Capitalist Propaganda That Justify Gulags
This is either the most blatant and disgusting propaganda in the world, or evidence that Americans are irredeemable.

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Rapist are people too. Humanity doesn't mean they don't deserve the bullet.

still true. the bourgeoisie are still privileged slaves to capital who sometimes go out of their way to fuck people over

Stop making me regret this I don't want to die in debt

This is disgusting and America is irredeemable.

That's not humanism but yes humanism is shite.

the bourgeoisie cannot exist without capital so that's not technically untrue.

Capital isn't a supernatural force, they are the agents who set it in motion and benefit from it. They aren't slaves and I bet most of these people hardly even spend much time even managing their capital for themselves. Just because the bourgeoisie cannot completely control capitalism or stop its crises doesn't mean they are "privileged slaves"

Every day they are out there fucking people over. We would have had socialism/communism a long time ago if it wasn't for the bourgeois.

Yes, they can't exist without capital but choosing to overlook the fact of class domination and how it perpetuates capitalism and imperialism is crazy.

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yeah, they're its first defenders but either way, you're turning capitalism into a conspiracy imposed from the top.

It is imposed on us from the top. The time when capitalism grew organically from the "bottom up" in response to the class contradictions of feudal society was a long-ass time ago. They wouldn't spend so much on propaganda and security of all kinds if they didn't have to impose us it on us, if a powerful movement of labor didn't contain at least the seeds of socialism within it by its nature.

Like any common criminal, their actions are informed by their upbringing and economic circumstances. Like any common criminal, they must be dealt with.

already gulag

Well, user?

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Honestly if my dad was a billionaire I'd be just another parasite.

Daily reminder that inheritance is a degenerated form of monarchy.

I'd buy life, health, and love.

Even if you shoot all the bourg in your country new ones will still arise as long as the conditions of capital are present. The bourgeoisie are the symptom of the system of capital as much as they perpetuate it.

You are the one implying human = good. I'm fully capable of admitting I suck. Not as much as the bourgies, but we're still both people, and if I were in their shoes from birth I'd probably be a lot like them. I would advocate killing people who don't put their lives between the revolution and its success but I also wouldn't lose much sleep over proles doing unspeakable horrors to the bourgeoisie. Turnabout and all.

*Would NOT advocate
Fuck you autocorrect trying to make me guilty of shit.

What the fuck, it actually deleted the word not from my sentence. Last time I ever post something political from a fucking phone.

are you implying that people were distinguished by class before society existed?

?Por Que No Dos?

Undialectical, capitalism may not be supernatural but as a force and system it is not defined by it's class relations. Class relations are only a product of mode of production, not the other way around. Infact, the antagonistic nature of capitalism must be addressed before we start blaming sole classes. To blame the bourgeoisie alone or even mostly is to ignore the systemic and underlying problem. Capitalism extends pass and transcends any static class dynamic because it is a historical force. Please read a book.

Read above, the thing that is fucking people over are not individuals, the conditions for these problems lie in something deeper and the bourgeoisie is contingent on that.

Class conflict was one of the primary analysis of capitalism in the 20th century, no one over looks this you fool. In fact, newer Marxists are looking back to capitalism as a historical force in which Marx described it.

This guy knows.

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Lest we forget.

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But also
Come now, OP.

Id write up a review of this brainlets video but its not worth it

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When did he become a furry ?

Better than a furry Nazi, but only marginally so.