Why do people say things like Cultural Marxism causes fun...

Why do people say things like Cultural Marxism causes fun? I'm a "facist" I don't know why Nazis(National Socialist) say this. I mean east Germany was definitely much less degenerate than West Germany. That's one of the many reasons I like communism I would much rather prefer communism(especially Syndiclism) than Capitalism.

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Shit forgot filters existed. d'egeneracy

The Frankfurt School were strongly anti-degeneracy. Even Marcuse didn't like the hippies much.

Because cultural marxism never existed. Literally research the frankfurt school, they strongly detested capitalism for causing the destruction of culture and causing d'egeneracy. By the way, you're not the only far-left "facist" here.

Cool who's your fav fashy dad? Mines Jose Antonio

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because it's an evil boogieman to explain everything wrong with the world(it's not capitalism btw it's the marxists that are behind everything)

Not one myself but the one I see posted the most is Oswald Mosley

Molsey is fucking lit my dude. Shame he got called a racist and anti-Semitic. Fucking shitler ruined everything

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C'mon dude, don't be a coward about it.

I-im not I swear!

Are you one of those so-called strаsserists or nazbol?

There is no such thing as "degeneräcy". Read a fucking book.

No,but their memes are okay.

Fascism and capitalism are not mutually exclusive and "syndicalism" is just an euphemism for class collaboration when used by fascists. Fuck off back to Holla Forums.

Have to agree here. Hell, the word even originates from the racism of early European """scientists"""

Because they need a boogeyman to blame their vices on, and its really convenient if you can link your vices and political opponents, like cultural marxism, or hippies and weed, or poor blacks and crack.

"D'egeneracy" has been in use since Ancient Rome.

I agree. Orthodox fascism was arguably a far-left occurence, but since it is now used to refer to xenophobic social democracy, it is not mutually exclusive with capitalism. Some people mistakenly refer to xenophobic socialists as "fascists", but this is simply not true, as definitions are organic, and fascism simply cannot be used to describe socialism anymore.

Oh, my mistake. I was actually referring to Degeneration Theory


Also the fact that the man they accuse of engineering cultural Marxism basically made a name for himself by going around calling all culture produced by capitalism degenerate (obviously he didn’t use that term but he might as well have).

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That party looks pretty lit, and terrifying

No, it wasn't. Fascism was born in reaction and opposition to socialism. The main targets of squadristi violence were leftists — socialist writers, labor leaders, striking workers. The only reason fascists managed to get themselves into power was that the ruling class were dead afraid of a revolution and fascists presented themselves as a solution to that problem.

What does that say in the pic.

hello leddit, please enjoy your stay.

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See here: danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1966637

I want a commisar mommy right now :(

Socialism ain't really anti-d'egeneracy per se. We just want the means of production and a ban on usury. Das it, mane. Everything else is Marxist-Racist-Leninist territory, AKA NazBol policy.

That's fine by me. I think facism and communism could really work together. Get rid of Capigalism and D*mocracy.

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"Hush, Adolf. No tears, only historical necessities now…"

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No, fuck you. There is zero cooperation to be had. Fascists are fucked in the head and only play lip service to anti-capitalism besides. As their entire history would attest. But even then, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Fascism is ultimately an anti-human ideology, you're in a death cult.

G-guys please look into your heart. We hate capitalism just as much as you do.

irony and sarcasm aside, what's the anti-capitalist fascist theory?

For real though, Germany was on the cusp of turning red before the Nazis took charge with damn near 50% of the population being socialist and you had them all killed. Same in Italy. Fascists only seem to exist to keep the means of production owned by Porky.

Cultural marxism does exist, however it is Marxists revisionism. This is the dangers of revisionism

Well there are plenty of them. They see capitalism as materialistic and many oppose free market Captilism read some of Jose Antonio's stuff.

