Prostitution, Abortion, CLASS WARFARE

Prostitution is okay.
Women choose what to do with their bodies.
So selling their bodies like objects to men is okay.
However, the unborn baby has no money.
The woman can either provide charity for the child, or oppress the young human being by terminating their life.
This is class warfare. The lowest rung of society, those who have no access to wealth and no wealth of their own, are oppressed by abortionists.
Feminism is class warfare.

Selling body for money is okay.
Giving body to unborn child is not okay.
Abortion is Class Warfare!(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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Any woman that's had more than one abortion should be sterilised, given that they obviously can't control themselves

Stopped reading there. Prostitution is bourgeois and will be abolished under socialism.

Not in a socialist society.

My body my choice.
By using a mix of prostitution and boytoy swapping I have saved more money in 6 years than I would have going to college and trying to pay off debt.

Why would prostitution exist under socialism?

Men have urges and some have money.
Women have sexuality and some need money.

Yeah and you lost your soul in the process. REPENT.

oh god, this is going to be a shitshow
sage damn it!

read marx

You are literally lumpen. By refusing to educate yourself and to contribute to society you will be thrown in da gulag. :DDDD

Prostitution is exploitation; socialists programs seek to rid society of explotation.

socially unnecesary labour is only for fun, otherwise gulag.


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Prostitutes are literally exploited workers. Socialists shouldn't be moralizing about how dirty and sinful their occupation is and instead want to improve their living conditions. And who gives a shit if someone chooses to whore themselves out in a post-capitalist society, under communism they'd be free to do so without the fear of starvation coercing them.

And that is why prostitution will continue.

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There is no reality in which sexual favors won't be traded for resources or power. Which is all that money is good for.

As long as you didn't take advantage of anyone.

In socialism, trying to unlawfully gain control of public property is corrutption, an extremely gulagable action and not-okay in contradiction to the OP.

Unless said resources mean some personal property like, and said power is just getting control over the TV or whatever petty bullshit might occur to you, then who gives a fuck you're just a skank.

Hows that working out for you?

It worked out great in the USSR. Which we're going to bring back. So get ready.

That's nice Holla Forums.

I get banned from Holla Forums for my class consciousness opinions, every day.

From each according to ability etc. Not every time someone has sex is because they are horny. Sometimes they do it to meet someone else's horniness. Doing so should be considered labor as it reproduces labor power. Same way that other unpaid reproductive labor should be recognized in socialism.

Also some people like to pleasure others regardless of whether they're horny themselves.