Wednesday: Mathew Heimbach Destroys TWP, Thursday: Alt Right Youtuber Lures Teen, Now Bomb Threat

Things aren't going so well for the salt right the past three days. It seems they're actually a bunch of terrible horny degenerates? This is huge if it turns out to be true

Yeah we all knew about that, but what about the past two days

A Canadian immigrant who made white supremacist videos with Richard Spencer regularly, is accused of trying to "lure and imregnate" a Hispanic autistic teenager in high school, while he was married to another woman. He's since closed all social media accounts related to him

Three men who stand accused of bombing a mosque in Minneapolis, and subsequently an Illinois abortion clinic, accidentally revealed themselves when they tried to frame a rival who was having sex with one of their ex's.

I thought nazis hated this fun shit, what gives? They all seem like terrible broken people who can't live life correctly. I wonder if there's projection going on there.

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Are you surprised they’re hypocrites who can’t live up to their own standards? I mean, I don’t even really blame them. For all their talk of human nature, they seem to not understand how flawed humans can be.

Reactionary politics and sexual pathology really are related.

To be fair the original Nazis were no better. Half of them were either fat fucks or soyboy beaker looking motherfuckers like Goring and Goebbels, while the rest were whacked out on meth.

White revolution is not a dinner party.

You're right it's a family orgy apparently

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They were all whacked on meth and strychnine


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Nobody wants to have dinner with your unwashed butt anyways.

"When an entire arm of our political goals collapses because one of the leaders fuck another leader's wife and they're both related but not blood related but it's even worse than Woody Allen it's actually, not an L"

"Because I concede nothing we do is attractive to the population. What now lefties?"

*döner party

I sincerely believe the alt right will end in an American Republican from Oklahoma cannibalizing his entire family for extra coupon spending

And the alt right will praise the cannibal. That's the peak. The singularity of all of this, headed right into that direction.

"Man radicalized by Holla Forums eats his family, rallies held before his death sentence" is a headline that we will eventually read. And none of us will be surprised anymore.

What's his name again, comrades?

That's all I've got for now…

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Am I the only one who thinks Tito and Goring look a lot like each other facially. Now neccecarily the shape, but the general vibe.

I lost complete interest in them. I cam for the white nationalism, and noped the fuck out when i realized they wanted socialism just like antifa. Supporters of Socialism/Communism have lower Autism Levels. They both want gimmedats. Add in that anyone who knows history knows it doesn't work. Never has, never will. Even in a white ethnostate it would fail, and it is exactly because there are greedy dumbasses on both sides with himself control or the ability to delay gratification. And even the high Autism Level ones will try to game the system. Good riddance.


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I got far enough into your post

Nazis have always been failsons.

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accused of trying to "lure and imregnate" a Hispanic autistic teenager in high school

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This pic gets more real every day.

Can somebody say

Matt actually went for the chicken-and-egg combo, the absolute madman! Just like my Chinese cartoons!

I keep saying in several threads that reactionarism is a pathology, and people seem to think I'm being facetious. I'm not, I mean that 100%. These people are legitimately sick, and if only we had the funds, we should be looking for biological markers for it.

I'm glad that it only turned me into a worthless loner destined for suicide, even after leaving their cult.

Within three fucking days

Man these people are degenerate
Not like me. I'm not a pathological weirdo like these people.

I think a solid minority of people are trans, and even if we weren't the difference between self inflicted violence and inflicted violence is quite different.

For example, you can't get charged for self inflicted violence, but you can be charged for inflicted violence. This is news to apparently these people, and you.

Good luck.

What 20-25 years ago no one was really "trans" and this is largely a result of child abuse and indoctrination where you abuse small children and fill their heads with nonsense.

I think there's a difference between that and
1) Having sex with you a member of your wife's step family then beating them all up and collapsing your entire years long movement you worked to preserve, in a single night
2) Befriending and luring a special needs high school student with the intent to impregnate her as a form of perverse violence rather than actual interest in her as a human being
3) Lying to the police about a person who is having sex with your ex with the crimes you committed (bombing an abortion clinic and a mosque) then immediately getting caught for the crimes you committed

All of these happen to hurt other people, with little to no clear long term motive but a clear indication of actual pathological mental health problems more severe than someone being trans. When it comes to all three, at bare minimum antisocial personality disorder has to be considered.

If not straight psychosis. Getting caught having an affair with someone from your extended family and beating them all up, getting arrested naked, at your own expense. Trying to lure an autistic teenager to impregnate and leave. Trying to blame a bombing campaign on someone fucking your ex and being too stupid to realize the police will immediately realize it was you.

Do you not see the real big difference. There is a very large one.

Untrue. This has been recorded in the past. And regardless you're missing the point. The point I just made was,

Please reread my post.

reddit/pol/ just take the L and try not to cry about it.

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Identity Politics is your neighborhood, not ours. We're hardly liberals, though you have a lot of similarities.

Are you suggesting you aren't mentally ill, for not seeing the difference here? The point is not for opposing it but the difference between inflicted and self inflicted harm. Harming another person probably means you're a lot more mentally ill than some tranny.

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Just take the L. You're more similar to those people than we are.

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Identity politics makes idiots like you and the ones mentioned in op and you flip the fuck out and do crazy shit. More news @ 11

Identity politics are bad btw white people are evil and we should kill all of them or at least flood their countries with hundreds of millions of alien people and create coercive pressures like widespread affirmative action/quotas/set-asides to lower the birth rates and nudge miscegenation towards the annihilation of these people. Identity politics are bad though.

This is the current year.

Nobody here claims this
Nobody here believes this

Keep crying about identity politics in some weird fucking screed that has nothing to do with the OP like a manic depressive. Even if this was a problem unrelated to your feelings and was actual a material problem, I wouldn't trust an organization ran by anyone in the OP, or has morons among the ranks similar to you.

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Punctuate your sentences.

What does this have to do with the three people in the OP

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Do you read the posts you reply too. I completely agree with that user, what was what you previously said related to the OP in any way when all of us here would rather live without the liberal identity politics you just brought up, and the liberal identity politics representative of you

You're completely new to this board and you stink of reddit.

The entire premise of this thread is premised on the fact everyone on Holla Forums is mentally ill. Reading too much into things that aren't there is a sign of autism.

Did you just say you're similar to a gang member hahahahahahahahaha holy shit Holla Forums holy shit

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for fuck's sake mods, no need to turn this into a torture chamber

Nah he deserved to get banned

God, I knew Holla Forumsyps were dumb, this this is next level

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Most people in most communities deserve to get banned, actually following through with it is another matter. Mockery is better than banning, and it's not like he's derailing an important discussion anyway. Now I can't laugh at the shit he'll keep posting. And tbh I wanted the pic in that post.

Nah he deserved to get banned

They really are brainwashed

Holla Forums is practically a cult at this point. It's unreal. the modern right is completely bankrupt ideologically and morally

I didn't contest that fact tho. My point is, it's not worth banning him. Beware of idealism, user.

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It's worth it to ban a really shaky skinny pasty nerd comparing himself to a gang member. It's not really idealist.

According to Richard Spencer Autistic Hispanics = White Ethnostate.

It deprives me of a source of laughter. I can no longer exploit his laugh-power and hoard precious surplus-laugh.

Pick jews.

How many times do you think commie controlled opposition tactic is going to work?

Do we live in the fucking simpsons

But Holla Forums told me there are no such thing as poor Jews really initiate the almonds.

why are there so many deleted posts here? I came here to get my daily dose of reactionary autism from Holla Forums raiders but all I have is

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For that last one where did you hear a rival was having sex with the ex? I couldn't find info on that.