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This thread is dedicated to the heroic Indian Revolution, which in 2017 entered its 50th year.

Despite vicious attacks by the Indian comprador regime (backed by the imperialists), the Naxalite movement remains undefeated in the face of overwhelming technological and numerical superiority.

Although the area they control has shrunk since the early 2000s, popular support for the Naxals in urban regions like Hyderabad, Kerala, and elsewhere have massively increased, especially amongst youth, thanks to the neoliberal policies of the Modi regime. Second pic is a pro-Naxalite poster at Delhi State University.

The deteriorating socio-economic situation in the country is proven by the frequent strikes, marches, and demonstrations. Third pic is from today's militant farmer rally in Maharashtra.

Other pictures are taken from this article:

"India's Red Tide" - great documentary about the Naxals, including interviews in their jungle hideouts

This one is even better, "Red Ant Dream" was the brainchild of a Marxist filmmaker:

Excellent article by Arundhati Roy detailing her meeting with Naxalites in Dantewada:

Very recently, just in the past year or so, the Naxals have been uploading videos of their demonstrations and songs on YouTube.

Massive 50-year anniversary celebration of the Naxalbari rebellion. These tribals form the core Naxal support base.

Beautiful revolutionary song, sung by young Naxalite girl:

Very sad song about the heroic Martys of the Indian Revolution:

Another revolutionary song:

Naxalite children sing about protecting the forest from the plunderers and their agents:

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Check out this indian budget porky.

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What went wrong?

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Look at the beauty of the green Manyam hills (also called Eastern ghats located in Andhra-Odisha border)

Look at the heart of the toiling native tribals (or Aborigines) and look at his/her red heart

The thick bamboo forests
The thick teak forests

All hills are filled with minerals
The forest is filled with gold

The eternal falls that are flowing rhythmically
Who has been plundering the wealth of these forests

The native tribals all wealth in the forest but not proper shelter
Let us bury those who are plundering the forest wealth
Let us take up arms for that

Look at the beauty of the hills
Look at the heart of the toiling native tribals (or Aborigines) and his/her red heart

Look at the Godavari and Shabari rivers that are overflowing
Tandavamma, Lothugadda - there are many such eternally flowing rivers

But the water from the dams (built on these rivers) goes only to the (fields belonging to the) rich landlords

Electricity from Chitrakonda (hydro-electricity station built on a river in the forest) goes to the agents (i.e. capitalists who are agents of foreign capital)

The native tribes who possess all the wealth (of the forests)
Why do they have to suffer with hunger and discomforts
Once again the forests must burn with red fire and form Red Army

Look at the beauty of the hills
Look at the heart of the toiling native tribals (or Aborigines) and his/her red heart

The billions worth teak forest was eaten away by the paper mills
The rich are becoming wealthier by the coffee, silver (oak) plantations (planted in the forests by cutting off the traditional forests)

Bauxite, coal and iron are looted by the super-rich
All this (forest) wealth is being looted by Tata, Birla and America (there are many more but the song mentions only few)

Since ages the native tribals do not have rights and (nutritious) food
Let us burn like fire demanding our rights over the forests
Let us burn like wild fire

Look at the beauty of the hills
Look at the heart of the toiling native tribals (or Aborigines) and his/her red heart

The rights that humankind got by sacrificing their lives are being crushed (by the state)
Our leaders (or Government) have mortgaged our lives (to WB, IMF and capital)

They sold our hills to Jindal company
The state is sending police/army to kick us out of the forest
Let us take weapons and fight to eliminate these police/army
Let us declare that the branches, the leaves and the food (of the forest) belong to us

Let us form army
Let us form Red Army

Look at the beauty of the hills
Look at the heart of the toiling native tribals (or Aborigines) and his/her red heart

(Alluri) Rama Raju and Aggi Doralu (they were martyrs of tribals) were born in these forests

