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Britain, France, Germany propose new sanctions on Iran

Britain, France and Germany have proposed fresh EU sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missiles and its role in Syria’s war, according to a confidential document, in a bid to persuade Washington to preserve the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran.

South Korea Shrugs Off Trump’s Latest Threat to Draw Down Troops

South Korea had a muted reaction after President Donald Trump hinted the administration might roll back military support for its longtime ally, a threat that came as the two sides seek to overhaul their trade deal while also disarming Kim Jong Un.

Seoul aims for more talks about talks with North Korea this month

South Korea said on Friday it was seeking high-level talks this month with North Korea to prepare for a summit and that the South Korean president may meet Donald Trump before the U.S. president’s planned meeting with the North Korean leader.

Corbyn Warns Against New Cold War With Russia Over Poisoned Spy

U.K. Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn warned Prime Minister Theresa May against sparking a new cold war after she expelled 23 Russian diplomats and unveiled a raft of other measures against Vladimir Putin’s government over the poisoning of a former spy in southern England.

France: Pensioners Protest Higher Income Tax, Unions to Strike

Measures that affect workers and retirees follow reductions in wealth and capital gains taxes, leading many to argue Macron is governing for the rich.

Iraq helicopter crash leaves seven American personnel dead

Seven American military personnel have died in a helicopter crash in western Iraq, the US Defence Department says.

White House Denies McMaster Is Next to Be Ousted

President Donald Trump is not about to oust his national security adviser, H.R. McMaster, according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, even as speculation intensified that McMaster’s departure had already been decided.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Wife, Vanessa, Seeks Divorce After 12-Year Marriage

Vanessa Trump filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr., the U.S. president’s eldest child and co-head of the family’s real estate business, according to court records.

Florida Bridge Collapses Days After Installation, Killing 'Several' People

Florida Bridge Collapses Days After Installation, Killing 'Several' People

Caterpillar to close facilities, could cut 880 jobs

Caterpillar Inc will close two facilities and is contemplating the closure of its engine manufacturing plant in Illinois, which together could potentially result in about 880 job losses, a company spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday.

Winn-Dixie is closing almost 100 stores as part of bankruptcy filing

Almost 100 Winn-Dixie, Harveys, and BI-LO locations are closing in the Southeast as the regional grocery chains' parent company prepares to file for bankruptcy.

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Trump’s reality show

North Korea’s nuclear strategy appears to have been vindicated, writes Eddie Ford

Welfare Work Requirements Won’t Help Puerto Rico’s Shattered Labor Market


Senate Expands ‘Lobbyist Bill’ to Deregulate Real Estate

Why the plan to weaken regulation of commercial real estate lending isn't such a hot idea.

Jeremy Corbyn proves himself to be true statesman as the Tories ratchet up tensions

France has been knocked into shape by its Nato allies, joining Britain, the US and Germany in declaring Russia “culpable” for the nerve agent poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury.

Sheriff legally used inmate food funds to buy $740K beach house


Won't work. Trump will just see this as European weakness and push for a "better deal" by tearing up the Iran agreement.

McMaster will be the next to be ousted.

There's hope lads

Trump wants an imperialistic war to boost his popularity in 2020.

The old don't switch horses during a false flag war routine.

this might be the most retarded strategy of all time, but the problem is it'll work


oh man, new cold war, new oppurtunities to get fucking nuked. It's time I embrace posadism and wait for the ayylmaos.

I don't think that would work out so well with Trump given his popularity ratings and belligerent attitude.

Besides, I don't think that's his plan at all. I think his advisors are just strongly pro-Israel and dupe him into pushing their agenda.

mother. fucking. pigs.

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LMAO, this guy lives near me. His house is in the gated rich people part of Orange Beach.

Dumb Quisling cunts. There is literally no point in sucking the Anglo Zio cock when you're about to embark on a trade war with them. And if the Amerimuts want war, likely nothing will dissuade them anyway.

just fyi this began as Electro-Motive Division, a unit under General Motors. GM sold it off as part of a corporate restructuring in the early 2000s, right before the morgage meltdown ruined the economy (and their car sales). Under Caterpillar EMD has made a lot of money. Also the comment about steel tariffs is total bullshit because Cat is big enough to just shove the added cost onto their enterprise clients who will still buy because Cat is one of the few companies able to offer automated vehicles for use on private property. The other company is John Deere, another IL-based equipment manufacturer who doesn't do their own rail manufacturing at all (which means: less money).

Also there's the much broader turn against internal combustion anyway, EMD/CAT in particular made BNSF's H2 cell locomotive which is still in use in California's ports who have to abide by strict emissions guidelines. The same technologies are licensed out to the companies who make the trucks that move cargo around the port itself. I mention this to demonstrate that Cat is making a lot of money with a lot of potential for growth.

