Neolibs/Radical Centrists

Why don't we get rid of these people first instead of wasting time fighting eachother?

I mean we can still gulag/concentration camp eachother when they're gone.

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Agreed brother. Death to the liberals.

Let's do it

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WTF you guys literally want to team up with fucking fascists? Why abandon LGBTQQIP2SAA workers in favor of reactionary scum? Fucking kys you privileged white brocialists.

Red Brown alliance is best alliance

Smash liberalism

I see no problem with this except the fact that I'm mixed race (white/asian).
Would I even be accepted?
I grew up in europe, love my country, love my culture, love my language ecc.
How is possible that an American thinks that he has more right to be called Austrian More than me?
Until I get a smart answer from Holla Forums I can bring my self to think some of you guys can have good intentions


We Nazbol now

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Dude just admit you're asian; whitey will never accept you and will always think of you as a freak.

t. your friendly asian brother

t. virgin

That's cuz Burgers think "white" is a nationality that stretches from America to Europe to Australia.

Since when do Asians operate on the 1 drop rule?

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2nd molotov ribbentrop pact when?

Can we kill the an-fems as well?

Holla Forums's natural progression:

brocialist => ☭TANKIE☭ => nazbol

Goddamn nazbols

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No, we are not Nazis.

Sure. Since they probably identify as attack helicopters it won't even add up to the body count anyway. ;)

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Why do you want to be Austrian? Asia is 100000 times better than Austria.

It's not that I want or not want, it's just that I was born here and lived here all my life.

Well no. Everyone here accepts me as the same as them, I never understood if nazi agree with it or not tho. Also I don't even speak Japanese nor I have ever been there so I'm asian only in look

No, why?

What the fuck is this thread even.
Hell no, there isn't even such a thing as centrist, there's just liberals which are ours to indoctrinate and lolbergs which are yours to indoctrinate, that's it, now leave.

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Holla Forums please work on your bait