These are revolutionary hills where many children of the forests
(i.e. Naxalites/Maoists) were martyred

The history proves that these hills (i.e. Andhra-Odisha Border forests) have never hesitated to sacrifice the lives

Our hills have sacrificed so much blood
We have had the perseverance and history of kicking away the White (i.e. British rulers)

Let us finish off the Brown (i.e. Indian) state
Let us blow our Thudum (a traditional drum used to alert fellow tribals)

Look at the beauty of the hills
Look at the heart of the toiling native tribals (or Aborigines) and his/her red heart

The Peoples' (self) Rule Committees (setup by Maoists) are sprouting in the hills of the forests

Our Tribal peoples' rule is being established in every village in these forests
The tribal villages are forming PLGA (Peoples' Liberation Guerilla Army) and marching forward to revolt

This revolution is spreading across the country like waves

If Peoples' (Red) Army marches forward their (i.e capitalists') army will invariably be defeated
Very soon the flag (i.e. of Maoists) will be hoisted over the Delhi Fort (located in India's capital city)
Red flag will be hoisted

made me cry like a little bitch

The US started training anti-naxal special troops.

The Indian state began its genocidal "Green Hunt" operation in 2009, targeting tribal villages with helicopters, drones, and other high-tec weaponry.

It's a miracle they survived such a massive combined-arms assault at all, considering most Naxals are armed with bows and arrows.

This kind of state terrorism against the tribals only makes them more supportive of the Naxals.

Also, keep in mind that map represents only that territory which Naxals are active in, not regions where they have popular support. Such a map would be much larger than either of your 2007 or 2013 "affected districts" maps.

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Why is China not funding these people? They have bows for crying out loud.

Thanks mate

Maoists building weapons factories in India with help from China

Not sure about the veracity of this article. It could very well be propaganda.

A successful revolution in India would destabilize China and increase opposition to the market, so I'm not sure if they are even interested in a Maoist takeover of India in the first place.

The naxalites are clearly failing to appeal to the populace. Military counter insurgency tactics won’t do jack shit in the long run, but actually dealing with the problems that are drawing the peasants to the Naxalites in the first place will. The fastest way to kill a revolution is with health clinics and roads.


t. Pol Pot

The fact that they are failing.

What did he mean by this?

Did you not see the map of their substantially decreased activity?

Your original claim was that "the naxalites are clearly failing to appeal to the populace", not that their geographical range of activity decreased.

Their "substantially decreased activity" is due to the Indian government fucking terrorizing and massacring tribals. See:

Being targeted with high-tec US helicopters, Israeli drones, and British night-vision equipment is not correlated with a decrease in popular support.


"Ma'am, the X-ray shows that your kid's arm is broken."
"But how did it happen, doctor?"
"Simple, the Russians broke his arm."
"The Russians? How do you know this?"
"I know because the X-ray shows his arm is broken."

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Right because we all know that the way to beat insurgencies is with increased brute force, this worked so well in Vietnam, and Afghanistan. No insurgency ever has been deafeated this way, not even the Nazis could stop the Soviet or Yugoslavian partisans by razing entire villages, depopulating whole regions and rampaging across the countryside. Typically such activity only stiffens the resolve of the geurillas and causes the population to support them as a means of fighting back against the government. Read Mao’s military theory, as long as there is a sympathetic populace, geurillas are unbeatable, which means that if the influence and activities of the Naxalites are decreasing then that means their support base is decreasing.

t. brainlet

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Jesus Christ, that is some ignorant shit fam.

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Which is precisely why the Indian government has launched massive ethnic cleansing campaign against the notoriously pro-Naxal adivasis, depopulating entire forests in order to deprive the Naxals of their support base.

Most of those adivasis have been herded into de facto concentration camps. There is more info about this in the "Red Tide" OP documentary.

If Chiang Kai Shek just outright burned to the ground every village in China he suspected of having Communist sympathies, it would have been a lot harder for Mao to win the Civil War.

