Left wing Japanese politics where did they go?

Left wing Japanese politics where did they go?
Did they really ever exist?
Are they still around?


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The JCP is still one of the more successful communist parties in a developed country, but I’ve heard conflicting things about the extent to which they have gone succdem.

it never existed

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The American is reactionary due to his education, but the Japanese is reactionary in his blood. There will never be a left-wing movement of significance in Japan. Just let them die out in their autonomous, antinatalist, hypercapitalist state.

The only leftist policy possible in Japan is make it a backyard of DPRK with a big volcano in the middle.

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If I remember correctly there was a Maoist student movement that went so haywire they purged themselves out of existence for ideological purity. Then there was the one that one that went round hijacking shit and shot up an Israeli airport.

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The bassist of this band was involved in a plane hijacking with en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Red_Army
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As i understand it post-Meiji Restoration there were a number of pro-democracy movements and later communist ones as marxist and anarchist ideas seeped into Japan. Mostly minor stuff like small circles of intellectuals and the like.
As Japan industrialised consolidating the Zaibatsu cartels further and begun increasingly realising its imperial ambitions post-WW1 the army/navy cliques and corporate oligarchs took hold of more and more sections of government, phasing out the short-lived period of liberal democracy.
This was exacerbated by reactions to the October Revolution since the Comintern had set its eyes on Japan as an important developed nation to spread world revolution to and the JCP had been formed and while it was banned its candiates stood for other parties and were winning. This combined with the external threat of the USSR was worrying to the Japanese state and especially actions like the attempted assassination of Hirohito (then prince regent) by a marxist student caused a large backlash in the form of the peace preservation law which banned other political parties and allowed the implementation of a total police state whereby any dissent against the current order was punishable as in the case of the March 15 incident (election led to government only keeping one-seat majority so they launched a crackdown on communists arresting 1600 communists and sympathisers). The secret police was very effective in infiltrating the communist organisations and successfully brought them all down suppressing the JCP's leadership entirely (also the Comintern all but stopped supporting the JCP suspecting it of 'Trotskyism', although compared with the KPP they got of easy)
During the 30s and 40s some 70,000 people were arrested under that law and leftism was entirely suppressed. When the US occupation kicked in after WW2 the peace preservation laws were repealed and communists were released with other political prisoners but new US occupation laws banned communists from taking public offices and banned trade unions which were communist backed while the Nikkeiren (Jap federation of employers) organised anti-communist unions effectively monopolising unionisation.
Communist groups organised various acts of terrorism which peaked around the Korean and Vietnam wars like the Japanese Red army. During the Vietnam war there was an upsurge of aggressive leftist activism especially among students as well as some syndicalist activity.
But this wave died with the rest of the 'new left' and Japan hasn't seen much in the way of leftist politics or activity, despite producing many great leftists, until more recently as the JCP emerged out of obscurity following the 2008 crisis to make parliamentary gains and being now one of the most successful parliamentary communist parties alongside Greece's and Portugal's although their policy program is effectively socdem and they don't present themselves as radical in any way really. Still they benefit from being the only authentic opposition in Japan since its a de facto one-party state with all parties aside from the JCP being LDP puppets who consistently field joint candidate with the LDP especially on local government level where the JCP is the only other candidacy.


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Did anything change after the 1985 riots?

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The Japanese Left was very active and uncompromising in the '60s and '70s.

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