Self-defense during protests

I'm making this thread to share *defensive* (not offensive) techniques comrades could employ for protests when we are threatened by the cops, white supremacists, or anyone who would threaten leftists. Share advice, tips for making gas masks or other items, gear to bring to a protest when shit gets real, etc.

Remember: this is DEFENSIVE, not offensive. Don't post incriminating shit like how to make a weapon. We are talking about ways to save your ass from being hurt, not ways to hurt others.

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Nah, i'm good.

Protests are gay


Something you can do is if you are being attacked, punch whoever is attacking you on the ear, it will stun him and leave him semi deaf, you should be able to escape afterwards

Defending yourself is violence. You wouldn't want to get put in prison for assaulting an officer when you wrestle out of a plainclothes cop's grasp, would you?

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Enjoy being lit on fire with all your books on "muh theory."

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That's gay as shit. If you're not close by to atleast nine other protesters you've dun fucked up
Now that's the good shit.


Helmets and shields. Also, gas masks, DIY if you can't afford one at an army surplus store.

Thick boots and some kind of arm padding in case the pigs beat you with their sticks.

Milk to get pepper spray out of your eyes. Vinegar for tear gas.

Shabbat shalom!

go to lainchan's /lit/ share threads, they have a lot of useful stuff, included offensive.
There is not only material about protest but also about privacy, OpSec, guerrilla, how to manage police when it comes to the legal aspects of protests, how to spot rats (those undercovered policemen who enter in your nasty lefty little group to spy).

Please don't post without lurking or cry about the nazi stuff between the comrade's books, it's a thread for all kind of people, even if i liked that imageboard more when they were all anarchkiddies :(

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Now something just doesn't add up here

It's a neutralizer. At least, wash your bandana in vinegar before the protest.

Between two different posts I've been told to use Antacid and vinegar which is an acid. Something doesn't seem to add up to me.

Wear bulletproof vest underneath a suit of armor underneath regular clothes
You'll thabk me later


Im sure reading theory alone in your cheap apartment will change things.

really, really bad praxis

let's just agree not all protests are created equal.

Better to read theory than be taken in by reformist illusions.

Learn krav maga. It was created by the Israelis so no Holla Forumsyp will learn it.


Not sure why people don't wear swimming goggles to keep tear gas and mace out of their eyes. They are air tight.

I haven't learned it but one thing I know is if you have to fight off someone with a knife you need to block with the outer side of your forearm where there aren't many veins and allow yourself to risk being cut in order to grab their hand and disarm them or else they can hit your vitals. I probably didn't describe that well though and it would take practice. Some use a taser knife to practice with so it gives pain without physical damage. Of course this is just if you can't run away since otherwise it's unecisary risk.

Whats the best way to thicken the gasoline you put in a molotov cocktail so that it will stick to people when thrown?

Put polystyrene and/or washing up liquid in it

guar gum also works pretty well if you can get it

This. Pretty usefull.

Hotglue the holes shut in ski goggles and add a little water (or spit) inside. Then they won't fog up

"Recipes for Disaster" is a great collection of techniques for direct action.

Get gas masks if you can afford them. Go with a group. Work out exit plans. Find an attorney in advance and write their number on your arms/legs. also bring cigarettes or joints to share with your comrades

I bring my sap gloves to rallies. I would recommend you get similar weighted-kunckle gloves.

You understand there is more steps to achieve comunism than "Hey lets sporadically burn shit and hit people"

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I approve of this praxis

Bad idea. Some people are allergic to cig smoke plus second hand smoke is something people don't want. It will force people to unnecisarily move around just to get away from the smokers. If someone is smoking they should do it in their own spot but this isolates them from the group. As for the joints why do that? Being high would slow their reaction speed making them more vulnerable plus if it's illegal in the area you just gave an excuse for police to start arresting people and searching them for drugs.

No one is telling you to breath in my smoke shit for brains.

Put cut up onion beneath face scarf to dilute tear gas. Palis do that here, they even manage to hold the can and throw it back.

Yeah sure just have everyone hold their breath or break up any order by having to move around constantly.

You're going to jail motherfucker.

They'll puff your cigarrettes, and add more drugs to your bag. Think about it, you're going to jail if you do that.

Dunno about you, but being a little bit stoned helps me tune out the stress of seeing people get punched / having flashbangs shot at me / etc. It doesn't impair my thinking or physical abilities.

He says don't post it, not don't do it.

Shitpost flag!!!

Check your surroundings, make sure you cannot be cornered and snatched out.

Invest in a good telescopic baton.

Flank in order to throw projecticles properly, avoid just smashing their shields.
If the thing is heavy or the throw nicely arced, you might land a shot over their shield, but they do have helmets so it's likely to take in the impact. Doesn't work in a testudo (shield turtle, shields over shields, etc)

Shields ain't for pussies, snatch one if possible or make one.

Don't roleplay a hero, bail out when things go south, getting snatched is one of the worst case scenarios. Based guerilla, retreat to fight another day as they say.

Covering your face is one thing, get yourself some goggles, gas mask, anything to hamper effectiveness of tear gas and smoke grenades.

Avoid clumped up formations unless participating in a direct assault/push or simply moving forward in a line.

Protective gear as mentioned is nice, but stay quick, agile and mobile, manoeuvrability is your biggest advantage.

Keep check of your stamina and work on it in spare time, bad positioning whilist out of breath leaves you vulnerable.

Bandages and peroxide are your friend and a friend of your friends, look out for fellows in need.

But first and foremost don't get hit with a slug shot. Shotguns, although giving the impression of spread fire, can be surprisingly accurate with the right gear and hand.

Having spare clothing in your backpack comes in useful when you need to bail out of your black bloc appearance to blend back in. Also good for makeshift bandages and slings for injuries.

All I can think of for now, sorry that it's not completly defensive, but it's better to know your way around offense if emotions and adrenaline get the better of you.

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No it slows wound healing.
That's good if they get some chemical on them but if not what about wearing reversable clithes? Just take it off flip it inside out and it looks like different clothes.


Good point on the peroxide, nontheless it's good to have some mild antiseptic alterantive, even a minor wound can easily get out of hand with infection and inflammation.

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