You raise a sensible point. Consider, however, that with the specially trained anti-naxal commandos the US introduced radically new tactics, weaponry onto the protracted battlefield to which the Naxals had to adapt. Before that they were fighting and raiding only local police for weaponry, money, area-control, hardly a formidable enemy.

A parallel would be: a Bronx gang having to fight only street cops for years, then suddenly, after they become a considerable nuisance to the powers that be, a new SWAT team is funded by the local gov just to focus on the
I'm not going to play denial: there are almost always heartless casualties on the side of guerrillas as well hurting the civilians. A typical scene would bem. I find it hard to believe that this isn't the main reason behind their failure.

Ah fair enough, I wasn’t aware of the scale of their scorched earth operations, and reading about it reminds me of the Boer War, probably the only case where brute force defeated and insurgency. It goes without saying that physical removal of the entire population will destroy the insurgency. To use Mao’s terminology, if the people are the sea and the geurillas the fish, then the government must drain the sea.

I think>>2435919 has a lot more to do with it than that. Defeating an insurgency by conventional military means is basically impossible, since when confronted by superior forces the guerillas can simply disperse or blend in with the locals, then re-establish control when that force moves on. This is exactly what Mao and Ho Chi Minh did.

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You're fucking retard. Russia was Feudalist during the time of the revolution you mutt.


What would happen if I, a white American, were to go to Dantewada and try to meet some Maoists? What's the chance I won't make it back home in one piece?


“Here across a 1,000 area bordering Orissa in West Medinipur district, the Maoists over the last 8 months have quietly unleashed new weapons in their battle against the Indian state: drinking water, irrigation, roads and health centres…carefully shielded from the public eye, the Hindustan Times found India’s second ‘liberated zone’, a Maoist-run state where development for more than 2 lakh people is unfolding at a pace not seen in 30 years of ‘left front’ rule. Apart from taking over the organs of the state and most notably the executive and the judiciary, the Maoists here have built at least 50 km of gravel paths, dug tube-wells and tanks, rebuilt irrigation canals and are running health centres, with the help of local villagers” (HT, 10 June 2009).

God damn we got so close in India.

The banksters were thinking about the future.

By investing in Hitler?

Why past tense? Look up "Naxalite" in Google News and you will realize they are as active as ever.

Just 2 days ago, they blew up 9 police in revenge for this attack on March 1:

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USSR was much stronger than capitalist Russia could ever be, brainlet.

Anti-communist economist Robert C. Allen argues that without Stalin's collectivization and industrialization, Russia would look a lot like India today in terms of living standards, literacy, etc.

While blowing up cops is all well and good, do you reckon this could be enough to rally people to the cause?

The cops are infamous for raping and terrorizing adivasi civilians. They are pretty much universally hated in adivasi communities.

The cops are not from the local communities anyway, they are intentionally brought in from other regions of India so they feel no loyalty or solidarity with the local population.

Quote from above article:

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I mean when the government does it. If the state provides a population with infrastructure and increased standards of living then the desire for revolutionary change will wane. It’s exactly what happened to the Huks in the Phillipines.

Why do people keep saying this? It was poor as shit but serfdom was abolished in 1861 and by 1914 there was already a clear bourgeoise class, a growing industrial sector and a bourgeoisie parliament. Landowning nobility was still big, but by that metric modern UK is also feudal and not capitalist. Lenin recognized Russia as capitalist and imperialist despite pointing out certain feudal holdovers. At worst 1905 was the point of bourgeois revolution in Russia.

Sage for off-topic.

“We Shall Certainly Defeat the Government”

Interview with the chairman of the CPI (Maoist)

Hey guys, redpill me on Kerala

gotta love how they present it like it's a disease

CPI and CPI-M do not like Maoists and Maoists do not like them, Kerela is a different story than West Bengal.