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For clarity: growth that does not require engines nor engine manufacturing plants. Let's suppose Caterpillar tries going full bore into offering H2 cell products (100% feasible and practical, their equipment all uses electric drivetrains anyway so it's just plug-and-play), they'd make a huge amount of money from liberal states like CA, IL and NY while at the same time no longer needing to build engines.

This is what "automation" actually looks like: not a robot taking over a job, but a labor-intensive piece of equipment (a diesel engine) being replaced with something much simpler (a hydrogen fuel cell). Ironically it's a change the fossil fuel industry is largely indifferent towards, since they are also capable of supplying Hydrogen alongside their other Hydro-Carbon products like gasoline. It also manages to be slightly greener than pure battery powered trains too, since the minerals extracted to create batteries are usually done in environmentally destructive ways. Not nearly as green as an actual electric railroad though, but it does cut out local emissions.

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Also the hottest irony: GM could have made all this money, but gave it up to build H2s.

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You seem to know your trains. What's the point of fuel cell trains? Is non electrified track still that important?

new strait crisis soon

Electrifying track costs a lot of money to construct, doing so requires the railroad to build their own private power grid. As anti-trust legislation forbids them from selling excess power onto the actual power grid, they have zero incentive to build. On that note one of the original purposes of antitrust laws was to destroy the power railroads had over communities, an individual trolley line usually supplied the communities around it with power and telephone access at immense profit. And thus is why everyone was so happy to destroy them once an alternative (the automobile) came around in the 1920s.

To understand how much influence railroads used to have, about 25% of all internet traffic flows on Union Pacific owned land through northern California, built upon the original Transcontinental Telegraph. It's why the NSA's huge supercomputer is in Utah, adjacent the train tracks. The tracks' previous owner, Southern Pacific, also founded Sprint (Southern Pacific Internal Network Telecommunications) which is now a major cellphone provider. SP's founder also created Stanford University, who owns their own linear particle accelerator. The antitrust laws keep them from forming the huge, uncontrollable monopoly like they used to be.

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One more on the pile of "why you shoudldn't have private rail".

Be careful what you wish for. On the other extreme is the Interstate Highway System, a controversial device that is more or less a subsidy for auto, oil, trucking and homebuilding companies. It also did an amazing job of causing white flight and creating the modern all-residential suburb. It also destroyed most major US cities, for example Sacramento, California sacrificed it's riverfront "slum" for Interstate 5 which was built in it's place. Boston removed entire neighborhoods, part of a greater project which included the elevated Central Artery, which was replaced a few years ago with an underground freeway with more lanes. Meanwhile the disconnect between Boston's North and South continues to exist because nobody ever thought to spend that type of money on transit when cars existed.

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Trains are so awesome but why is there a Hatred betwen GM EMD's and GE?
Could some on explains this to me?

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Probably foamers foaming about how new trains aren't pure and perfect like they were when they were twelve.

This actually relates to leftism in a big way, in the infamous 1985 agreement made between America's major railroads and the then new(ish) United Transportation Union, which changed the way their pensions work. This angered the older union, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, who don't consider them pure or militant enough. Specifically UTU approaches trains like any other industrial device like cranes, rock crushers, cement mixers or factory equipment whereas BLET considers train operating similar to a piloting job.

BLET's leadership also knew Trotsky personally before he was assassinated in Mexico, whereas the UTU are filled with people who are ok with the idea of intermodal containers (which BLET opposed because containers made the job of loading gangs irrelevant, a manner similar to how better electronic train controls made the rear caboose and brakeman irrelevant).

You can witness this fight here, which will exist for another 40-50 years until all the pre-85 pension havers completely die off:





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Can someone explain to me why trains get autistically powerful fandoms?

They're colored boxes and you can make them go fast on a train track, this much is known by model train manufacturers and factors in the abuse/retention they use to keep their victims/customers coming back. Notably this cycle is broken once train lovers figure out how to paint their own trains.

it's that simple

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So what you're saying is… model train painting, is anti-imperialist, and perhaps revolutionary.

yes because it promotes self-reliance, self-improvement and maturity as opposed to blowing $100 more for the same thing but premade. Same also applies to model train parts as a whole now that 3d printing exists. This much is known in the modelling community, in all trades really. It's what separates iphone users from Richard Stallman, head of the GNU project. Going back even further it's why Mormons make all their own guns and reload their own ammunition, as opposed to just buying it. This is also how silencers are made.

In the modern era this is where the soyboy meme comes from.

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If you paint your own models and become proficient at it, they just end up looking awesome.
I wish, I had the money to afford a hobby like modeling, since I was a kid I always was so fascinated with trains, tanks and airplanes.

it's really a sad situation the state of rail roads in the US
if you knew how sad the situation of rail roads is in Mexico.

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They sacrificed a whole burrough for that higheway. Also no Bronx expressway no Hip Hop probably.

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The Harvey's in my town is part of this bankruptcy closing. With it gone it leaves only the Walmart and an IGA grocer left. This town of ~9,000 can have 11 banks but only 2 grocery stores.
I hate this shitty country

Please nuke us