Why hasn’t this show blown up on Holla Forums yet?

It’s basically “leftypol writes a Netflix show”. Also Holla Forums general, discuss works of leftist cinema.

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porky already shut it down

The main character is basically christcom, but he doesnt do what he does only out of empathy to workers. Still, a good show indeed.


Went on imbd to check the reviews for this show

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Oh but let me clarify, most of the reviews were actually quite positive, the bad reviews were like 10% people disliking the actual content, story, acting, etc. and 90% people just downvoting it because it was socialistic.

rly made me think

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Fuck man I almost wanted to ask if somebody could post this webm lmao

So this is the power of the free speech right.

now I gotta watch it

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Tbh christcom is something that the American left needs to embrace. If there is one powerful emotional force that will unite blacks in the ghetto and whites in the trailer park it’s religion.

Having a "stalin was right" moment rn

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Whenever a friend of mine sends me some dumb shit on twitter I get that feeling.

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This is a good example of why memes and propaganda actually are quite important. Rafiq posters are full of shit.

It was cancelled after first season from not good enough ratings. I think if everyone here and their friends watched it on Netflix if you have that they might bring it back from seeing the rating spike.


Wasn't Pinkerton left wing?


I thought he was an abolitionist?

When did Rafiq dismiss propaganda?

Memes are propaganda tho…

His agency was also famously employed in strikebreaking, which is what he left behind when he died in 1884. By the Great Depression, his positions on slavery were pretty irrelevant to the actions of his agency.

I checked out this show, and I kinda like it. Of course it's not gonna be "Dialectic materialism, but it's a tv show", but considering it's made by americans it's pretty cool. Any piece of media that actually portrays social darwinists like the pieces of shit they are is based in my book.

I should point out my mom likes the show so maybe older people might be able to show more interest in it and it might come back after cancellation.

what sketch comedy show is this?

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Can you report them for false ratings? Maybe say they are harassing users.

I'll check it out tomorrow

Holy shit

7 minutes in ep 1
Preacher is based and I'm hooked

For like 3 seconds yeah, but it's devolved into finely executed liberal propaganda with the whole "every revolution only ends in misery sort of shit."

Why did you say 'memes >and< propaganda' then?

I’m not the poster who brought up Rafiq in the first place

Finished ep 1
Holy shit this escalated fucking quick.
Wtf I'm christcom now


Babylon Berlin is really well made and has a lot of interesting communist and nazi history from the late 20s. Also Liv Lisa Fries is super fly.

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real life

How is this a good thing?

First season was good. Turned stale with all the psychotic paranoid nonsense at the end.

Uh, it redirects frustrations of the working class away from race and toward porky?

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Oh I read that wrong. I read it "Intersexual solidarity".

My bad.

You all need to watch "a very british coup".

When that show strays into politics, it's basically "Nazis = Communists, why can't we just have a gay old time in the lovely liberal Weimar Republic ;_;?"

Almost finished with the show
I hope Creely realizes his mistakes and becomes American Lenin

oh man, are you gonna be disappointed.

I saw an advertisement for this show a long time ago; couldn't remember the name.

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FFFFUUUUCCCKKK I was so optimistic after he killed those cops. I guess he really is still slave to the money

How so? The weimar police are shown indiscriminately murdering communusts just for protesting as well as the horrid conditions the poor were forced to live in in that era.


What a surprise

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What a beautiful ending after the radio sermon. Sucks that we'll probably never get a conclusion to the story.

Then we can just pretend it was set in an alternate history where America had a christcom revolution.

I'm so pissed, this video is blocked in Germany

Mr robot is great because it did the meta comentary but actually pulled it off, Sam Esmail is a madman.

Holy shit I hate americans even more now

Mr. Robot is amazing at what it does.
Also, it's artistically amazing as well.

sure doesn't make us look better lel

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this…


Finished the show, the worst part was easily the blonde Pinkerton bitch. I was just begging for someone to kill her throughout every episode.

What did he mean by this?

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The series ending early is only good, as this kind of fiction can only end in anti-communist smearing.

Just picture, the preacher travels to the le evil USSR empire (or worse yet, national ""socialist"" germany) and realizes how evil and anti-christian socialism really is, or he leads a revolution but muh human nature proves him wrong. This kind of story is better left open-ended when on porky's dime.

