Whats up, my man, I heard you wanted to establish communism. well I have just the solution

whats up, my man, I heard you wanted to establish communism. well I have just the solution.
you know, brother, life is just like a battle between hate and love. if you want everlasting peace, all you gotta do is get rid of the hate.
don't you know revolution is hateful? you just gotta spread the love and before you know it the banks will be abolished and borders will no longer exist.
now try this LSD. it's like bite-sized 8-hour- long freedom, my friend.
-peace and weed

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How are you supposed to get rid of violence if you participate in it?

How are you supposed to arrive at statelessness using a state?

How are you supposed to feel happy if you are all so negative?

Just chill out.

Communism is when you let the air tingle your hair.


You are bald?


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Why are you so negative? With all this negativity you wont have positive effect on the world. There's no need to over-think everything. Sometimes a hug can be the most revolutionary act. Now come, listen to me shriek while I strum my cute and posh ukulele.

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In Communism, every white woman who owns a ukulele will go straight to gulag

hippies literally were an anti-communist conspiracy

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Send me to Gulag with them please.

What if I told you that these "people" are horrible in bed?

You also will go to gulag


Who is "good" in bed is extremely subjective. Being comfortable with your partner is priority numero uno.

what level of shitposting are we on?

Dude – gal, whatever –, I feel comfortable around my furniture. I feel comfortable around rocks. Are you trying to trigger me? cuz its working.

kek & kys

You do indeed seem triggered as fuck. Did your hippie ex break your heart and you started demonizing her?


Woodstock is actually existing communism

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Even Christians are better in bed.

Let me explain. There's a difference between intimacy and comfortability.

"I feel comfortable farting around my SO."
"I feel comfortable in this car."
"This game controller has a very comfortable grip."
"I feel intimate when your mother is making love with me."
"Your mom's passing was a very intimate moment that the family shared."

When you have sex with someone you've been with for 2 years you'll feel more "intimate" only if you two have actually worked at your relationship, worked at being kind, gentle, experiencing things together, learning together, etc. Intimacy is the reward for the work that is love.

This "comfortability" business is pure PC garbage around sex. First of all, you don't have to work at it to feel comfortable farting next to your SO after a year of dating. Second of all, there's this horrible underlying ideological assumption that somehow I should feel uncomfortable with people, or worse, that our standard experience or starting point with others is uncomfortable. Fuck. that. Narcissistic. Shit.

Please stop insulting me.

"I thought there will be less mud and more clothes in communism." – Karl Marx, revived from DNA in 2090

I'm posting this ofc as an example of the post-modern condition wherein subjects need constant ideological reassurance in order to not feel anxious and not as an endorsement. There are thousand of other songs btw with such lyrics.

good one

user, I didn't say "a relationship with a two years old."

Neither did

"whats up, shitlord, I heard you wanted to overthrow capitalism. well I have just the solution.
you know, brocialist, life is just like a battle between progressives and Drumpfsters. if you want worldwide revolution, all you gotta do is vote for Jill Stein.
don't you know not voting is like voting Republican? you just gotta vote Democrat and before you know it workers will control the means of production and wage labour will no longer exist.
now read my blog. it's like a woke 5 minute read resistance (TM), brocialist.
-Love trumps hate

They really weren't.

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