Pan-Slavic nationalism

Why are Slavs so tribal? As an outside observe I really have a hard understanding the rampant nationalism in that part of europe, even knowing so much about the history of the Ottomans, Byzantium and World War 1. I understand that the major empires have often divided the countries up like pie, from the Austrians to the Nazis to the Soviets, yet it really makes no sense to me why the balkans aren't a single country and like one of the most powerful in europe if not in the top 20 on earth. I know next to nothing about why Yugoslavia split up (other than superficial things about Bosnians and Serbs) yet why the fuck is there not a Pan-slavic country that doesn't have to rely on papa Russia to keep it from getting balkanized by the west? T. American who wants to understand, thanks.

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Tribalism, racism and nationalism tend to be more prevalent in poor regions. Slavic countries are the poorest in Europe, which is why our countries are also the most chauvinistic on the continent.

t. Russian

Although the languages they speak are similar and have a common origin, they are quite different. However, regardless of this there have been some factions that have formed that haven't gotten along with each other because they were compelled to compete with their neighbors, e.g. Russia and Poland. Even then, they have different and contrasting religions, e.g. Catholicism in Poland, Orthodoxy in Russia, Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With this there are their histories, which aren't the best. Croats tried to genocide Serbs during WWII, then Serbs tried to ethnically cleanse Croats in the Yugoslav wars, and Poles and Ukrainians aren't that fond of having Russian rule imposed on them especially during the cold war because of their identity, insufficient assimilation efforts, and foreign interventions (Allied powers trying to cause turmoil in the region for their own gain in such cases as pressuring Ukraine to join the EU).

Because a lot of them had to suffer from communists already.

t. kulak

There is some unity amongst them. Russia and Belarus, for instance, are in a confederation (Union State) which a couple other post-Soviet states are looking to enter. Furthermore, they've since realized the mistake of their separation and are joining groups like the Eurasian Economic Union and the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Some of them are doing well amongst each other, like Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia and Russia and Belarus.

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Is that supposed to be some kind of insult?

No, it means you're going to the gulag.

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Yeah god forbid someone try to stop slavs from killing each other and shooting heroin all day

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Because slavs are always being shitted on by the rest of europe
Before it was that they weren't "quite white" (this sentiment extended into america) and now it's because they have so-called whiite privilege

Serbia never took part in the yugoslav civil war though
it was the serbs who lived in those parts that wanted to remain in Yugoslavia

Begone, mongrel.

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an actual slab here:

lemme just explain the balkan situation because everything else is really just like a watered down balkan situation, if you understand that one you got the rest of it too

religion: how is this not self explanatory?
culture: bosnians emulate turks, serbs emulate russians and croats emulate austrians
each side is convinced their way is superior and other ways are inferior, to be ridiculed, wrong, and that members of a different group dont deserve the same rights and respect and all that as the members of your own group
same with poland/russia: religion and culture

ukraine is the only 'weird' one because not even the alphabet is an issue here, ukrainians are russians trough and trough, its just one russians thinking they will live better if they get away from other russians

Because Russian porkies will just use it for their own gains while Russofying the natives. This has been the case whenever Moscow had a grip over another country or European peoples, not so sure about the various Finno-Ugric tribes and steppe inhabitants. Pan-Slavism is even a bit reminiscent of White Nationalism, although it has more credence than WN because they have actual shit in common besides skin color, since it's just tying different peoples together on some flimsy denominator while the actual hegemon exerts its will and tries to slowly absorb the rest. In the case of WN it would be Anglo-Saxons taking a piss at Eastern Europeans and probably a few Western ones, in a Pan-Slavic country it would be Russia, and if kept out it would probably be Poland or some Balkan state that isn't completely in the gutter of political irrelevancy.

Economic reasons were already mentioned but I don't think that alone makes the cut, I would say it's not even that big of a factor had it not been for a legacy of propaganda and real, mutual enmity between Slavs that goes back centuries. A century or so ago in Russia this chauvinism was pushed for by the intelligentsia while the average illiterate serf turned industry wageslave couldn't give a shit about what was happening beyond the walls of his house, let alone could read the daily paper to get angry at foreigners. I'd imagine it's the same case now in Africa and certain places in South America, if any user could confirm.