If it went on corporate would make them do some HUMAN NATURE bullshit

i dont like modern tv much

i was excited about beavis and butthead revival but they shut that down so fast

Holy shit it's actually better that it ended than if it would turn out like this

I doubt they would've ended the show like that. I suspect it would have ended on some new deal pushing bullcrap.

ChristCom Gang is the future, comrades

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Don't Communist and Christian values conflict at some point though?

I'm not shitting on Christcoms but I feel like there would be problems at some point.

I imagine the problem in Russia was that the church was under sway of the monarchy for hundreds of years really
Though I guess it was similar in other eastern europe countries. I heard that in poland it was different

Depends on the sect, tbh. But honestly it's hard to read the Bible and come to an interpretation pro capitalism.

This, matthew is pretty anticap.

The orthodox church was fused to the tsarist regime, although individual priests were workerist (like father Gospan).

It can be both, denouncing le evil marxism and pushing for democrap liberal propaganda.

Jesus guys we've got to fix this.

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I know how you're feeling right now my dude, revolution when?

Is The Sopranos the ultimate Marxist look at the petit bourgeoisie? To be frank I see Tony in every small business owner and labor aristocrat I've ever met.

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me too, friend

Great fucking show OP, thanks for letting me know about it. 10 minutes in the first episode and I'm hooked.

OP here, you’re welcome. What really sold me on it wasn’t just it’s leftist message, but the particular way in which it was presented. I think that America is a country that has a huge potential for socialism if people were able to harness the right forces, particularly civic nationalism, traditional American liberal ideals of personal freedom and democracy (of the people, by the people, for the people) and of course religion. Drawing attention to the long history of socialism in the US and presenting it as a natural continuation of the classical liberal, democratic, and Christian values that America was supposedly founded on is the key to making revolution a reality in the US, and this is exactly what this show does.

So next time burger comrades are out demonstrating, make sure you carry an American flag in one hand, a bible in another, and sing “John Brown’s Body”. Remember that socialism is as American as Apple pie, and that there is nothing more patriotic than standing with your countrymen against bourgeois vampires.

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Sounds great, and now I have a yearning desire for boomer genocide after reading these reviews

>plus, it's been so successful before

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Wew lad, I guess if I advocate for workers control of the means of production, the abolition of capitalism, racial and gender equality, and an end to imperialist wars but say “god bless america” at the end of my speech then I’m literally a fascist.

No they aren’t. Nationalism does not preclude internationalism, I can take pride in my nation without having negative feelings towards other nations.

I didn’t say that, I said that nationalism is an extremely powerful mobilizing political and emotional force in America, and that which should adopt its rhetoric and use it to our own ends.

It has actually, in the US the labour movement regularly appealed to nationalism and presented their struggle as the logical conclusion of America’s founding ideals, which is why they were so fond of iconography from the American Revolution and Civil War, and why the CPUSA had slogans like “Communism is Americanism for the 20th century” and had giant portraits of Lincoln at their meetings.

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and the CPUSA failed spectacularly, why would it be a good idea to follow in their image?

Alessandro Mussolini also structured his ideology on Nationalist Communism. It works better with the proletariat than many are willing to admit.


The only reason they were as successful as they were was because of their appeal to American sentiments.

Hot take fam.

so not at all


Y'all seen Westworld? Season 1 is about waking up from false consciousness. The dynamic between artificial and real humans (most of whom are literally porkies) is a pretty overt allegory for class struggle. To the point that season 1 culminates with the opening shots of a revolution with the roboletariat very literally killing their capitalist owners.

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I saw it and I liked it a lot, but it hints that season two is going to be "Samurai World" which I probably won't like.

Production shots, trailers, etc. make it look like SW will feature in it but it will still focus on the established characters. The inclusion of another -world makes sense given the source material but weebshit seems like it could be easy to fuck up. The whole idea is that the parks are supposed to be the Hollywood version, and doing that with an Asian culture in current year +3 is asking to be criticized for orientalism.

>>>Holla Forums


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Yes. Most people watched the sopranos as a show about the mafia while it was a show about life of the average buisness owner

Communism is an Enlightenment project so yes, it does.

Holy shit, you're that far up your own ass?

They're both communists.

Well, maybe not Zizek.

I was looking for the Mao version of that post but I couldn’t find it, so Zizek takes second place.

Not an argument