Communism is just as materialist

We don't talk about him. Everyone knows that Asser brothers were much more better for Germany.

when you destroy religion and promote atheism and say nothing is sacred, everything is profane, a certain vacuum opens up in people's hearts, and they begin to take "liberties" where they once wouldn't, so the unwholesome flourishes in the public sphere.

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Really? I always see anarchists and communists fighting it out. Just bad is it?

Could've, would've, should've, fashy.

Yes we should show interracial scat tranny porn at kindergartens.

Nobody does or even wants that, spooklord.

You rightists are the degenerate ones for thinking, writing, speaking and drawing up filth like that.

M-mind giving some proof on that?

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I thought that shielding your fascism with leftist rhetoric was a bannable offense. Its a damn shame that the mods don't care anymore :(

Thought people hated the mods?

That would be inappropriate but not "degeneräte" — the latter is nothing but one of many right-wing buzzwords with no actual content other than raw upset feelings.

Don't you dare post DRPK along with your fascist bullshit. I bet you fell for the Koreans are racists who think their the master race and they all lynch gay people. Any North Korean would gladly crush your fascist head.

Also Fascists cry about cultural Marxism because fascism is fucking retarded and boils down too muh jooos muh people are too dumb for democracy. Just look at Holla Forums most of the time they couldn't even give you the definition of Socialism or Communism.

Althusser would like to speak with you

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Jose Antonio>>>>>>>>>Any Fascist/NatSoc leader

Have you ever read something about actual Fascism, like the Fascist Manifesto by Mussolini and Gentile?


t. typical ☭TANKIE☭

people get attached to their teams.
OP, I think you're misguided, and I'd shoot you if we were on opposing sides in a revolution, but respect to you for not being a capitalist or a moderate copout.

Yes I have and it's a load of steaming shit and it all comes down to muh people are too stupid for democracy and socialism is bad because equality is bad.

DRPK is left wing with a worker democracy, equal rights for all in the country, allows homosexuals has guaranteed employment,housing,medical care and does it's best given the conditions to fulfill Juche ideology.

Fascist Italy gassed and genocided Libyans and Ethopians
Fascist Germany we all know what they did
Fascist Spain also was brutal on the left and overthrew a democratic elected government

I mean aside from the worker democracy and equal rights for all in the country, the tank is right.
The whole "people are too dumb for democracy, and people are just NATURALLY unequal, along with rejection of of class struggle. On top of that they reject socialism entirely and just want to implement corporatism while maintaining reactionary social norms.

The DPRK being racist is up for debate, albeit they're very nationalistic, but to compare the DPRK with fascist Italy, Germany, and Spain is laughable. For all the talks of the DPRK "being the biggest threat to world peace", they haven't committed acts of genocide.

you think people are naturally equal?

using gas in war does not equate to genocide.
what? spit it out?

Yeah fuck off, cunt.

No shit, but it was their intention. Colonial massacres were common place.


Not to the point where democracy doesn't work or socialism shouldn't be aimed for. Anyway Socialists are aware people are different otherwise "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" would be "give everyone the same stuff" since people have different abilities and needs.

Displacing Libyans and rounding them up and machine gunning down tribals in villages is though, let alone their plans for the mare nostrum and their Yugoslav/Greek coastlines
The whole Jew gassing thing???
Or perhaps the plans to starve tens of millions of slavs to death to make way for German settlers and the planned destruction of Poland down to it's very history.
Yeah that's a bad thing if you havn't noticed

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How can they even compete?

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Honestly mate I hope we don't have this new faggot communism.

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hello fellow leftists

Because that is easier than looking in the mirror would be. It can't just be that "d*egeneracy" follows from the natural development of liberal democracy, the values of which they claim to uphold against the savage hordes. No, it has to come from some outside corrupting force, which is probably Jewish as well. If only we got rid of the Jew inspired feminism and gay prides and whatnot, the true organic community free of internal contradictions will emerge.

It's still the same thinking that animated the nazis, just more rhetorically refined.