a year, solely on his own merit.

Is this man our enemy? Solely because he owns a business? I am legitimately asking because he is my father and I am in a dilemma now that I'm in college.

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read Marx nigger.

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thank you for your input I guess.

He’s still a slave to Capital.

this desu

He is. He still has debts, he hates the dictator on top here and is a DemSoc.

at the point he started exploiting other peoples labor that became wrong. I don't mean that to say that hes horrible and never did anything, dont take the word 'exploit' personally, but hes earning money largely on the(individually small) merits of his employees.
Thats normal under capitalism.

if theres a revolution, and he tries to defend his position, then he's an enemy of the revolution. If not, then he's not.

He isn't any of our "enemies" personally. Leftism isnt fucking moralizing, its a structural description of whats bad about capitalism and attempt to devise and implement a better way. Never let LARPers with a hero complex misguide you about this. I don't hate your dad. You don't have to hate him to be a socialist.

he put it in two lines.

If a full scale revolution ever to happen here he would join them without any doubt. Thanks for your actual reply.

We have no enemies besides those who can't even have the intention of cooperating with the movement. Besides, people like him could use their capital for advancing it instead:

just keep it in mind when the shitposters start rolling in, this is a good unintentional bait.

t. Obvious petite bourgeoisie

He's a good guy. We'll increase his taxes a bit to mitigate income inequality but otherwise he's fine.


All the while using slave labor of the third world and it's resources to prop up first world living standards while the initial contradictions of capitalism continue to build up.

Neocolonialism and world bank debt enslavement of Africa is Socdem Gang

Keynes literally proposed an International Clearing Union to sort trade out fairly. It's not his fault that Porky and AmeriKKKa decided to say no and create the monstrosity known as the IMF.

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t. Karl Marx, Capital vol. III

Commodity production,ecological collapse from overproduction of resources,accumulation of capital,unemployment and the ever increasing need for profits and cheaper goods all dissapear if we just tax the rich more and give out welfare!!!!

Murdering leftists is actually existing socdem. Adolf Hitler is my socdem comrade

have you read Marx yet?

since we don't have free will, working your way to the top is just a matter of luck, It's no different from winning the lotto.

Unlike Holla Forums, I don't childishly reject morality, so I'll respond to your post.
That's a broad question. Your dad sounds like an okay guy, I don't hate him, and I appreciate that he pays his workers above value. Is he a Capitalist? Sounds like it. Will he own a business under Socialism? No. Will it be taken from him by force? If he doesn't give it willingly.
The facts are that your dad has secured a good life for himself and seems to be doing good to others. He isn't a bad guy any more than the workers who refuse to rise up. If people rose up, your dad wouldn't have to be a capitalist to not be exploited.
INB4 great Holla Forums dialectician white washes my post as class collaborationist/some bullshit.


OP, you should consider talking to your Father about converting his company to a cooperative. There are many successful cooperatives here in England. This is the route I would choose if I ever became self-employed and wanted to expand my business.

Worse than a slave driver. 'Good' porkys like 'good' slavers justify the system they work within.
You obviously don't have a strong understanding of Marxism, I'd suggest reading some more of his works like Wage Labour and Capital. That's not meant to be a rebuke, I really believe it would help answer your question.
The key thing to remember is that no individual is our enemy, it is the system they work for which oppresses them as well.

Good porkies can get a good wall, good bullet from a good gun.
or if they're especially good, reeducation camp and gradual reintroduction into lower stage communist society


We all still have a will. Whether it's "free" or not is a meaningless point and essentially a religious argument.

Not an enemy, obviously, but if he were really a good guy hed make a coop and not a hierarchical company he has now

By free will i mean being capable of choice.
Human brains are physically uncapable of breaking causality, therefore, there is no real merit in anything you do, since what happens to you and how you react to it is beyond your control .Failure or succes are not options.


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Hold on, didn't you just say he is extracting money from 15 people? Then he isnt earning 400k a year from his own merit.

Also, nobody should be earning that much money, get fucked you rich whiny cunt.

>OP suddenly vanishes after I note that he might be the load bearing drywall grover from something awful


I had the same thought.

I'm reading old lf/sa drama on twitter and apparently there was another contractor who in 2016ish decided to build his own ugly death trap house and broadcast his autism on the world's worst forum

I am probably too young or not anglo enough to know about this something awfull forum. What was it all about? I cant access the archives.