Interestingly, looking back at reactionary Slavic movements, we'd find literally the same arguments (pic related) reactionaries use today.
Except back then it was actually Slavic (Russian in this case, Idk how strong was the Slavophile movement in other Slavic countries) intellectuals themselves that claimed Slavs are incompatible with the West and that Peter's reforms are doomed to failure while formulating (or rather reformulating) some Russian exceptionalism. The most amusing notion that was prevalent those days from the mid of the 19th century was the exact one today, or the last 20, 50, 70, years - that the "West is dying" and that Russia is the future. The more things change…

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>why the fuck is there not a Pan-slavic country that doesn't have to rely on papa Russia
Misread there, ignore the first half of the first paragraph.

Eh, they're more like mixed Poles/Russians that formed their own culture/group a few centuries ago. Your case would apply better to Belarus, although it's still heavily influenced by Poland.

how can you suffer under communism? real communism was never anticipated yet in europe only its birth pangs

eastern europeans have purer souls although they are more poor, I think the two go hand in hand, the western europe is rich in material and infrastrucure but they are mostly denigraded souls with no purpose in life other than economic activity

Not true at all.
t. belarussian

define this "soul" we slavs have pls

its the rivers, you fucking retard, all our rivers and trading ports are frozen 10 months of the year, western europe doesnt even have any material resources, we have more material wealth whether you talk natural gas or copper or coal, but we have no access to world trade routes such as rivers and seas that arent arctic and frozen

its just geography lol

Was there really no influence from all that time in the Commonwealth?

you gotta be wrong on purpose to be that wrong, take a hint from the name or something my dude


more relevant quote

There are few german and polish words in belarussian, however polish nobility existed in one world, and belarussian peasantry in another.

pick one
you cant pick both timesets, polish relevancy was butchered by the germans and the russians in the meantime, now poland is merely a province of brussels, a small town, a village on the global map

the fact that belorussia has ruthenian origins is irrelevant to the present day situation
i mean the whole europe used to be celtic tribes till the germanic tribes pushed them west till the huns pushed them west till the slavs pushed them west till the mongols pushed them west

does this mean that belorussia is actually celtic??? it should under your logic

Calm down I just said it had influence from Poland and posted something to back it up. Turns out it wasn't true.

just look at your history, byzantium

serbs like russia they are not emulated here
bosnians are just weird serbs that became muslim and honestly i don't know what's up with them
and croats have forever been german slaves and it will take time for them to finally let go of that

legit confused here, how?
prominence of double headed eagle correlates more strongly with orthodox nations than anything else, not even majority of slavs have byzantine eagle on their flags/coat of arm thingies, which i imagine was your only argument to back that up, which makes no sense

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slavs were educated by the byzantiums, look up St Methodius and Cyril, they created an alphabet for slavs and made them literate, orthodoxy grew well in your lands. even if you weren't the richest nations in gold you were rich in soul, that progress was stunted in the 20th century but now its revived, so don't worry

That's a both very distorted and very rudimentary understanding of history. Not to mention idealist.

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Oh that kind of soul, you mean orthodoxy
Yeah sure everyone loves priests driving the most expensive cars

but i still dont get it, too much unexplained gaps there

i understand our culture and mentality to be shaped by our geography
our cuisine for example: westerners think our hard liquor is silly but they do not understand their beer and wine would freeze here
our economy for example: we do not have trade route access that you (assuming you are a westerner because of your westerner-centric worldview) have, so we do not focus on trying to sell shit everywhere
our patriarchal gender relations are also easily explained by the constant wars, hell we have a war in ukraine now too, and war is a great demonstrator that women are unequal when it comes to marching uphill for days while hauling a 20kg heavy machinegun, which is why we insist on men being brave and strong, and women being pretty and attractive, nothing else works in this region

and finally when it comes to our dictatorial tendencies, it comes down to our lack of natural barriers, mountain ranges, rivers and so on, we are steppe people, just huge massive flat planes that can be stormed fast, so there's no time for infinite parliamentary debates and bickering, our geography favors quick and decisive decisions, fast and united action

geography over feels/mysticism/"soul"

Ah yes the purity of shooting up krokodil into your veins, sniffing glue and whoring yourself out on the internet.

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Yes it did, indirectly through the "Yugoslav army" and by supplying arms to the serbian terrorists in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and directly in Kosovo.

"Yugoslavia" a.k.a. the Orthodox Fatherland of Greater Serbia.

Seriously if you're a leftist that defends post-Tito Serbian-Orthodox "Yugoslavia" you might as well defend Israel: