Smashy dictionary

Fascist – anybody to the right of me.
e.g. "That fascist waiter just assumed my gender."
Tankie – anybody to the left of me.
e.g. "Fucking ☭TANKIE☭s ruined communism for ever."
Totalitarian – anybody but my current friends.
e.g. "The professor was a totalitarian. He gave me a C."
Theory – tumblr, twitter, youtube.
e.g. "Dude, I like Chomsky but he's not radical enough, like, dude."
Praxis: the act of smoking weed and crashing store windows, voting for Jill Stein.
e.g. *coughs* "Pass that praxis, bro."

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This but unironically


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Idpol - anything whatsoever
e.g. "I am afraid Holla Forums will make fun of me so I take economic essentialism to a completely absurd degree - even talking about anything except class is idpol"

Theory - the most arcane, obscure or memeworthy Marxist literature one can google
e.g. "If you haven't read all 25 tomes of select works of Bhutanese anarcho-hoxhaists, you don't know theory and are no comrade of mine"

Praxis - Doing nothing
e.g. "I am not some dumb smashie - shitposting on Holla Forums is my praxis"

Did your anus region get hurt by the insertion of a foreign object and/or thought?

Where's the lie though

Tankie dictionary

Liberal - anyone that doesn't agree with me.

Add more, comrades.



this argument is valid for fucking anyone that's sitting behind a computer screen.
on the other hand shitposting about the kurds is world changing wew

Anti-Imperialism - when someone who isn't in NATO does stuff

e.g. "I am not some dumb smashie - shitposting on Holla Forums is my praxis"

any and all criticism of NK, the USSR and so on

BO – the cause of all evil in the universe, Satan incarnate, eternal red fascist.
e.g. "That fucking BO banned me, censored my words and took away my memes."
leftypol – the board one must copy paste content from to make ours look lively. Run by facsists.
leftpol – a truly direct democratic and transparent and very good board where all the cool rebels post.
e.g. twitter: "lol. got bannd for shitpost. find me at /leftpol/ from now on."
Assad – fascist neo-liberal gassing his own citizens with saffron gas and bombing Israel with inferior and crude bombs.
e.g. "I wish Trump ordered the assassination of Assad like they did with Gaddafi."
Bookchin – the most important theoretician of our era. His ideas are put into practice RIGHT NOW in Rojava.
e.g. "Google bookchin xD"
Rojava – the place I'm totally going to go to fight fascist ISIS fascists.
e.g. "I wanted to go to over a dozen US military bases in Syria but my gf got sick so I had to postpone my trip."

where's the lie tho

Sorry lads but the idpol bit is entirely accurate

also when you say "fuck fags/trannies" that's idpol in its own right

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Imagine being this delusional

I guess this is from the "ultra dictionary"

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Let me one up you. Imagine being so delusional that you have to take a well defined term (tankie: communist who supports the intervention in '56) and wear it down to the point where it means "anybody who believes in the party structure, that the USSR had positive aspects and important lessons, etc."

If we'd send back in time a contemporary anarcho-liberal to 1917 he'd call the fucking Mensheviks a ☭TANKIE☭. If we'd send him back to 1956 he'd call fucking Lukács a ☭TANKIE☭.

Go eat a dick.

is this an example of idpol:




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In my experience the people who use "tankie" out of the original context and unironically are off to the right to ancoms as well.

Imperialism – when countries do stuff
e.g. "As leftists we should condemn Cuba's imperialist intervention in Angola"

Kill everyone to the right of Karl Marx