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How come you yuppies arent in the field picking up a weapon and dying for communism?

Or do you fancy yourselves the kings and quuens of the chess board telling the pawns to go first?

I would join the Naxals if I was ethnic Indian and spoke the language.

Given my life circumstances, it seems that I'm rather in the position to propagate the ideals of socialism more so than hazarding my life for, albeit a good and noble cause, one which is risky and potentially short-lived for myself, whereas as it is currently I am almost guaranteed a much longer period of operation. However, I would not be unwilling at all to have to make those potential sacrifices if it comes down to that.

Keralite here. AMA.

If you go by that metric large parts of the Were capitalist during the Middle Ages. Serfdom was only a brutal but highly developed part of feudalism but still inherent to it. Between 80-90% of the Russian population lived on the land and worked in agriculture. As Lenin pointed out those places with the most modern relations of agricultural production existed where either settler-colonies like Siberia or underdeveloped places where feudalism never had a strong foothold. Peasants migrated to these regions from the highly populated feudal regions but I’d say even still probably 60-70% of the population still lived in medieval conditions if not higher.

The Russian bourgeoisie was very weak, this was underscored by Lenin many times. They didn’t even have the power to put a constitutional monarchy in place.Russia only seemed to be an industrial Goliath because it had such a massive population base but really these were enclaves of modernity and many of these factories were either state-owned entities centered around weapons production or worked with backwards means of production.

I mean what Russian form could you think of that was really pushing limits prior to 1917? Maybe BranNobel and the Nobel brothers aka “the Russian Rockefellers” but who else? Not to mention that it was highly indebted to foreign capital.

Your province is among the biggest exporters of "human capital", the socialist welfare state essentially expert at training and raising future white collar employees for porkies at a fraction of the cost of other countries.
Do you consider this model a victory or a failure?

Why do you think your region is more attracted to leftism than other regions of India?

Your desperation is palpable.

Fighting a losing fight in the backdrop of a coming red wave has always been a commie thing Holla Forumsyp.

Easily best thread rn.
Link to a good song:

Will the Keralite ever go Kerahardcore?

Are you in a union or party? Have you read Paul Cockshott?

I some family members in the CPI (M). I myself largely support CPI. No, I have not read him. Should I?

We're certainly hardcore at communism, fish-eating and drinking.

Alright, so this is a little complex. Prior to independence, Kerala (barring the northern areas in the Madras Presidency - where I'm from) was under Princely state control, and was easily one of the places least touched by Muslims and Westerners. While this is almost entirely a great thing (we're retained our culture and identity), it was basically feudalism until independence in many places, and upon independence many intellectuals from all castes condemned this and promoted far-left politics. The results were good.

So you have an area which is not westernized, very agricultural, intellectually-inclined, communal in culture to begin with. It's not a surprise. Also, our traditional culture does have some peculiarities. While I wouldn't say we're "matriarchal", the warrior caste (who are the traditional aristocracy) is matrilineal/matrilocal and women have historically held a lot of power in the non-Brahmin castes. There's also definitely a culture of "high thinking simple living", but I can't say if this is a modern thing or an old one completely - but our old poets do talk about it. So these cultural differences from the rest of India might have been factors as well.

Kerala communism really isn't quite the same as the rest of India though. My family who are almost all communists, still donate to temples, promote traditional culture, etc. Generally, communism is more seen as simply the Kerala way of doing things, so atheists, Hindus, etc. both support it.

It's largely temporary workers in the gulf. I'd say the fact that majority of them send their wealth back to India and migrate back eventually, instead of running to the west, is a success compared to much of the rest of the country.

You got any insight on how the Hindu nationalists are gaining traction and the left's response?

How do normies in Kerala feel about more militant communists in the Northeast? What about leftist politicians & activists in Kerala?

How do you think a socialist movement in the west should approach India in terms of transnational organisation?
Also i hear trade unionism is major, any major groups that we should know about?